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The best, child and parent-approved wooden toys for toddlers, babies, and preschoolers. This collection of top-rated toys have been well-researched and include wooden toys for girls and for boys, Montessori and Waldorf inspired toys that offer fun and educational value.

Top Rated, Baby And Toddler Approved Wooden Toys

September 05, 2018
Wooden Toys: The New (But Actually Old) Wonder Toys As a savvy parent, you know that toys aren’t merely for play or to keep your child busy while you finish up dinner. Instead, you know that playtime is a valuable opportunity for your little one to strengthen their developing skills. While toy manufacturers are constantly... read more ...
Celtic names for baby girls and baby boys. Also choose from gender neutral names. Pin it. #cutenames #babynames #celtic

Beautiful Yet Overlooked Celtic Names You’ll Want To Consider

October 08, 2019
Celtic Names For Boys And Girls Table of Contents Celtic Names For Boys And GirlsCeltic Names For BoysCeltic Girl NamesGender-Neutral Names If your child has a Celtic heritage, it would make sense that you are looking for Celtic names. Picking good Celtic names for your child is hard! There are so many to choose from!... read more ...
Free Printable Maternity Photo Props. These maternity props are neutral and can be used for a girl, a boy, or twins. They are easy, DIY ideas for awesome pregnancy photos. Use them for indoor, outdoor, fall, winter - any season and occasion. Pin it. #maternityphotoideas #photoprops #pregnant

Free Printable Maternity Props

March 10, 2019
Maternity props are huge when it comes to pregnancy pictures. They tend to add a little oomph to make your pregnancy pictures extra special. There are lots of different kinds of maternity props you can use. Some common props are: Using baby blocks to spell out the word “baby”, or the name of your new... read more ...
Educational toys for babies and toddlers are wonderful because they get to learn while playing. "Smart toys" are often inexpensive toys and everyday items. Click to learn about smart toys for kids, and keep your little one engaged, stimulated, and constantly learning. Pin it. #smarttoys #educationaltoys #toddlers #2yearold

How Educators Choose Learning Toys For Toddlers

August 15, 2018
The Savvy Parent’s Guide To Learning Toys For Toddlers By thoughtfully choosing learning toys for toddlers, those toys promote skills that are vital to your little one’s development in areas like language and literacy, creative thinking, early math, problem solving and social-emotional growth. Teachers and professional educators know a little more than regular folk when... read more ...
How to get your baby to sleep soundly

A Baby Sleep Chart To Make Parenting Easier

August 26, 2019
Tired babies are cranky babies. As parents, it’s our jobs to make sure our babies get enough sleep – enter baby sleep chart. How Much Sleep Does Your Baby Need? Baby sleep varies depending on your baby’s age. Generally, newborn babies sleep about 8 – 9 hours during the day and about 8 hours at... read more ...
portable high chair

How To Choose The Best Portable High Chair

November 08, 2018
You are in the market for a portable high chair. Perhaps you have a small apartment and a big, bulky, traditional high chair just wouldn’t fit in. Or perhaps you are on the go often and need something portable for restaurants, grandma’s house or traveling. Whatever your reason for needing a travel high chair, this... read more ...
Alphabet Wall Art - Free Printable for preschool children. These a great as a DIY project. They're perfect for the nursery, playroom and even the classroom. You could also offer it as a baby shower gift. Various different designs are available for girls, boys and gender neutral designs. Pin it. #ABCposter #freeprintable abcnursery

Free, Cute And Educational Alphabet Art Printables

May 12, 2019
Alphabet Art – Nursery And Playroom Wall Decorations You’re decorating the nursery or playroom and you’ve decided to go with Alphabet Art. Great! Alphabet Wall Art will brighten up your child’s room, and it will be educational too. Helpful Tips For Choosing Nursery And Kids Wall Art Decorating a nursery is hard. There are lots... read more ...
You've got a teething baby! Here's an answer to every question you've ever had about signs of teething, symptoms, relief and DIY remedies for 3 months and onwards. A teething chart is also included, as well as early teething hacks like frozen foods, toys, sleep, fever, diarrhea and more. Pin it. #teething #teethingbaby #teethingremedies #momhacks

Savvy Moms Teething Guide: How Long Does Teething Last

June 19, 2019
How Long Does Teething Last? At around four to seven months old, ironically just as you’ve probably achieved a regular sleep schedule, your baby will begin cutting their first teeth. While it’s a huge milestone in your baby’s life, teething can be a painful process for both parent and baby. It helps to know what... read more ...
Looking for baby teething remedies that actually work? This is a comprehensive list of teething remedies to choose from. They include natural homemade remedies like frozen breast milk, DIY baby popsicles, remedies with essential oils, etc. These remedies can be used at nighttime for sleep, for 4 months old and beyond for toddlers, for molars, for your infant. Pin it. #teething #remedies

Baby Teething Food That Are Safe To Feed Your Baby

June 09, 2019
Baby Teething Foods To Soothe Your Baby It’s official. Your baby is teething. But do you need any special baby teething food? Actually, yes. Some babies don’t have much of an appetite when they are teething, so you have that to contend with. However, there are certain baby teething foods that actually help your teething... read more ...
breastfeeding positions

Tried and True Breastfeeding Positions

July 17, 2019
Best Positions For Nursing While there is no wrong way to hold your baby while you breastfeed, there are certain breastfeeding positions that are considered to be more comfortable than others. There are several tried-and-true breastfeeding positions to choose from. Your goal would be to figure out the nursing positions that are most comfortable for... read more ...
baby toys

How To Choose Baby Toys That Are Actually SAFE

September 24, 2018
Baby toys appear to be reasonable until you consider all the things those tiny hands take hold of and inevitably shove into their mouth. When playtime comes around, keep your baby safe by using the expert advice below. Baby Toys – 17 Helpful Tips To Keep Your Baby Safe Keep a close eye on the... read more ...
greek names for boys and greek names for girls

A Comprehensive List Of Greek Names Fit For Your God or Goddess

October 23, 2019
Greek Names For Babies Table of Contents Greek Names For BabiesGreek Boy NamesGreek Girl NamesGender Neutral Greek Names Greece is the birthplace of some of the world’s greatest minds, like Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Democritus, Pythagorassome. It is where mythology originated, so you can thank the Greeks for mythological gods like Adonis, Hercules, Perseus, Orion, Athena,... read more ...