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September 27, 2021

Free And Adorable Printable Halloween Masks

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Printable Halloween masks are fantastic! You can print them for Halloween parties, offer them as favors, or use them to complete a Halloween costume. They’re also easy to make, and they are practically free.

These printable Halloween masks are suitable for kids of all ages. There are fun or spooky masks for you to choose from. There are masks that will cover the full face, but also half masks to cover only the top half of the face.

Our Tulamama Halloween masks are free for personal use. Print as many as you like, as often as you like, and share with your friends.

What You’ll Need To Make Printable Halloween Masks

These Halloween masks are really easy to make, so you won’t need much. You may already have everything you need at home.

  • Color printer;
  • Card stock or heavyweight paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Craft knife to cut out the eyes (optional);
  • One-hole punch;
  • String.

How To Make Printable Halloween Masks

  • Print your preferred mask(s). All the Halloween masks are designed in portrait, so be sure to set your printer to portrait.
  • Cut out the outer shape of the mask. There are helpful lines to guide you. (Thanks Eve!) Use a craft knife to cut out the eyes. You can also use scissors if you don’t have a craft knife.
  • Using your one-hole punch, punch holes on the side for the string.
  • Tie the string to both sides of the mask. You may need to adjust the string to ensure a good fit.

The Cutest Printable Halloween Masks

Half Masks


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