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Please Help The Busy Mom To Be By Making Yourself The Addressee

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Mom-to-be is going to be pretty busy once her baby arrives. Make her life a little easier by asking baby shower guests to self-address the envelopes to the thank you cards. Use these "help the busy mom-to-be" printables to lighten her load. They're easy to print and available in various designs and colors.

As soon as the baby shower is over, mom-to-be is going to be very busy. She will have her hands full with preparing for her new baby, or with the baby.  Either way, it will surely help her if she did not have to write out envelopes for her thank you cards. This is why a simple printable baby shower sign – “Please help the busy mom to be by making yourself the addressee,” is so helpful.

Your baby shower sign tells your guests exactly what is expected.

All baby shower printables below are free for personal use. Simply print it, frame it, and place it on the gift table for your guests to see.  As your guests put down their gifts, they will notice the sign.

To keep things simple, do be sure to add a few pens alongside the envelopes. That way, more than one guest can write their addresses at a time. This will ensure there is no bottleneck at the gift table.

Please Help The Busy Mom To Be By Making Yourself The Addressee


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