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Girl or Boy Ready To Pop Popcorn Boxes – 25 Per Set

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Looking for beautiful favor/ popcorn boxes that will complement your theme?

Tulamama popcorn favor boxes are sold in sets of 25 (to accommodate the average size of a baby shower). They’re easy to assemble and they are food-grade quality.


Name Range Discount
Buy any 2 favor boxes and get 10% off 2 - 100 10 %

How To Fold Favor Boxes

Here's a 19-second instruction video on how to fold your Tulamama popcorn boxes/ favor boxes.

Clear instructions with images are included with every purchase of Tulamama Popcorn Favor Boxes.

  1. Simply unfold your popcorn boxes by gently squeezing the two ends. This will pop it up into a box shape.
  2. Fold the U-shape flap down first along the score lines.
  3. Fold the two side flaps in.
  4. Fold the top flap and insert the tip under the U-shape flap to secure the box.
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Baby shower favors usually take forever to set up. Who has that kind of time! Tulamama’s Ready To Pop popcorn favor boxes will be delivered to you as flat boxes, but assembly is super quick and easy. It literally takes minutes. Once you have them ready, fill them and you’re done.


Your new baby shower popcorn boxes will not fall apart. They have a sturdy bottom that won’t open by itself either. Your Ready To Pop favor boxes are premium, food-grade quality, so you can fill them with regular popcorn, gourmet popcorn or anything edible.

ready to pop baby shower favors


Your Ready To Pop themed popcorn boxes offers the perfect party serving size. They’re the Goldilocks of party favor – they’re not too big and not too small. They are 4.5 inches high x 3.5 inches wide at the top. They’re the perfect party serving of popcorn.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About Girl or Boy Ready To Pop Popcorn Boxes - 25 Per Set

What size are these Ready To Pop popcorn boxes?

They are 4.5 inches high x 3.5 inches wide at the top.

How many cups of popcorn does it take?

You can have at least 3 cups of popcorn in one box. That’s the perfect party serving size.

How many Ready To Pop Popcorn Boxes are in a set?

There are 25 boxes per set. We did our research, and based on that, we know that the average size of a baby shower is 25, so we have you covered.

Where are these treat boxes made?

All designs are made in Atlanta GA, USA. Your treat boxes are responsibly made in China in a food-grade quality facility.

Your shipping is free. When can I expect delivery?

We ship via standard shipping in the USA, which takes about 3-7 business day. All orders are shipped via Amazon fulfillment, and they use USPS and UPS predominantly.

There’s a problem with my delivery. What do I do?

If you purchased directly from our site, let us know. If you made your purchase directly from Amazon, it depends. Here’s the thing – with Amazon’s 2-day delivery for Prime customers, there is a  lot of pressure on the UPS/ USPS to deliver on time. Occasionally we get complaints that Amazon claims orders were delivered when they were actually NOT delivered. If this is you, give it another day. Packages usually make their way to you the next day. If not, contact Amazon directly or let us know.

Are you on social media?

Yep. @tulamamalove – find us on Instagram and Pinterest. For Facebook, our handle is simply Tulamama.

I’m a social media influencer/blogger. Do you collaborate?

For sure! Connect with us. We’d love to talk.


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