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Seriously, the cutest baby photos you've ever seen! Get great ideas for your own newborn, 6month, 1 year or other cute baby photo ideas. These are great for a girl or boy photo shoot, indoor or outdoor. #babyphotos #cutebabies
November 10, 2018

The Cutest Baby Photos You’ve Ever Seen, Seriously

If you are looking for cute baby photos just because looking at them makes you happy – you’ve come to the right place. If you are looking for inspiration to take your own adorable photos, this post has you covered, too. Taking cute baby photos are actually not that hard to do. The trick is... read more ...
Baby Halloween costumes for girls and for boys. Lots of funny and unique ideas for twins, for mom and baby, for newborns, for baby in a stroller or baby in a carrier or wagon. #babyhalloween #costumes #scary
September 12, 2018

The Cutest Baby Halloween Costumes

Baby Halloween Costumes Who does not love babies (and toddlers) in costumes? It is probably one of the most adorable things. This post below has 71 adorable AND creative AND unique baby Halloween costumes for you to choose from, so that your baby will be the most adorable thing when you go trick-or-treating. Are you... read more ...
The Best Toddler Costumes. Funny, cute and unique toddler Halloween costume ideas for boys and girls. Some costumes include scary, deer, unicorn, matching with siblings, witch, and more. Click for easy homemade DIY costume ideas.
September 14, 2018

Cute Toddler Costumes That You Can Make Yourself

DIY Toddler Costumes Toddlers L-O-V-E Halloween! Dressing up in toddler costumes are just as much fun as the candy they get at the end. But toddler costumes can be expensive, and there is not a lot of sense in spending money on an outfit that will be worn once. Which is why it is always... read more ...
Looking for baby teething remedies that actually work? This is a comprehensive list of teething remedies to choose from. They include natural homemade remedies like frozen breast milk, DIY baby popsicles, remedies with essential oils, etc. These remedies can be used at nighttime for sleep, for 4 months old and beyond for toddlers, for molars, for your infant. Pin it. #teething #remedies
June 15, 2019

The Most Comprehensive Guide To Baby Teething Remedies

Is your baby cranky, and constantly drooling? These are usually signs of teething. You’re going to need a few teething remedies. When Do Babies Start Teething? Although timing varies widely, babies often start teething around 6 months. The two bottom front teeth (lower central incisors) are usually the first to appear, followed by the two... read more ...
baby time capsule
February 08, 2018

Top Ideas Of What To Include In Your Baby Time Capsule & First Birthday Capsule

What is a Time Capsule? A baby time capsule is a container or box that holds historical records or things that represent the current time and culture.  It’s like a snapshot in time. The time capsule is then kept/ preserved for the baby until he/she is older. Many people preserve the time capsule until their... read more ...
mommy jokes
June 06, 2018

Mom Jokes To Make You Pee Your Pants

Motherhood is hard. Period. This is why we need mom jokes. And the reason you will supposedly pee your pants from laughter is because these mom jokes are true. This post was created with love from one mom to another – not just to make you laugh and lighten your heavy load, but also to... read more ...
New Baby tips and tricks to make mom's life easier.
July 06, 2019

Taking Care Of A New Baby? Mom Hacks That Will Actually Help

Mom Hacks Every New Mom Should Know New baby care can be scary for first time parents. It can feel extremely intimidating. Below are 33 easy and practical tips new baby hacks from mothers who’ve actually been there. In other words, this is advice from moms who have figured out a few baby hacks to... read more ...
Educational toys can be used to develop gross and fine motor skills, plus learn about sorting, colors and counting.
September 15, 2018

The Best Educational Toys For 3 Year Olds – According To Moms Who Actually Know

Educational Toys For 3 Year Olds Watching your kid grow and learn is amazing, and toys can be an engaging part of the 3 year old’s journey. While toys, in general, are great – thoughtfully chosen toys can actually develop skills that are vital to your little one’s development in areas like language, early math, literacy, problem-solving, creative... read more ...
Educational toys for babies and toddlers are wonderful because they get to learn while playing. "Smart toys" are often inexpensive toys and everyday items. Click to learn about smart toys for kids, and keep your little one engaged, stimulated, and constantly learning. Pin it. #smarttoys #educationaltoys #toddlers #2yearold
May 25, 2018

Toddler Secrets Revealed – 2 Year Old Milestones

When your child turns two, he/she is no longer a baby. Your “baby” is now a toddler. Congratulations! With their 2-year-old birthday comes many new physical skills, pretend play and tantrums. (Yep, tantrums are normal at this stage!) As parents, we want to be sure that our children are developing as they are supposed to.... read more ...
3 Year Old Child Development Milestones - A free and handy checklist for parents, to keep you on track with your toddler's growth and development. #toddlers #kids #milestones
August 04, 2018

3 Year Old Milestones – Your Easy But Comprehensive Guide & Free Checklist

You’ve survived the “terrible two’s.” Yippee, and Congratulations. Throw out the 2 year old milestones. It is time for the 3 Year Old Milestones. When your child turns three, he/she is no longer a toddler (age 1-3). Your little one is now a preschooler (age 3-5). A new adventure begins! As their parents, we want... read more ...