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daddy doody kit

How To Assemble A “Daddy Doody Kit” Like A Pro

June 07, 2018
Looking for funny baby shower gifts for the dad-to-be? How about this fun and oh-so-practical “Daddy Doody Kit.” During the baby shower season, (the beginning of mom’s third trimester,) dads are often forgotten or completely left out. But, by offering a thoughtful gift like this, he is included… if only for a bit. Your Daddy... read more ...
hello world baby shower decorations

Easy, Budget Friendly Baby Shower Ideas For Boys

May 11, 2019
Baby Shower Ideas For Boys Coming up with baby shower ideas for boys is not hard at all. There are literally hundreds of themes to choose from. You can take almost any baby shower theme, add a touch of blue or boyishness to the theme, and you have yourself a baby boy shower! Baby Shower... read more ...
pass the prize baby shower game

Cute, Popular & Free Printable Download: Pass The Prize Baby Shower Game

May 14, 2018
Looking for a baby shower game that is easy to set up and fun too? Look no further. Pass the prize baby shower game is all that because you need nothing but the free printout and one wrapped gift. “Pass the prize” is also one of very few baby shower games where only one sheet... read more ...
diaper raffle tickets

Diaper Raffle Tickets: The Highly Effective Strategy To Getting More Diapers, Guaranteed

April 16, 2018
New & Improved Way To Use Diaper Raffle Tickets to Get More Diapers You want diapers at your baby shower, baby sprinkle, or diaper party but you feel unsure. Some of us think it’s impolite to tell people what gifts we want. Moms-to-be are afraid to specifically ask for diapers. If you are one of those moms,... read more ...
Looking for babymoon ideas? Click to find helpful tips and tricks for taking a pregnancy vacation without the threat of zika. Find out what to look for, which questions to ask, how to relax and have fun, ideal destinations for a pregnant vacation, and how you can get the most out of your babymoon. Pin it. #babymoon #pregnanttravel #pregnantvacation

Babymoon Ideas That You Can Actually Use

October 18, 2018
What Is A Babymoon And Why Should You Take One? Once you hit the second trimester, it is not uncommon for your friends and family to be offering babymoon ideas and advice. But why would they do that? Because once your baby arrives, your life will never, ever, ever be the same again. For one... read more ...
how to host a baby shower

Expert Tips on How To Host A Baby Shower That Everyone Will Remember

May 12, 2018
How to host a baby shower – it may seem like a fairly simple task but there is a lot involved in planning a baby shower. This is why this series has been broken down into two parts. This is part 2. Part 1: How To Plan A Baby Shower: The Meat And Potatoes.  The... read more ...
amazon baby registry discount

All You Need To Know About The Amazon Baby Registry Discount

April 04, 2018
What is the Amazon Baby Registry Discount? The Amazon Baby Registry Discount is also known as a completion discount. On their site or around the web, you will see it referred to as the “Amazon baby registry completion discount.” is a discount you get on everything that is left on your baby (or wedding) registry.... read more ...
baby shower invitation etiquette cover

Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette: The Only Resource You Need

May 10, 2018
What is The Proper Etiquette For Baby Shower Invitations? Baby shower invitations are a big topic. To ensure that we cover everything you will need to know, I’ve covered several subtopics. Feel free to pick and choose the baby shower invitation etiquette concerns that are most relevant to you. When do I order the baby... read more ...
Scandinavian names

Cute Scandinavian Names To Choose From

November 07, 2018
If you like Scandinavian names, you’re in good company. People tend to love it because they are rich in history and culture. It also sounds cool! Scandinavian baby names come from the Scandinavian countries, which are Sweden, Denmark and Norway. More broadly speaking, however, if you are thinking of the Scandinavian Peninsula, you would also... read more ...
Left Right Baby Shower Game

The Left Right Baby Shower Game ROCKS!

February 09, 2018
If you are looking for a ridiculously EASY baby shower game that will have your guests giggling, the left right baby shower game has got to be it! For the sake of clarity, this game is also known as the “pass the gift baby shower game”, the “mr and mrs right game” and the “baby... read more ...
Everything you need to know about flying while pregnant. 40 Helpful tips to help you prepare for safe flying and traveling while you are pregnant. Pin it. #pregnant #travel #flyingtips

Flying While Pregnant – Here’s What You Actually Need To Know

October 17, 2018
Flying while pregnant? Wonderful! It’s going to be great, but there are just a few things you need to keep in mind before you embark on your flight. For your convenience, this post has been broken down into two parts that are equally important if you are flying while pregnant: Helpful tips for flying while... read more ...
New Baby tips and tricks to make mom's life easier.

Taking Care Of A New Baby? Mom Hacks That Will Actually Help

July 06, 2019
Mom Hacks Every New Mom Should Know New baby care can be scary for first time parents. It can feel extremely intimidating. Below are 33 easy and practical tips new baby hacks from mothers who’ve actually been there. In other words, this is advice from moms who have figured out a few baby hacks to... read more ...