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October 19, 2020

Please Sign Our Guestbook – Free Printable

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Please Sign Our Guestbook – Free Printables For Almost Any Baby Shower Theme

It’s great to have a baby shower guestbook that matches your theme. It’s equally as great to have a “please sign our guestbook” printable that matches the theme!

To complement our baby shower guestbook collection, your free printables cover these themes:

Beautiful Guest Book Sign Ideas For Various Baby Shower Themes

How To Ask Guests To Sign Your Guest Book

Here are a few simple tips for you to follow:

Put your guestbook at the entrance

If people see your guestbook, they are likely to sign it. Do place it on a table in a very obvious place by the front door or entrance. This should increase the chances of your guests stopping by to sign.

Be sure to add enough pens on the table, just in case someone accidentally walks away with a pen.

Frame your Guest Book Sign

It will be very obvious to people if they see a beautiful sign that says “Please sign our guest book!”

Create A Pretty Setting For The Table

While it is not compulsory, it is very attractive to have your baby shower guestbook on a pretty table. See if you can decorate in a way that matches your baby shower theme.

A few examples could be to put some maternity photos on the table, baby shower flowers perhaps, and/ or a baby shower centerpiece. The goal is really just to catch their eyes.


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