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Baby Shower Prizes Your Guests Will Actually Love

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What Are Baby Shower Prizes And Are They Necessary?

Baby shower games are traditionally played at baby showers. The winners of those games typically get baby shower prizes.

Baby shower prizes for games are different from baby shower favors and diaper raffle ticket prizes.

  • Baby shower favors – every shower attendee gets a favor and they are all typically the same. Meaning – if your choice for baby shower favor is bath salts, then everyone will get the bath salts as they leave.
  • Baby shower prizes – these are special in that only winners of the baby shower games get it. Baby shower prizes are typically a bit more valuable than the favors. You can have more than one prize. The number of prizes you have depend on how many games you plan to play. (If you are planning a typical baby shower, you would play approximately 3 baby shower games, and you would, therefore, need 3 prizes.)
  • Diaper raffle prizes – these are typically big and valuable prizes that are won after people participated in the diaper raffle. Only one person will win it.

Helpful Tips For Choosing Baby Shower Game Prizes

  1. As you choose your baby shower prizes, do keep in mind that the prizes do not need to be the same. It is entirely dependent on you. As you will see from the examples below, sometimes the prizes are all the same, and often they’re not.
  2. Understand the guests that are invited and try to choose baby shower gift bags that suit them. What is their type and nature?  Do they have children, are there younger or older guests, etc.  You need to choose prizes that will be appealing to the majority of guests attending. For example, offering baked treats to mom-to-be’s friends who are watching their weight, or alcohol to people who don’t drink alcohol, is not a great idea.
  3. Packaging and presentation is a big deal. If your prizes are packaged well, your guests would be more enticed by them- even if they are cheap baby shower prizes.
  4. Look at the type of shower you are planning. Does it have a theme? Try to choose baby shower prizes based on your baby shower theme. This may not always be possible but it’s a nice touch.
  5. If your baby shower game prizes do not quite fit your baby shower theme, try to make the packaging “theme” friendly. For example, if you are having a “mommy to bee” baby shower, you could use yellow ribbon or paste bee stickers on the gift bags.
  6. If you just cannot think of ideas for prizes, consider gift cards. They’re a really easy and versatile option because most people love gift cards. Below the collection of baby shower prize ideas, we offer creative ways to give gift cards.
  7. Be creative and look at a lot of varieties on how you can make the prizes unique.
  8. Importantly, what type of budget do you have? Buy accordingly to what you can afford.
  9. Lastly, have fun with the prizes, make it creative and remember it is a baby shower so keep it in line with that.

As you select your baby shower prizes, do keep in mind that there is a lot of overlap between baby shower favors and baby shower game prizes. What is offered as a baby shower favor at one shower, could be offered as a baby shower prize at another shower. It is all dependent on your budget.

Baby Shower Prize Ideas

The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing baby shower game prizes. There are truly so many things you can do.

Below are 36 baby shower prize ideas to suit any budget. Use the images as inspiration to create your own, unique baby shower game prizes.

Baby shower prize idea - bath salts

baby shower gifts for guests

baby shower prizes for games

prizes games
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Favor boxes for baby showers and children's parties. These favor boxes hold party-sized portions, and they are super easy to assemble.

Baby Shower Prize Ideas

cheap baby shower prizes

prizes for baby shower games

prizes for baby shower games

baby shower prize ideas - tea
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baby shower prize ideas - coffee
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baby shower prizes

prizes for baby shower

prizes for baby shower

aby shower games prizes ideas

Baby shower prize ideas
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Baby shower prize ideas - Sangria
Sangria Kit

Baby shower game prize collections

Baby shower Prizes - Wine
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prize ideas alcohol
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baby shower prize ideas - manicure in a jar
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baby shower prize ideas - spa package

baby shower prize idea - shower package

Baby shower prizes - spa package
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Baby shower prizes - sparkling wine

baby shower prizes - alcohol

baby shower prizes - lotion

Prizes for baby shower - baking
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baby shower prizes - goody bags

Baby shower prize ideas - flowers

Baby shower prizes - popcorn

plant favors

Baby shower game prizes - teacup and saucer
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baby shower prize ideas - alcohol
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Baby shower game prizes - candlesImage Credit

creative ways to give gift cards
Gift Cards

Creative Ways To Give Gift Cards

Offering gift cards as a baby shower prize is a smart and easy option. Choosing gift cards may save you time and you can get gift cards in any value. Your prize winners are likely to love AND use it.  But how do you present your gift cards? Below are a few cute and clever ideas:

  • Tie it to a bouquet of flowers.
  • Spray an altoid jar the same color as your baby shower theme or decorate it, and add the gift card in there.
  • Put it in a mason jar filled with candy, (like the image above).
  • Stuff it into a mug, travel mug or smoothie cup.
  • Place it in a money clip that can be reused.
  • Put it in a takeout container.
  • Get it into a clear balloon and blow up the balloon. If that’s too hard, tie it onto the blown up balloon.
  • Tie it onto a pair of spa slippers and offer both the gift card and the spa slippers as a baby shower game prize.
  • Put popcorn in a popcorn box and have the gift card stick out slightly.
  • Make a snowglobe and put it in there. Here’s a tutorial on how to do it.

Note From The Author

I’ve tried my best to give you a big collection for inspiration, but do not feel limited. My intention was for this collection to spark further ideas. Perhaps you could also offer small kitchen gadgets, recipe boxes, stationery, best-selling books, home-made preserves, or gift sets as baby shower game prizes.

If you are hosting a baby shower, do not fret too much over your baby shower gift bags. The only thing to remember is to get baby shower game prizes that people will actually want. If people see that the baby shower prizes are good, they may be more enthusiastic about playing baby shower games.

Also, if you are on a budget, don’t let the price of your baby shower gifts for guests worry you. You could pick up cheap prizes, and make them look fancy by adding ribbon,tulle, or putting them into cute gift bags or gift boxes. Remember – people are not there for the game prizes. It truly is the thought that counts.


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