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Dealing With Breast Engorgement? - When milk comes in, it can be very painful. Find out about the symptoms you may experience and how to get relief. Nursing your baby or pumping and massage offers relief, but what if you are weaning or not breast feeding? Click to find all you need. Pin it. #breastfeeding #engorgement
April 11, 2020

Dealing With Breast Engorgement

You're feeling a little engorged. Here's everything you need to know from start to finish, plus easy remedies to relieve your engorgement. read more ...
lactation cookies
August 15, 2019

Easy & Tasty Lactation Cookies You Can Make Yourself

Can there be a more delicious way to increase your milk supply than with lactation cookies? Probably not! But do lactation cookies actually work in improving your milk supply? “Absolutely, when used in conjunction with other methods, such as hydrating and ensuring you’re eating enough,” says  Stephanie Middleberg, RD, of Middleberg Nutrition. You’re in for... read more ...
brewers yeast breastfeeding recipes
August 22, 2019

Yummy Brewers Yeast Breastfeeding Recipes To Increase Milk Supply

If you are stressed out about maintaining your milk supply, the stress itself can reduce your milk supply. Therefore, the goal is to get to work on increasing your milk supply. Brewers yeast breastfeeding recipes is one of many ways to help boost your milk supply. For your convenience, we’re covering the following topics in... read more ...
How to increase milk supply naturally with food? You're nursing and your milk supply is on the low side. No worries. There are lots of milk-boosting foods that can solve the problem quickly. It's easy too - you can buy most of these foods at the grocery store. Lactogenic foods, drinks, and supplements can boost your milk supply fast, sometimes in 24 hours or overnight. #galactagogues #lactogenicfoods #breastfeeding #nursing
August 24, 2019

How To Increase Breast Milk Through Food

How to increase breast milk through by eating lactogenic superfoods? Most lactation consultants, including the La Leche League, says you should follow a healthy, sensible diet that includes fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, high-quality fats and proteins from animals and plants. But this is very broad. For your convenience, we go into more detail... read more ...
lactation smoothie recipe
January 03, 2020

Tasty Lactation Smoothie Recipes To Increase Milk Supply

When we initially start breastfeeding, we get so much milk that our breasts become engorged. But once that problem is resolved, milk supply can go in the opposite direction and producing enough breastmilk can become challenging. This is why many nursing moms need a nutrient-packed lactation smoothie regularly to generate more of that liquid gold.... read more ...
August 26, 2019

Easy and Effective Tips On How To Increase Milk Supply

Many breastfeeding moms ask how to increase milk supply because they worry that they are not producing enough milk for their baby. This is particularly true when you’re feeding your baby directly from your breast since you can’t actually see how much milk your baby is drinking. This is a common concern, but according to... read more ...
breastfeeding positions
August 22, 2019

Tried and True Breastfeeding Positions

Best Positions For Nursing While there is no wrong way to hold your baby while you breastfeed, there are certain breastfeeding positions that are considered to be more comfortable than others. There are several tried-and-true breastfeeding positions to choose from. Your goal would be to figure out the nursing positions that are most comfortable for... read more ...
low milk supply
August 24, 2019

What You Could Be Doing To Cause Your Low Milk Supply

You’re experiencing a supply drop. Could there be things that you are unintentionally doing to cause your low milk supply? Possibly. In this article, you’ll find the usual causes of low milk supply. However, here’s something important to keep in mind on your breastfeeding journey: The production of breastmilk operates strictly on a supply and... read more ...
breast compression
August 26, 2019

Easy Guide To Doing Breast Compressions

Breast Compressions are an easy and effective way to get more milk out of your breasts. You don’t need any tools and there is no special technique involved either. Breast compression is most often used to get a baby, who is falling asleep at the breast, to continue breastfeeding. Milk production works strictly on a... read more ...
power pumping to increase milk supply
September 15, 2019

Why You Need To Start Power Pumping To Boost Your Milk Supply

What Is Power Pumping And What Does It Do For You? Power pumping is a method used by breastfeeding moms to boost their milk supply. With this method, you are emptying out your breasts by pumping breast milk very frequently in a short amount of time. Basically, you are simulating the process of a baby... read more ...