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Baby Bump Pregnancy Fruit Chart

Easily track your baby’s growth with this Pregnant Belly Progression / Baby Fruit Size poster. It’s a Fetal Growth Chart that’s easy to read because it uses recognizable fruits, seeds, and vegetables to track your baby’s growth.

Our posters are printed on museum-quality poster paper, and available in two popular sizes.

Our beautiful Baby Fruit Size Poster is also available in WHITE.

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How Big Is A Baby At ** Weeks – Fetal Growth Chart

You are pregnant. Congratulations! This is usually the time you start looking for a fetal growth chart. However, they can be complicated and hard to understand, (as you can see here.). This is why you will love and appreciate our baby bump pregnancy fruit chart, (also known as a Baby Fruit Size Chart.)

A traditional fetal growth chart tracks the approximate growth of your baby size by week. It charts your gestational age, (your pregnancy week by week), and the size and weight of the average fetus. That’s exactly what this pregnant belly progression chart does – it’s just easier! Our pregnancy tracker uses recognizable seeds, fruits, and vegetables to chart the size and weight of your baby size by week.

Pregnant Belly Progression With A Baby Fruit Size Chart

How Does Your Baby Size Fruit Chart Feel

Your “How Big Is My Baby” pregnancy fruit chart poster is printed on museum-quality poster paper. It is a thick, smooth, durable, enhanced matte paper that feels professional. However, because of the matte texture, you do need to be careful when you are unrolling. Make sure your hands are clean and you are ready to frame it.

What Does Your Baby Fruit Size Poster Look Like?

Fetal growth chart posterYour pregnancy chart is printed on high-quality poster paper. The design is sharp and clean with stunning. bright color and vibrancy.

The ink and color saturation is lush. The colors are sure to make a statement in any room – but more to the point – you’ll be able to carefully track your pregnancy from week to week.

How Will The Pregnancy Chart Be Shipped?

poster shipping tubesYour “Baby Size By Week” pregnancy fruit chart poster will come rolled up in a tube. This ensures there is no damage to your poster during shipping.

The rolls are not too tight, so your poster is easy to straighten. (You won’t need to weigh it down for hours.)

How Do I Take Care Of My “Pregnancy Week By Week” Poster?

Frame your poster as soon as you can. This will help to preserve it.

If you happen to get it dirty before your frame it, simply wipe it clean with a cloth. It takes very little maintenance.


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