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February 02, 2021

57 Easy & Unique Baby Shower Favor Ideas To Fit Any Budget

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When guests attend a baby shower, they do expect to receive a baby shower favor. It’s simply part of the ritual that makes a baby shower and it should be included in your baby shower planning. You’re in luck! This is a comprehensive list of baby shower favor ideas for any budget, any theme, and any style!

The trick to picking the best baby shower favors is to get something that people will appreciate.

Helpful Tips For Selecting The Perfect Baby Shower Favors

  • Pick something that people will love AND use. So often, baby shower favors get forgotten in the car when the guest gets home or simply trashed. By picking any of the baby shower favor ideas below, you are practically guaranteed that this won’t happen because everything in this extensive, comprehensive list of shower favors, are practical and appreciated by most. These favors are also more focused on the guests, rather than the mother/ baby.
  • Pick a party favor that mimics your baby shower theme. This is not compulsory but it’s cute and people will notice.
  • Do keep the interests of your guests in mind when selecting a baby shower favor.
  • If you are on a budget – do not fret. Baby shower favors do not have to be extravagant. You can easily get cheap baby shower favors that are also beautiful and useful. Everything on this list can be considered as homemade baby shower favors.

For your convenience, this post has been broken down into different categories of baby shower favors:

Baby Shower Favor Ideas To Impress

Edible Baby Shower Favors

  1. Fresh Fruit Favors

fresh fruit baby shower favors
Image Credit

When it comes to baby shower favor ideas, can it get any easier than fresh fruit? All you need is the fresh fruit and the containers! You can do any fruit you like or whatever is in season. You could also do a variety of fruits.

  1. Mini Pie Baby Shower Favor Ideas

pie favors

Image Credit: Laura Moss

This is one super easy baby shower favor idea. Simply buy the pies, cut them equally, and place them into mini pie boxes or these triangle mini pie boxes.

  1. Baby Shower Favors To Make: Flavored Sugars

flavored sugars
Image Credit

Looking for a “unique baby shower favor?” This is it. Flavored sugars are relatively easy to make, too. Here is the complete recipe.

  1. Homemade Baby Shower Favors: Flavored Salts

flavored salt

If not sugar, how about some flavored salts? Click here for the complete recipes for chili lime salt, vanilla salt, sriracha salt and rosemary lemon salt.

  1. Baby Shower Gifts For Guests: Candy Apple Favors

candy apple favors
Image Credit

Having a fall baby shower? Candy apples might just be perfect. You could make them by following the traditional candy apple recipe or add nuts like the image above. Either way, just add a thank you tag, and you’re set.

  1. Popcorn Baby Shower Favors

popcorn baby shower favors

How simple yet elegant is this? All you would need are mason jars, paper, string, a personalized tag, and the popcorn. This favor fits nicely with baby showers because mom-to-be is about to “pop.”

popcorn baby shower favors
Image Credit

Or if you think your guests would prefer that the popcorn already be popped, you could buy fancy gourmet popcorn and present them with this. Once you have your popcorn, all you’d need are your mason jars, burlap ribbon and decorative string.The added accent is cute but totally optional.


For a slightly easier setup, you could get baby shower and party favor boxes. If you are doing the “ready to pop” theme, you can get them in either pink or the blue favor boxes, fill them with popcorn, and you’re done. They are also available in the following themes: nautical, woodland, princess, twinkle twinkle little star, elephant and Aztec.

  1. Soda Baby Shower Favor Ideas

ready to pop soda favors
Image Credit

This is a great DIY baby shower favor – all you will need is soda in glass bottles or cans, and personalized labels.

  1. “Pop It When She Pops” – Baby Shower Sparkling Wine Favors

pop it when she pops baby shower favors

This is NOT a cheap baby shower favor! Even “cheap” sparkling wine is expensive when you buy it in bulk. You could bring the costs way down by buying the mini champagne bottles.

As for the tags, you could either make them yourself on cardstock paper and use a regular paper punch to punch holes for the string. You could also get them professionally printed from Etsy.

  1. Baby Shower Candy Favors

candy baby shower favor

What can be sweeter than a baby shower candy favor, and this is is one of many DIY baby shower favors. There are a variety of ways to present it too – one prettier than the next.

For the presentation above, all you will need are small glass jars with lids, candy of your choice and a personalized sticker on the top.

baby shower candy favor

For a slightly different presentation, you could try these 2 oz little mason jars…

candy baby shower favors
Image Credit

You could also box your candies up and add a bit of decoration to the boxes. These are premade gift boxes that you fold to assemble, so it’s quite easy to put together. Along with your gift boxes, you’ll also need some burlap, twine and floral accents to tie it all together.

baby shower guest favor

How adorable is this one – and so simple too! Mason jars baby shower favors are so versatile. This is just a small mason jar with your candy of choice, a personalized sticker, cut flowers (which you could get from the Dollar Store,) and a pretty ribbon to tie it all together.

  1. Baby Shower Favors To Make: Sprinkle Oreo Pops

sprinkle oreo pops

Having a baby sprinkle? These “sprinkle” oreo pops will definitely fit the baby shower theme, plus they’re easy to make. Click here for the complete recipe.

  1. Honey Baby Shower Favors

honey baby shower favors

Honey is a “sweet” favor to offer and it fits into at least 3 baby shower themes:

honey baby shower favors

For a complete tutorial on how to create this honey “hunny” favor, check out this helpful post.

  1. Baby Shower Favor Cookies

baby shower cookies

Having a jungle or safari baby shower? How about these onesie shaped baby shower cookies? These are available from Etsy. If you know your way around the kitchen, you could make them yourself with onesie cookie cutters.

  1. “Over The Moon”- Moon Pies – Perfect For Adoption Showers

over the moon baby shower favors
Image Credit

This baby shower favor goes with the book “Over the Moon,” by Karen Katz. This is a children’s picture book about adoption, and would, therefore, be quite appropriate for an adoption baby shower. However, it would also fit quite nicely with a Book Baby Shower.

  1. “Baby Is Brewing” Baby Shower Favor – Tea

baby is brewing baby shower favor
Image Credit

You could easily make these yourself or buy them from Etsy.

Or,  to match the “baby is brewing” theme…

  1. Baby Is Brewing – Beer Can Coolers

baby is brewing baby shower favor
Image Credit

These beer can coolers are custom made and available from Etsy.

  1. Baby Shower Party Favors: Mug Cake In A Jar

mug cake baby shower favors
Image Credit

For this party favor, all you will need is:

  1. “In A Bag” Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

baby shower favor ideas
Image Credit

You may have heard of “bread in a bag” or “taco in a bag.” You can put whatever you want “in a bag” and offer it as a baby shower favor.

  • Simply add the dry ingredients to a clear plastic bag;
  • Put it into a kraft paper bag;
  • Add your thank you tag and recipe instructions.
  • For added cuteness, add a mini whisk for a baked item, or a spatula for a cooked item.

  1. Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas: Herb Infused Oils

oil baby shower favors
Image Credit

Herb-infused oils can be used in lots of different ways, and it’s certainly a very fancy favor. You could buy everything pre-made – like the image above, or you could totally do it yourself. Here’s a guide on how to infuse oils.

Baby Shower Favor Ideas – Spa Party

  1. Loofah Lollipop Favors

loofah lollipop favors for baby showerIf you are on a budget, you could buy loofas from your local Walmart or Dollar store, stick a long lollipop stick into each, and wrap it with a clear cellophane bag.  Add a personalized tag to tie it all together. Viola! You have a loofah lollipop.

  1. Baby Shower Soap Favors

baby shower soap favors

Who doesn’t love fancy soaps? This is a baby shower favor that will be put to use, and certainly appreciated.

You could buy soap and add your own customized tag, or you could buy soap favors with customized tags.

  1. A Basket Full Of Loofa Favors

baby shower favor ideasLoofas are cheap, easy to get, and almost everyone uses it. It’s just one of those baby shower favors that will not be tossed or forgotten on the backseat.

You can get them in all kinds of colors, or a specific color to match your baby shower theme color.

  1. Baby Shower Party Favors: Homemade Bath Salts

homemade bath salts baby shower favors

Homemade bath salt favors are easy to make. They’re really useful and they’re one of several cheap baby shower favors on this list.

Bath salts are also one of those baby shower favors that people will actually use and appreciate. Bath salts have many benefits, like stress relief, it reduces muscle aches, offers headache relief, improves sleep, skin hydration and circulation in our bodies.

You could package them in small little mason jars (like above) or little organza bags (as below).

(Did you notice how cute these little bags are? They even have little seashells to pick up the bath salts.)bath salt favors

For full and complete instructions on how to make your own bath salts, visit Number-2-Pencil.com.

  1. Bubble Bath Favors

bubble bath baby shower ideas

If you like the idea of creating bubble bath favors, you’ve got a lot of options.

  1. You could buy travel sized bubble bath and add personalized labels to the bottles.
  2. You could buy a huge bottle of bubble bath, and fill 2oz sized plastic travel bottles with bubble bath – then add your personalized label. Or
  3. Make your own bubble bath. Easy bubble bath recipe here.

  1.  Homemade Sugar Scrub

sugar scrub baby shower favor ideas
Image Credit

Like bath salts, sugar scrubs are easy to make as well. This baby shower favor would be appreciated because sugar scrubs can be used to help exfoliate your skin.

There are also a TON of recipes to use but the basics are sugar and essential oils. Add them into your container of choice, like a small mason jar, tie on a little ribbon, a thank you tag, and you’re set.

homemade coffee sugar scrub
Image Credit

Click here for the coffee sugar scrub in the picture above, or click here for 21 sugar scrub recipes.

  1. Nail Polish Baby Shower Favors

nail polish baby shower favors

Cute and simple – nail polish baby shower favors will take little effort. All you will need is to buy nail polish, some tulle fabric, and ribbon. You could also tie on a little thank you tag.

If you like the idea but just cannot be bothered to do it yourself, get them custom made from Etsy.

mani thanks nail polish baby shower favors
Image Credit

  1. “You’re The Bomb” Bath Bombs

you're the bomb favors You could absolutely make these yourself if you are on a budget – here’s an easy recipe. If you couldn’t be bothered, you could buy them from Etsy (as shown above) or Amazon.

  1. You’re The “Balm” – Lip Balm Favors

lip balm baby shower favors

These lip balm favors are also known as “EOS favors” because of the lip balm brand.

They are easy to make. All you would need are the EOS lip balms and you could get them in bulk from Amazon, and a customized template.

  1. Hand Sanitizer Baby Shower Favors

hand sanitizer baby shower favors

If budget is a concern for you, this is a great baby shower favor because you can buy mini hand sanitizers in bulk from Amazon.The onesie gift tags are easy too, and available from Amazon or Etsy.

  1. Hand Lotion Baby Shower Favors

hand sanitizer baby shower favor

Most women love to have hand lotion within easy reach, so a travel hand lotion will come in handy for most of us.

All you will need is the travel hand lotion, some tulle fabric, ribbon and your little thank you tag. Easy beasy.

  1. “From Our Shower To Yours” – Baby Shower Favors

from our shower to yours baby shower favors

Or splurge a little more and give people more options. You could offer mini shower gels with a little thank you tag on it, and loofas.

  1. Homemade Solid Perfume

Homemade Solid PerfumeClick here for complete DIY instructions.

  1. Baby Shower Candle Favors

baby shower candle favors

Baby shower candle favors are another one of our cheap baby shower favors. If you plan to do a candle, you could also add this little poem:

A little candle for you to light

to flicker, glow, and shine bright.

As you blow out the flame,

make a little wish in my name.

Thanks for coming to my mommy’s baby shower.

These are super simple to make! All you will need:

baby shower candle favor

Or for a fancier look… these custom made candles are available from Etsy.

diy soy candle

Or make your own fancy candle. This is a DIY soy candle. Click here for the complete tutorial.

  1. Cheap Baby Shower Favors: Hair Ties

hair tie baby shower favors

This is a really flexible baby shower favor.

  • You could save yourself the trouble and buy them pre-packaged like the image above. Hair ties can be customized by design. You could do a blue(ish) design for boys or try to find a pattern that would fit your baby shower theme. Or,
  • You could absolutely make them yourself. Or, the easiest and cheapest option of all…
  • You could buy a pack of hand knotted hair ties from Amazon, for as little as $9.95 for 100 (at the time of this writing). You could have tons of different designs and have your guests pick their favorite design.

If you choose option 2 or 3, all you would need are your hair ties and thank you tags, which you can print on some heavyweight cardstock paper.

Winter Baby Shower Favors

  1. Cozy Baby Shower Favors For A Winter Shower

baby shower favors for winter

Having a baby shower in the winter? How perfect would thick, cozy slipper socks be for your guests?

  1. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Gloves

gloves baby shower prize ideas

Winter gloves are simple, appropriate, and will certainly be appreciated by the receiver.

Very often, you can get gloves like these for very cheap at Target or Walmart.

Tie a pretty tag onto it, and you’re set!

  1. S’mores Favors For A Baby Sprinkle

smores baby shower favors

How adorable! These s’mores favors are especially appropriate if this is your second or third baby, and you are having a baby sprinkle.

They’re super easy to put together too, and you can get these custom made tags from Etsy.

  1. Hot Chocolate In A Jar

hot chocolate in a jar

Hot chocolate in a jar will go perfectly with a winter baby shower. All you would need are 5-ounce jars, instructions for the guests, twine or ribbon to tie the instructions, and the ingredients for each container, which are:

  • ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • ¼ cup chocolate chips
  • Marshmallows to fill the jar
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • Optional add-ins (e.g. spices, crushed peppermint, espresso powder)

Please visit Uproot Kitchen for full and complete instructions on how to set it up.

  1. Coffee Cup Favors

baby shower favors coffee
Image Credit: Justine Bursoni Photography

If you are setting up a hot chocolate or coffee station, consider offering coffee mugs or coffee tumblers that your guests can keep!

Plant Favors

  1. “Watch Me Grow” Succulent Favors

succulents baby shower favor

Image Credit

Succulent party favors are unique and quite appropriate for a baby shower because they represent growth – just like the baby is growing. There are also cute little poems that you could add with your succulent favors, like:

  • “I’m just a baby, watch me grow. Just like the little boy/girl you will soon get to know.”
  • “When this little plant you see, think of baby girl/boy and me.”
  • “Watch me grow”

baby shower favors

Image Credit

If you have a green thumb, they’d be really easy to put together. All you would need is soil, containers and the succulents themselves (which you could get for as low as $2 each from Amazon (at the time of this writing), or you could also buy them from Walmart for $3-$4 each). You could use any containers you like. Amy from One Artsy Mama bought teacups from Goodwill to make her teacup favors, but you could use mason jars or regular little plant pots.

  1. Potted Plant Favors

plant favors
Image Credit

Potted herbs can be picked up from your local nursery or Walmart for under $5. They are already potted, so all you may want to do is add a little ribbon and a tag to them.

  1. Flowers Favors

flower favors
Image Credit

For flower favors, you could present potted roses like the image above, or fresh cut flowers in a vase. The great thing about these flower favors (or really any potted plant favors), is that they act nicely as table decorations as well.

  1. “Baby In Bloom” Seed Packet Favors

seed packet favors

Seed packet favors are extremely common because it represents growth.

They are super easy to put together too. To create a seed packet favor like the above image, you would need:

Mason Jars Baby Shower Favors

  1. Baby Shower Favors To Make: Cookie Mix In A Jar

cookie mix in a jar

Who does not love cookies? With cookie mix in a jar, you are offering a cute and useful baby shower favor, but also the ability for your guests to have fresh cookies, when they want it.

You could use any cookie recipe but as you pour the ingredients one by one, you do need to pack them down a bit, according to The Creative Junkie.

You will need:

Find cookie mix in a jar recipes here.

Or if you think your guests would prefer that the cookies are already baked, you could do…

  1. Baked Cookies In A Jar – Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Image Credit

How easy is this? Bake or buy cookies, and pack them into a mason jar. Decorate the jar with ribbon/ twine. The above image has brown kraft paper but you could do wrapping paper or scrapbook paper too. If that’s not your thing, you could also use a small piece of fabric to cover each lid.

  1. Cake in a Jar

cake in a jar

If you know your way around the kitchen, this would be a great baby shower favor idea. The image above is of red velvet cake but you could do any baked dessert that you think your guests would like.

  1. Sprinkles In A Jar – Baby Sprinkle Shower

Image Credit

These sprinkles will fit quite nicely with a baby sprinkle shower.

They’re easy to do too. All you would need are your little jars with corks. decorative string, sprinkles and a personalized sticker.

  1. Meals In A Jar – Baby Shower Favor Ideas

meals in a jar

As with the other mason jar baby shower favor ideas, all you would need is your mason jars (the size would depend on the ingredients you plan to put in there), your recipe, and ribbon or twine to tie the recipe.

The image above is of the Texas 2 Step Soup. Soup in a jar is popular but you could include dry ingredients for any meal. You want to be sure that whatever you add to the jar is shelf stable. The gift recipients will then add the fresh ingredients to prepare the meal.

For TONS of meals in a jar recipes, swing on over to Mom With A Prep.

  1. Mini Jam Jars

mini jam jars

These mini jam jars may seem hard to do but they’re super easy. Why? You can buy a few large jars of premade jams and jellies from the store and repackage it into smaller jars. Here’s what you will need:

  1. Manicure/ Pedicure In A Jar Baby Shower Favor Ideas

manicure pedicure in a jar
Image Credit

This baby shower favor is quite popular but if you are on a budget, it will be a bit of a splurge. (If you are playing baby shower games at your shower, it might be more appropriate as a baby shower game prize.)

All of the items listed below are available in bulk, so just follow the product links provided for bulk pricing. Here’s what you could add to your mason jars:

Miscellaneous Baby Shower Favor Ideas

  1. Cheap Baby Shower Favors: Mini Recipe Book Favor

mini recipe book favor
Image Credit

If your family has great recipes, you could put together a little mini recipe book.  Here are several free recipe templates from Canva.

  1. Bird Nest Baby Shower Favors

nest baby shower favors
Image Credit

For this favor, you would need chocolate eggs – you could also use M&M chocolate almonds,  a decorative gift box, crinkle cut paper,  a personalized tag and ribbon.

  1. Baby Shower Gifts For Guests: Birdseed Feeder

birdseed favor

If you don’t like the idea of spending a lot on your baby shower favors, birdseed favors are a cheap, simple and eco-friendly way to thank your guests. You would need the seeds and a onesie cookie cutter. Click here for the tutorial.

  1. Cigar Baby Shower Favors

cigar baby shower favors

What a cute twist on a classic baby shower favor. This cigar favor is especially appropriate if you are hosting a co-ed baby shower, where there are smokers. For complete instructions and free printables, click here.

  1. Surprise In Paper Favor Bags

paper favor bags

What a clever and cute way to surprise your guests! These paper favor bags are super easy to set up.

All you need is:

  • mini kraft paper bags,(the bags in the sample image above are approximately 3.5 x 2 x 6″)
  • Paper doilies (3.5″ doilies would fit the 3.5 x 2 x 6″ kraft paper bags, but get paper doilies that are the same width as your bags.)
  • A hole punch 
  • Whatever you plan to an inside the kraft paper bags. This could be candy, cookies, or whatever you like.
  • Small, clear, treat bags, If your surprise if a food item, you will want to put your surprise into the clear treat bags first, before you put them into the kraft bags because they may stain the paper bag.
  • 1/8″ ribbon in two colors
  • Printer – to print your preferred text onto the favor bags. You could also use fun baby shower stamps or stickers. This is optional.

For complete instructions, swing on over to Lulu the Baker.

Note For The Author

Thank you for taking the time to read this article about baby shower favors. I hope it has been extremely helpful, and that you find a ton of inspiration from it.

In putting this collection of baby shower party favors together, we were very careful. All the party favors can be adapted to fit either a baby girl, baby boy, or neutral baby shower.

You will also have noticed that baby shower favors are all over the show when it comes to price points. If you are on a budget, I want to assure you that you can absolutely have fabulous favors. We have included several beautiful but cheap baby shower favors. Do not let your budget hold you back. Be creative. This collection includes several baby shower favors to make by yourself.

If budget is not an issue for you, then you can certainly choose whatever you like from this collection. We were sure to accommodate you by offering helpful links to where you can buy custom-made baby shower favors.


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