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November 30, 2020

The Best Baby Carrier Cover

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If you are wearing your baby, you probably know that finding the perfect baby carrier cover is actually not as simple as it was to find a baby carrier, huh? For one, our choices are quite limited.

Decent baby carrier covers aren’t cheap either, so you will want to do your research before you buy. We’ve done most of the hard work for you. But first…

How do you choose a baby carrier cover for your baby?

  • Your winter carrier cover must fit your climate. Sure, this is obvious but it is worth mentioning. If you are living in a cold climate where you have long, cold winters, don’t waste your time on a thin baby carrier cover that only offers coverage and not protection. So too, if you are living in a climate where it never gets colder than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, you probably don’t need a heavy winter carrier cover.
  • You cover must fit your lifestyle too. Some covers are easy to put on. Some are not. If you are getting a cover that takes time to put on, and you are an impatient person, you will probably get frustrated with it soon.
  • Don’t buy because it’s cute. Instead, choose a winter cover that is reliable. You don’t want to be out in the cold with a miserable baby.
  • Don’t buy because it’s cheap either. We all love cheap but buying cheap may cost you in the long run when you have to buy another winter cover for your baby.
  • Make sure the baby carrier you are buying fits onto your current baby carrier? For example, if you are a big Ergo Baby fan and you don’t use any other carriers, then buying an Ergo baby carrier cover would be a wise choice. However, if you are not “married” to a particular brand, make sure you get a carrier that fits universally.

For your convenience, the selection below has been chosen based on popularity and reviews. However, keep in mind that sometimes things are popular because they are cheap.

The Best Winter Baby Carrier Covers For 2018

Bebamour Universal All Season Babywearing Cover

Basically – here’s what you get with a Bebamour

  • For the low price, this is a decent cover. It works as it should but don’t expect it to keep your baby warm.
  • The reversible hoodie is a big plus because you can use it for babies in a stroller and forward facing baby carriers.
  • Can be used as a rain cover.
  • Available in several colors.
  • Not very durable, some parents say it doesn’t wash well.

What moms are saying:

Kaylin L – “… Overall the cover is well designed and a great deal for the price! … The fabric (nylon outer layer and fleece inner layer) are pretty thin so this cover will not be super warm. I will need to bundle my baby up a bit more on really cold days, but this will be a great top layer to stop the wind and help keep the heat in. My only concern is that the nylon is so thin it seems like it might rip easy.”

Mommy of 3 – “I really wanted to like it. It’s roomy and feels warm. Fits my carrier just fine. But you can never wash it. Yeh, I know it’s a baby item and is bound to need it, but sorry. Nope. Washed it once. Cold water, delicate cycle, dreft detergent, inside a lingerie bag…..and it absolutely fell apart. I’m talking seams coming apart….the cloth on the hood disintegrated. It is unusable.”

Ergobaby Fleece Lined Winter Weather Cover

Basically – here’s what you get with an Ergobaby Cover

  • Works great with Ergo baby carriers. Snaps on.
  • Offers excellent rain protection for babies.
  • Offers protection from cold during mild winters, not very cold winters.
  • The instructions are a bit confusing but once you can figure out how to use it, it works well. Helpful videos available on Youtube.
  • It may be a bit challenging to keep your baby warm and dry, if he/she is squirmy.

What moms are saying:

Austin Way – “This is everything it says it is! It fits our Ergo Performance perfectly. The directions were a little confusing but we figured it out. Keeps the baby dry.

Also noticed that baby was able to wriggle hands out of the cover. We used this with our 7 month old, (18 lbs) when he was sleeping and it worked great. I could see it being challenging to keep a child completely dry if they were over a year and moving a lot.

Overall, a great product and necessary for outdoor parents who live in rainy areas…”

Amazon Customer – “It is very easy to snap onto the Ergo carrier. The hood is also great in the event of rain or to shield the baby from the wind. My only critique is that I wish there was also a warmer version …for the very cold winter weather.”

Jolly Jumper Winter Cover For Baby Carriers

Basically – here’s what you get with a Jolly Jumper

  • It works well. It keeps your baby warm and dry. The fleece lining is good quality.
  • It’s convenient for quick trips.
  • The strap around your neck is a bit bothersome for some moms.
  • It’s durable and easy to care for.
  • It can work as a baby car seat cover too.
  • It doesn’t actually attach to the baby carrier itself. Some moms like this, some don’t.

What moms are saying: ConscientiousMomma16 – “Pros: material repels dirt and water (I used it doing chores in the rain last night); [it has] pockets; very roomy; should get several years of use. Cons: neck strap could use some padding.”

Gina G – “it has a strap that goes around your neck. You can see it if you look very closely at the pictures of the people wearing it. It does not attach to the carrier itself like other products out there so back carries are out of the question. The product is good if you don’t mind having a strap around your neck. The fleece lining and the outer nylon lining are of good quality so they work well at keeping the child warm and dry. I had a friend alter this product by cutting the strap, and making it into two loop straps with snaps to attach to my BabyHawk…”

Adjustable Double Fleece Baby Carrier & Stroller Cover

Basically – here’s what you get with a Kurumi Ket

  • In terms of warmth, this is the Rolls Royce of baby carrier covers. It’s made with double fleece, and is the thickest and most luxurious baby carrier cover on the market today. If you are living in a cold climate, this is a good choice for you;
  • Snaps onto any baby carrier cover or stroller. Can also be used as a stroller blanket, poncho for toddlers, a blanket and a nursing cover.
  • Durable. It washes well and can be used over several seasons;
  • According to the older reviews, parents complained about the length but the manufacturer claims to have lengthened the cover – no further complaints since 2017;
  • This is not a rain cover. If you plan on babywearing in the rain often, this is not a good choice for you;
  • The hood is not reversible. To use the hood, you’ll need to wear your baby on the front – facing in, or on your back.
  • Effective as a wind and snow baby carrier cover.

What moms are saying: Amanda C. – “This is AMAZING!!!!! I seriously love it! I use it over my baby when she’s in the Ergo carrier (is just snaps around the straps), but I’ve also used it over her in her car seat (can attach to the handlebar if needed), around her in the stroller (again, can attach to the sides of the stroller seat if needed), and just around her to carry her to and from the car (so I don’t have to mess with putting a jacket on a 5 month old just to walk her to the car and take it off of her again, then repeat the process in reverse to get into wherever I’m going). It’s SOFT, versatile, and just perfect!

Charlene – “very warm. I had it on in “feels like” 9F winds, realized I forgot my gloves, and tucked my bare hands into the bottom…it was toasty! And baby slept the whole way, too. The only thing that worries me is that the drawstring dangles a little too far down and is probably a trip hazard. I try to tuck it into the carrier waistband to keep it out of the way.”

BABYBJORN Carrier Cover

Basically – here’s what you get with a Baby Bjorn Cover

  • It works great on Baby Bjorn Carriers, and covers baby’s body completely from head to toe;
  • Can be used for front facing in or front facing out carries;
  • Works effectively if baby is properly clothed underneath the carrier.
  • Effective as a rain, wind and snow baby carrier cover.

What moms are saying: aabrand14 – “I wanted something that would cover my son’s legs and arms, and this fits the bill. It’s made of tightly knit fleece, so it feels soft on the inside, and has elastic all around the edges. I’m not sure how waterproof it would be though. It has a hood, but there is no drawstring to tighten it. It’s huge on my 4 month old. I’ve used it outside in the cold (high 30s), and baby stayed warm. Granted he was also bundled up in a fleece jumpsuit and booties…I’m taking off one star because the cover is very long. I’m 5’9″ and the bottom of it goes down to my thighs. I imagine it’s long so that it will fit over toddlers, but I wish they [had] Velcro or some sort of button to help roll it up when all that length isn’t needed.”

Sourz – “it’s like having an extra blanket to cover your baby, but make sure baby is properly clothed in winter clothes underneath.”

Emilly Scannella – “We bought this to use our Bjorn over the winter and it’s worked out great. It easily snaps on and keeps our son nice and cozy. I like how his feet are totally covered and the hood is a perfect fit.”

Featured Image: Kurumi Ket baby carrier cover and stroller blanket


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