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Pacifier Clip & Fox Teether Newborn Baby Shower Gift Set

This is a beautifully packaged baby gift set – perfect as Christmas gifts, baby shower gifts, or any other celebration. It is gift-ready, with tissue paper, ribbon, and a gift box.

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fox teether and pacifier clip newborn baby gift set


All babies teethe at some point and moms need to be ready to offer them relief. With a teether and pacifier clip newborn baby gift set, you are getting a gift that will definitely be used and appreciated.  Pacifier clips can be used from birth, so this makes for the perfect newborn baby gift set. Everything is beautifully wrapped with tissue paper, and presented in a gift box with ribbon.

fox teether and pacifier clip newborn baby gift set


Tulamama teething toys and pacifier clips are made of the highest quality food and medical grade silicone. This is the same kind of silicone that bottle nipples and pacifiers are made of. Our silicone teething accessories are made in a facility that has been inspected and by the FDA.

fox baby chew toys and pacifier clip baby gift set


Tulamama chew toys are made in strict adherence to the CPSC, California Prop 65, Canadian, Australian, and European authorities for baby safety. To ensure safety, our pacifier holders are assembled by hand, and the clasp on our pacifier clips are rust-free.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About Pacifier Clip & Fox Teether Newborn Baby Shower Gift Set

Where are Tulamama silicone teethers and pacifier clips made?

All designs are made in Atlanta GA, USA. Our teethers are responsibly made in China, in a facility that has been inspected and approved by the FDA.

How do I take care of a fox teething toy and pacifier clip?

Our baby chew toys can be washed by hand under warm, soapy water. You can also place it in the top rack of your dishwasher. Our pacifier clips in our Classic Collection have wooden beads. These can be wiped with a damp cloth or gently washed with a little water. Please do not submerge wooden beads in water. Our food-grade silicone beads are antimicrobial, so no further care is required. You do not need to boil, microwave, or sanitize.

How is this chew toy and pacifier clip baby gift set packaged?

The pacifier clip and hedgehog teether are wrapped in tissue paper, then placed in a gift box with ribbon. The gift set also includes care instructions. On the top of the box, it says a sweet little gift, especially for you. This can be offered as a fully prepared baby gift set, which can be offered at a baby shower, Christmas or other gift occasions.

Your shipping is free. When can I expect delivery?

We ship via standard shipping in the USA, which takes about 3-7 business days. Most orders are shipped via Amazon fulfillment, and they use USPS and UPS predominantly.

There’s a problem with my delivery. What do I do?

If you purchased directly from our site, let us know. If you made your purchase directly from Amazon, it depends. Here’s the thing – with Amazon’s 2-day delivery for Prime customers, there is a  lot of pressure on the UPS/ USPS to deliver on time. Occasionally we get complaints that Amazon claims orders were delivered when they were actually NOT delivered. If this happens to you, give it another day. Packages usually make their way to you the next day. If not, contact Amazon directly or let us know.

Can you freeze a Tulamama silicone baby teether?

For sure. Cold teethers offer added relief for irritated gums. Place it in the freezer for as long as you like.

How does baby teethers work?

When babies start to teeth, their gums first become itchy. To “scratch” that itch, babies like to chew on stuff. What’s great about a Tulamama silicone teether is that it’s not too hard (to hurt their gums) and not too soft (to be ineffective). It’s perfect for teething babies because it soothes their discomfort. Give your baby the teether or place it in front of them – they will naturally do the rest.

When do I offer a teether to my baby?

As soon as your baby shows signs of teething, offer him/her a teether. Most babies start teething around 6 months but some babies teeth as early as 3 months.

Are you on social media?

Yep. @tulamamalove – find us on Instagram and Pinterest. For Facebook, our handle is simply Tulamama.

I’m a social media influencer/blogger. Do you collaborate?

For sure! Connect with us. We’d love to talk.


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