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Raccoon Teethers For “Ouchie” Gums

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Tulamama’s Raccoon Teethers Rock! Here’s why: ShareTweetPin+10 Shares

Tulamama teethers are made of the same silicone that nipples and pacifiers are made of. That means you can buy with confidence, knowing that your baby is putting something safe in his/her mouth.

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Finally, as always, all our products are sold with a 100% Money-Back-Guarantee. If you don't like it, for any reason - simply return it. No Questions Asked.

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New to Tulamama? Scroll down to find out why our teethers are awesome!

Tulamama’s Raccoon Teethers Rock! Here’s why:

Tulamama’s Silicone Teethers Are Safe For Babies To Love And Chew!

As with our other teethers, the Raccoon teethers are:

  • made of the highest quality food-grade silicone. This is the same kind of silicone that pacifiers and bottle nipples are made of. Rest assured that our soft and chewy raccoon teethers are safe for your little one to chew and love.
  • they are soft, bendable, and just the right texture to soothe those painful gums.
  • they are entirely made of food-grade silicone. There are no waters, gels,  or any other unknowables that could harm your baby.
  • they are made in an FDA inspected and approved facility, where US and International Baby Safety guidelines and standards are strictly adhered to.
  • they’re made with silicone that is non-toxic, non-porous, BPA Free, and free of all other bad stuff like phthalates, cadmium or lead.
  • approved by California Prop 65, the CPSC, Australian, Canadian and European authorities for baby safety.
  • rest assured, there are no loose parts. Our teethers are made out of a mold so there are no extras that are added, and which can potentially come loose later.

Tulamama’s Teethers Are Perfect For Little Hands

All our teethers are made with little grips on the back and a hole in the middle, for four reasons:

  • your baby can easily hold the teether, and there is less chance of it falling out of his/her hands because they’ll have an easier grip;
  • those little grips on the back make handling the teether a little easier for little hands. But more importantly;
  • the textures and patterned bumps are very soothing to painful, irritated, itchy gums.
  • your teether can easily attach to a pacifier clip, which means it will always be within easy access for your baby.

Tulamama’s Teethers Are Approved For Healthy Oral Development

Dentists and pediatricians recommend giving babies teething toys that are made of food-grade silicone because it’s safer.

Because our teethers adhere strictly to US and International safety standards, your baby will not be able to push the teether too deep into their mouths and potentially choke.

An effective teether is one that can soothe your baby through the entire teething process – that means, a teether that soothes the front, middle and back teeth. Tulamama teethers are effective at massaging all the way back to our baby’s molars. The little “patterned bumps” serve that purpose.

Easy To Clean Baby Teether

When babies are teething, there is a lot of drooling. You just can’t get around that. That being the case, you will want a teether that is easy and quick to clean.

As with our other teethers, the Raccoon teether can be washed under running water with a little soap, or just warm water. You can also just pop it in the top rack of the dishwasher without fear of getting damaged.

It’s a quick, easy, no fuss teething toy that does what it’s supposed to do – in a safe way.

Tulamama Raccoon Teether Is Designed to Stimulate Baby’s Senses

When babies see something that appeals to them, they want to pick it up and taste it. While this is great for teething, it is also wonderful for developing fine motor and sensory skills.

And while your baby is picking up the little raccoon transferring it to her/his mouth, he/she developing and enhancing hand-to-mouth coordination through simple play. That is why Tulamama teethers are great teething toys.

Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

Here’s why:

  • Every baby needs a teether. If you buy a teether as a gift, your gift will not be forgotten in the back of the closest;
  • Tulamama teethers are designed with neutral colors, which make them an easy choice – particularly if the new mom is having a gender reveal baby shower, and you don’t know the gender yet.;
  • A Tulamama Teether can be used over a long period of time because babies teeth for extended periods. Once your baby is done teething, the teether becomes a sensory toy.
  • Our teething toys are proudly sold with a No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money-Back-Guarantee;
  • Tulamama’s teethers are now also sold through Amazon, which means easy buying and easy returns.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About Raccoon Teethers For "Ouchie" Gums

Can a Tulamama Teether go in a dishwasher?

Sure. Please place it in the top rack.

Can you freeze a Tulamama Teether?

For sure. Cold teethers offer added relief for irritated gums. Place it in the freezer for as long as you like.

Are teethers necessary?

Strictly speaking – no. But, then you have to deal with a cranky baby who is in a lot of pain as the teeth cut through their gums. Tulamama teethers offer much-needed relief.

When do I offer a teether to my baby?

As soon as baby shows signs of teething, offer him/her a teether.

Raccoon Teethers For “Ouchie” Gums

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