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March 09, 2021 2 Comments

72 Mostly FREE and Hilarious Baby Shower Games to Play

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THE ULTIMATE LIST – Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck!

If you want a baby shower that people will be talking about weeks later, there are 7 aspects of baby shower planning you need to consider. Baby shower games is one of them. Do take your time to figure out what would best suit the baby shower, the season, the invitees, and of course – mom-to-be.

The list of baby shower games below is extensive! It contains every good baby shower game. It is extremely helpful in deciding which games you want to play. But because the list is so vast, we’ve set up a filter for you. Thanks to the filter, you can narrow it down to coed baby shower games, outdoor baby shower games, free printable baby shower games, etc.

If you need information on “how many games to play at a baby shower,” check out this post about baby shower etiquette. Here is also a helpful checklist to stay on track with baby shower planning. 

Baby Shower Games Filter:

We’ve listed a TON of Baby Shower Games! Use this filter to narrow things down.

Funny Baby Shower Games

Baby Bottle Game. Drink Up Baby!

This baby shower game is fun for all ages. If you have kids at the party, they can get involved too. It’s a classic and it’s hilarious. First, you will need baby bottles for baby shower games. Fill baby bottles with a beverage of choice. Then, all starting at the same time, they must empty the bottle as quickly as possible. The first person to empty their bottle wins.

baby bottle game

Image Credit

Bobbing for Nipples – Pacifier Game

Another hilarious classic! This is great for co-ed parties too – the guys love it! First, fill a few large buckets of water and drop some baby bottle nipples into each. With their hands behind their backs, each participating guest must try to get as many nipples as they can, before the 2-minute buzzer goes off. The person with the most nipples, wins.

bobbing for nipples

Image Credit

Guess the baby food game

Buy 10 jars of baby food. Remove all the labels gently but as you do so, write a number (1-10) on the bottom of the jar, and on the inside of the label you just peeled off. Place the labels in an envelope, so that you can reference them later when you need to decide who the winner is. On the day of the shower, put out all the jars and let your guests examine and smell it. The goal is to guess what is inside each jar. The person with the most correct guesses, win.

guess the baby food game

Image Credit

Pass the Pacifier Game

This is an easy, fun game. All you will need are pacifiers with hooks, and straight straws. (The bendy straws won’t work here). Participants can be broken up into teams. This is a great game if you are having a baby shower for a big group of people. It would work out great if each team has at least four players. Each player gets a straw and each team gets a pacifier with a hook.  Hand out one pacifier to the first person in line for each team. The pacifier goes onto the straw of the first person.

The idea is that the first person then transfers the pacifier to the next person in line – with their straw. No hands are allowed. If they drop it, they have to start over.  The team to do this the fastest wins.

Feed The Baby, Baby Shower Game

Want uncontrollable laughter at your baby shower? You will need spoons, adult-sized bibs and a jar of applesauce for each guest. Guests will be broken up into teams of two. The goal is for the two to feed each other, at the same time, blindfolded! Hillarious! Play one team at a time so that the others can watch. This is also a great game to record to share later. Clock each team’s time. The fastest team to finish their applesauce wins.

feed the baby baby shower game

Image Credit

Modern & Unique Baby Shower Games

Tinkle in the Pot

This is another baby shower game that will make your shower memorable and hilarious. Here’s what you need: jars, quarters/ pingpong balls and balloons. Start by lining up jars on one side of the room. On the other side, have guests line up with a blown up balloon and a quarter/ pingpong ball. They stuff the balloons under their shirts, and the quarter/ pingpong ball gets squeezed tightly between their knees. The goal is to race from the one end to the jars, where they will try to drop the quarter/ pingpong ball into the jar. The first person to effectively race across the room to drop the quarter/ball into the jar, wins.

Tinkle in the pot baby shower game

Toilet Paper Baby Shower Game

This is one of several diaper games. Divide your guests into teams. Hand each team a roll of toilet paper. Next, give the teams five minutes to put a “toilet paper” diaper on them. The team with the best diapered ‘baby’ wins. This is a speed game, which makes it outrageously funny, as you watch adults hastily diaper another adult. (Get someone to do a video recording to watch and laugh later.)

Funny Diaper Messages

This is an awesome late night diaper game! It’s the game that keeps on giving because mom and dad will be reading it weeks after, and hopefully laughing. Here are some great ideas of funny diaper messages, just to get the creative juices flowing. Give each guest a newborn diaper and a marker. They are to write a message for the parents-to-be, which they will read while changing baby during the early hours of the morning.

Here’s the free “Funny Diaper Messages” downloadable poem that goes with it.

words for the wee hours poem

Moms like to keep these diapers separate – reserved for late night diaper changes because they offer humor when… well, there is no humor in waking up at 3am. For lots of ideas, check  out this post – 83 Funny Diaper Messages for Late Night Diaper Changes

Pregnant Twister

This one is one of the great coed baby shower games. All you have to do is get twister, and balloons. The balloons get blown up, and put under your shirt. This is what makes it fun and tricky at the same time. There are variations – some people like to use small pillows instead of balloons. Others also put 10 lbs of wrist weights into a fanny pack, and strap that around their waist.

pregnant twister

What’s in your phone baby shower game

This is not a classic, yet, but it may become one because it’s one of many popular and fun baby shower games. It’s really simple – players get a “What’s in your phone” printout, along with a pen and pencil. They get points based on what is already on their phone.

Click here to download your free “what’s in your phone baby shower game.”

what's in your phone baby shower game free printable

Who knows mommy best?

Guests get a list of questions about mommy-to-be, which they need to answer. The guest who answers most of the correct answers, wins.

Here’s one of our many free printable baby shower games – Who knows mommy the best.

free printable baby shower games who knows mommy the best

What’s Mom Craving?

It’s perfect if mom-to-be has had many strange cravings during her pregnancy. All you will need is pen and paper for the guests. Once everyone is ready, mom-to-be describes the foods she has craved throughout her pregnancy, without actually naming the food. She must offer good hints for the participants to guess. The person who has the most correct guesses, wins.

Stinky Poo Games/ Poopy Diaper Games

Melt a snack size type of candy bar in each diaper. Depending on how many diapers you want in your game, you would need a few different types of candy bars. Number your poopy diapers so that guests can guess what type of candy bar it is, by number. This chocolate diaper game is a hit because your guests have to smell and inspect the poopy diaper. It will smell delicious but looks disgusting. poopy diaper baby shower game

Pass The Dirty Diaper Game

This game is similar to the one above. It’s a game of “hot potato” with a “dirty diaper”. You will need music, and one diaper with melted chocolate. While everyone sits in a circle, the music starts playing and the dirty diaper gets passed around. The person holding the dirty diaper when the music stops, is out. The last guest, wins.

Dirty Diaper Card Game

If melted candy in the diaper is not really your thing, you could also try a new (and hilarious) baby shower diaper game. The game is based on the classic card game of Memory (or Concentration), and it’s all about the different types of baby poop new parents have to deal with. 

Pair your baby shower attendees off, and print one deck of cards for each pair of players (print-at-home cards are available for free from the GreenActiveFamily homepage). From there, the normal rules of concentration apply, and the person with the most matched pairs at the end is the winner.

Warning: you’ll never again think about blueberry smoothies or scrambled eggs in the same way.baby shower dirty diaper game

Pop the Balloon Baby Shower Game

This game can be played in big or small groups. Split everyone up into equal groups of approximately 4-5. Once the host says “go,” everyone start. The first person in the group blows up their balloon, ties it, and places it under their shirt. Once he/she is done, the number two person goes, then three, etc. As each is done, the next one in the group goes. They cannot start until the previous person is done. Once the last person is done in that group, they pick up ONE pin, and the first person pops his/her balloon, and hands the pin to the next person in line, until everyone’s balloon is popped. The group who finishes first, wins.

Don’t Pop the Balloon Baby Shower Game

coed baby shower gamesThis is a great coed baby shower game.

Participants each blow up their balloons and put them under their shirts. Next, they sit down and try to tie/untie/ remove their shoes – without popping the balloons. This is great for a coed baby shower – imagine watching a man with a balloon under his shirt, trying to tie his shoelace!

Baby Shower Name Tag

For this game, all you will need is a piggy bank and name tags for your guests. Guests will also be required to bring spare change along. Any money made by the piggy bank, will go to the baby and mom-to-be. As your guests arrive, everyone gets a name tag BUT you write a baby related word on the tag, instead of their names. You could add words like Baby Socks, Pacifier, Onesie, Formula, Breast Milk, Baby Poop, Teething Ring, Crib, Diaper, Wipes, Wipe Warmer… the list is endless. Guests have to wear their name tags conspicuously so that everyone can see it. Throughout the shower, people can only be called by the name on their name tag. If you call someone anything other than what’s on their name tag, you have to put money in the piggy bank for the baby.

my name is baby shower game

Baby Shower Clothesline Game

You will need: a) Two clotheslines across the room or one clothesline, split in half. b) Baby clothes hanging from pins on each line. c)Two buckets for the participants to put the clothespins in. d)Two dolls – one for each group.  The goal is to see who is best at multi-tasking. Split your guests up into two equal groups. If you have a large group, you would need to split them into more groups. The game starts with a person from each team, going to their clothesline and start removing baby clothes WHILE holding a phone And Baby And the clothespin bucket. All this must happen, without dropping anything. If they drop anything, they must go to the back of the line and start again. It is then the next person’s job to now hang all the baby’s clothes, without dropping the baby or the phone. Person 3 from that group, will then take everything off again. So it goes on, until everyone is done in the group. The group that is done first, wins.

The Timer Baby Shower Game

Opening gifts can sometimes take up a lot of time. This games speeds things along quickly and all you need is a timer. Set the timer for 10-15 minutes – depending on how many gifts are there. Whoever bought the gift that the mom-to-be is opening when the timer goes off, wins a prize! You can use any kitchen timer or the timer on your phone.

Daddy Knows Best Baby Shower Game

All you will need is a smartphone and a tv/ computer screen to show the video you will be taking. Before the shower, take a video of dad, being asked questions about mom-to-be. The list of baby shower questions for daddy could vary, but could include questions like these:

  • What are you most looking forward to about being a dad?
  • What has been mom-to-be’s biggest food craving during the pregnancy?
  • Give one word to describe mom-to-be’s mood during her pregnancy.
  • When do you think you’ll buy your first minivan?
  • How many diapers do you think your baby will go through in the first year? (This one could be hilarious for a first-time dad).
  • Will you or mom-to-be, be more likely be the parent who says “no”?

At the baby shower, play the recording for mom and the guests BUT stop the recording after each question, so that mom-to-be can give the answer she thinks, he would offer. Once she gives her answer, play the tape again and see how similar or different their answers are. This can be hilarious! Save this video for the new family – it would be a great memento.

Baby Sketch Artists

You will need white, sturdy paper plates/ study paper and markers/pencils. The goal is for guests to draw a baby on the paperplate, and the best sketch will win. But, what makes this fun, is that everyone has to draw with the paper plate on their head! It’s hilarious to watch the spectacle, and also to see the finished sketches.

fun baby shower games
Image Credit

Who’s watching baby

As everyone arrives, they each get one baby. The goal of the game is to hold on to your baby, but get anyone elses, too. People are likely to accidentally drop their babies or put them down somewhere, and forget them. That’s your opportunity to snatch it up. The person with the most babies, wins.

These babies in the image below are called kewpie dolls. They’re super cute and tiny – so easy to loose. You can get them from Amazon. You could also pick up any kinds of cheap dolls from the dollar store.

Diaper Raffle – The Modern Baby Shower Game Version

This is not just any diaper raffle – there’s fun involved with this one. This game will only work if the baby shower is being held at the home of the parents-to-be. There are two parts of the game – the diaper raffle part, and the fun part. For the diaper raffle part – when you send out the invitations, ask guests to bring diapers. The person who brings the most diapers gets the most raffle tickets. Later in the shower, you can draw the winning raffle. The fun part is that once the guests get to the party, they have to hide diapers around the house, into any nook and cranny. Long after the party, the grateful parents will still be finding diapers. (Don’t hide in places that are so obscure that the diapers would never be found – like the attic.)

Click here for your Free Downloadable Diaper Raffle Tickets.

diaper raffle tickets

What’s in Your Purse?

Your guests go through their purses and get points for certain items on the list.  The person with the most points, win.

Click here for your free “what’s in your purse” download.

what's in your purse baby shower game

Spoons Baby Shower Game

This is a group relay game. It’s a great coed baby shower game too. Divide your participants into equal groups. Next, each group gets two spoons and a piece of string – approximately 2 feet long.  They will be instructed to connect two spoons with the string. The relay will work as follows: Starting at the same time, the first person in each group takes the spoons, and tries to run them under his/her clothes. Once the spoons are freed, it goes to the next person in the relay. The group who finishes first, wins. What’s hilarious about this game is that one spoon may get stuck behind a shoulder or in someone’s clothes.

“Things You Don’t Need” Baby Shower Game

Every participant gets a paper bag, which they have them put over their heads. This is not a race. Instruct them to take off one item that they don’t need, like earrings, rings, shoes, scarves. Be sure that they understand they can take off ANYTHING they don’t  need.  The game continues as they remove things, one after the other until they can’t remove anything else. The first person who realizes that they can remove the paper bag is the winner because the game is to “remove things you don’t need”.

The “Don’t Cross Your Legs” Baby Shower Game

Here’s a fun one and it’s super simple! To prepare, you will have to cut out baby faces from magazines. You will need enough for everyone attending the baby shower. Then, as people arrive, hand each a baby face, along with a safety pin so that they can pin it on their chests. While they have the baby on their chest, they cannot cross their legs! If they do, their baby gets taken away. The person who collects the most baby faces, wins a prize.

Baby Items In The Bag

This is a great game because it’s fun for the guests but also practical because the items used in this game, can be used later by the mom-to-be. Start by putting at least ten common, useful baby items into a diaper bag. These should be common, everyday items like a baby bottle, a baby teether, a pacifier, a rattle, etc.  The fun part of the game is that your guests will need to figure out what’s inside the diaper bag, by ONLY touching the items. They cannot look. Then, they write down what’s inside, on a piece of paper. So, give each guest a pen and paper before you start. Next, pass around the diaper bag and let the fun begin. Give each guest one minute to feel around and make their guesses. Once everyone has had a turn, the person with the most correct guesses, win. And, the mom-to-be gets the goodies!

What’s in the Bag?

This one is slightly different from the above. All you will need are 10 brown paper bags and 10 small baby items, like a spoon, teething ring, pacifier, pacifier clip, etc. Number the bags from 1-10, and put a baby item in each paper bag. Staple or close the bag so that no one can see inside. Also give each participant a pen and piece of paper. The goal is for guests to guess what is inside the bag, without opening it. They can pass it around, touch it, shake it, feel it, but they cannot peek or break the bag. Everyone gets to “inspect” each of the 10 paper bags. They should write their guesses on the paper you provide, from 1-10. The person with the most correct guesses, win. This game is great for a smaller, intimate baby shower. You can also change it as much as you like. For example, instead of having 10 paper bags, you could have only 5.

Name that Baby Tune

This is a great baby shower game for people who know their music, although – there is some advance preparation involved. How it works is – you play music with the word “Baby” or “Babe” in it – for only 10 seconds. The guests are supposed to guess what the title of the song is, and who sings it. Their guesses are then written down on the sheet that comes with your download. The person who has the most correct answers, wins. We’ve made it super easy for you. Here’s the list of songs you can use. The list is long but you can pick and choose your favorites. Whatever songs you choose, you can play it from a cd that you’ve burned, or you can create a playlist on your smartphone.

Click here to download your playlist and sheet.

Be sure to print one playlist for the host/DJ, and print enough answer sheets for all the players.

name the baby tune baby shower game

Oh Baby, A Playlist!

But, if you just cannot be bothered with putting together a playlist, you could let your guests guess song titles with the word “baby” in it. You could use the free worksheet we offer above and use the playlist to give them a few hints. Give your guests a time limit of no more than 5 minutes. Whoever has the most real songs, wins a prize.

Click here to download your playlist and sheet.

name that baby tune

Pick up the Cotton Ball – Baby Shower Game

This is a great game if you have an intimate baby shower at home, but it can work just as well with large groups. With this game, you will have one big bowl in the center of the floor, with cotton balls around it. Participants get on their knees and have their hands behind their backs. They each get a big spoon. The idea is to hold the handle of the spoon in your mouth and pick up a cotton ball, with that spoon. The person to first pick up a cotton ball with their spoon and drops it into the bowl, while on their knees and hands behind their backs, wins. DO NOT FORGET to videotape this while it happens – it’s hilarious.

Classic Baby Shower Games

Don’t Say Baby Game!

As your guests arrive, everyone gets a clothespin to wear on their shirts/ dresses. Whenever you hear someone says “baby”, you take their clothespins. The guest with the most clothespins wins. This is one of the top baby games, possibly because it’s fun and really easy to set up. All you need is a printout like the one below – letting people know that they will be participating. Also get a pack of clothespins from a local store. If you want to be really fancy, you can get pink or blue colored pins.

Check out my post on how to make your “Don’t Say Baby” Game, stand out! I share ideas on decorating the clothespins and framing the poem too.

Click here to get your Don’t Say Baby Free printout.

don't say baby baby shower game

My Water Broke Baby Shower Games (1)

This is another classic. You will need to buy tiny little babies and icecube trays to freeze them into ice cubes. As guests arrive, offer them a beverage and be sure to drop an ice cube (with the frozen baby) into their beverage. As time goes by, they will be getting closer and closer to their “due date”. When the ice melts completely, the first one to yell “my water broke” – is the winner.

Diaper Raffle

Need diapers? This is a great way to get your guests to actually bring some. All you need to do is include raffle tickets in their invitations. That way, you’re not asking them to buy raffle tickets because bringing diapers is your ticket to being included in the raffle.

Click here to get your own Free Printable Diaper Raffle Tickets.

Diaper raffle tickets

Guess the Baby Picture Game – Baby Shower Ice Breakers

This is a great mingling game at baby showers! When you send out your invitations, be sure to ask all your guests to bring a photo of themselves, when they were a baby. Then, as they arrive, assign a number to each picture and post it up on the wall. The fun part is that your guests now have to guess which picture corresponds to each guest. The person who matched up the most baby photos wins a prize. Here are more details of how you can present your photos.

This “game” is also considered a baby shower activity.

Memory Game

Put different baby items on the tray. Pass it around for everyone to see. Next, cover the tray and hand your guests each a piece of paper and pen/pencil. Your guests must write down as many items as they can remember. The person with the best memory wins.

Blindfolded Diaper Change

This is a great baby shower games for men. Use a doll and have your guests put on the diaper, blindfolded.

Dress the Baby, Baby Shower Game

This game is similar to Blindfolded Diaper Change above, but the difference is – participants are not blindfolded but they do have to change baby with one hand tied behind their back.

How Many Baby Items Can You Name?

Your guests write down as many baby related items that they can think of, within 5 minutes.  All they will need is a pen and paper. Set a timer for 5 minutes. When the time is up, compare the lists. Have each guest read their list aloud. While they’re reading, others who have the same items on their list, must cross it off. Once everyone has shared their list and crossed out all duplicates, count whatever is left. The guest with the most items on their list wins the prize.

Baby Name Game

Guests to write down names that they think you should name your baby. This is fun because once they’re done, you can pull the names out of a hat and share them with everyone. Or, you could be inspired by the names they offer.

Place The Baby On The Mommy

You will need several baby pictures. You could take any baby picture that you find online. Print as many as you have guests. Hand them to your guests, and have them write their names on the back of the paper. You will also need an enlarged/ poster size picture of the pregnant mommy-to-be. The picture has to have her standing with her pregnant belly in profile. The goal is for each guest to “pin the baby on the mommy”, blindfolded. Guests will take turns. The host will spin the blindfolded guest around a few times, then the guest has to walk to the wall and pin the baby on the mommy. Whoever gets it closest to the tummy, wins.

How Big is Mommy’s Belly

Guests cut off a piece of string to guess how big the mom-to-be’s tummy is. When everyone has made their guesses, it’s time to see who’s the winner. Mother-to-be holds the tape as you place it around her waist, measuring the circumference. The guest whose string measures the closest to mom-to-be’s belly, is the winner. 

how big is mommy's belly

Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Wishes for Baby

Preprinted cards are given to the guests, wherein they fill in their wishes for the new baby. Responses could be read out loud.

Click here for your Free Download of “Wishes for Baby”.

wishes for baby

Baby Jeopardy

This is a fun trivia game, baby style.

Baby Jeopardy is played just like jeopardy, on tv. Because it is so popular, I’ve created a post with full and complete instructions on baby shower jeopardy.

Click the link for free baby shower jeopardy downloads.

baby shower jeopardy

Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme Game

Guests receive a list of nursery rhyme phrases from popular nursery rhymes. The goal is to name the title of the nursery rhyme. The person who has the most correct answers, wins.

Looking for other nursery rhyme or book-related baby shower games? Check out my post titled Nursery Rhyme & Storybook Baby Shower Games.

Click here to download your free Baby Shower Nursery Rhymes Game.

nursery rhyme games baby shower

Stand Up Sit Down Game

This is somewhat of a classic. It’s another one of many easy baby shower games. Everyone stands up. Mom-to-be or the host starts reading the instructions from the free printable baby shower games. As she reads, people will start to sit down, based on what she reads. She continues to read until there is one person standing – that person is your winner. If more than one person remains standing,  go to the bonus round until one person is left.

Click here to download unlimited free copies of the Stand Up Sit Down Baby Shower Game.

stand up sit down game

Celebrity Baby Name Game

Match baby’s name to the celebrity couple. Print out the free download, then hand one to each guest, along with a pen/pencil. Be sure to also print the answer guide for the host.

Click here for unlimited copies of the Celebrity Baby Name, Baby Shower Game.

celebrity baby name game

Animal Babies Game

The object of the baby animals baby shower game is to see if guests can name baby animals, like piglet, lamb, etc. This is another one of many printable baby shower games.

Download your unlimited copies of the Animal Babies Game, here.

animal babies game

Animal  Pregnancy Baby Shower Game

In this game, participants have to guess how long the baby animal stays in the womb, before it is born.

Download unlimited copies of the Animal Pregnancy Baby shower game, here.

animal pregnancy baby shower game

Baby Shower Candy Game

This is a fun game, especially if you know your candy bars. It’s simple – just match the pregnancy-related word to the candy bar.

For more detailed information about how this game works, check out this sweet post.

Click here to download your copies of the Baby Shower Candy Bar Game.baby shower candy bar game

Baby Shower Children’s Book Game/ Alternate Book Title Game

The guests are given a list of alternative names to popular children’s books, and they need to figure out the real names to win.

If you are planning a book themed baby shower, you would love this post titled: Nursery Rhyme & Storybook Baby Shower Games

Click here for your free download Baby Shower Children’s Book Game.

Baby Shower Children's Book Game

Guess baby’s gender/ Baby Predictions Game

This game is great if the baby’s gender is unknown to the guests. Guests get to guess the gender, birth weight, hair color, etc.

Here’s the free download of our Baby Prediction Cards.

baby prediction cards

Baby Alphabet

Based on the alphabet, guests race to write a word that has to do with babies. The guest who has the most baby words, wins.

Grab your unlimited, free copies of The Baby Alphabet Game.

Baby Alphabet Game

Baby Shower Bingo

Baby shower bingo works almost like regular bingo, with a sweet twist. Instead of numbers, baby and pregnancy-related words are called out. Here’s a complete post on how to play baby shower bingo. And did you know there are two kinds of baby shower bingo? One is perfect for large baby shower groups, and the other is perfect for smaller, more intimate baby shower groups. But don’t worry about trying to figure it out – I’ve even got short videos to explain it all, here.

Click here to see your free baby shower bingo downloads.

free download baby shower bingo

TV Families Baby Shower Game/ Famous moms and dads

Match famous TV parents with the TV show. The guest with the most correct answers, win.

Need free, unlimited copies of the TV Families Baby Shower Game?

tv families baby shower game

Babies around the world game

Your guests guess how the word “baby” is translated around the world. Here’s your FREE Baby around the world, download.baby around the world

The Price is Right

The host buys 10 different but commonly used baby items from a store where most people shop, like Target, etc. Choose a variety of different items with different prices, like bibs, nail clippers, wipes, diaper rash cream, etc. Keep the receipt for when you play the game because your guests will need to guess the price. If you plan on using the free download, be sure to buy the items on the list.

Click here for your FREE Baby Shower Price is Right, download. Also, check out my post about “The Price is Right” Baby Shower Game, where I go into much more detail about how to play the game.Baby Shower Price is Right

Baby Shower Mad Libs

Baby shower mad libs follows similar rules as traditional mad libs, with a few baby shower related twists. It is a fun game that can get quite hilarious. In this post, I’ve gone into detail about the rules and how baby mad libs is played.

Click here for your Free Download of Baby Shower Mad Libs.

baby shower mad libs

Baby Shower Trivia

Here’s a fun baby trivia game! As the host, all you need to do is print the 3 sheets. Then, the fun starts as the host asks questions, and keeps track of who delivers the correct answers. The person who gets the most correct answers, wins. For more detail of how baby trivia works, please check out this post.

Click here to print out your copy of Baby Shower Trivia.

Baby Trivia

Storybook Baby Shower Games

If you are having a book themed baby shower, our “Name that Storybook” Baby Shower Game, will be much appreciated.

Participants are given a popular line or phrase from a story. This is their clue to figure out the name of the story.

This game is easy to set up. All you need to do is print out as many copies as you have guests, and hand it to your guests, with a pencil. As always, answer keys are included with your download.

If you are planning a book themed baby shower, here’s a helpful guide to the games titled: Nursery Rhyme & Storybook Baby Shower Games

Click here to download your unlimited copies of Tulamama’s Storybook Baby Shower Game.

storybook baby shower games

Baby Shower Word Scramble

Baby Shower Word Scramble would also be considered a classic baby shower game. It is as old as the hills. The idea is that your guests have to unscramble the words. The first one done, wins the prize. The words they unscramble are pregnancy and baby related words.

This game is really popular! So popular, that I thought that it needed its own – word scramble – post.

Here’s your unlimited copies of baby shower word scramble.

Baby Shower Word scramble

Baby Shower Word Search

Another one that’s as old as the hills. All you do is print out the free printable baby shower games, and hand them to your guests. With their pens/ pencils, they find pregnancy/ baby related words in the grid. The first person to find all the words, win!

Baby Shower Word Search is another popular baby shower game that deserved its very own post. Feel free to check it out, for more details.

Click here for unlimited, free copies of baby shower word search.

Baby Shower Word Search

Left Right Baby Shower Game

Everyone starts out in a circle – or as close as you can get. To start the game, you will already need a prize. If your group is small – you can get away with one prize. If your group is big, you will need a few prizes. Hand out the prize(s) at random but equal intervals. (For much more details on how the game works, I’ve written a post, that you can find here).

Begin reading the story. The guest will start to pass the prize from left to right, based on the story. The trick is, they have to pass the prize(s) without stopping until you switch sides. Any guest left holding a prize once the story is done, is the winner! This is an awful lot of fun! For more details on how to set it all up, check out this post.

Download Free Copies of the Left Right Baby Shower Game here.

Left Right Baby Shower Game

Another Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Game

This game is really simple because we are using nursery rhymes that are very well known. It’s also a fill-in-the-blank type of game, which should make it even easier.

The setup with all our Free Printable Baby Shower Games, is simple. Just download, and print enough copies for your guests. Print a copy of the answer sheet (which is included), for the host.

If you are planning a book themed baby shower, check out this post entitled: Nursery Rhyme & Storybook Baby Shower Games.

Click here to print your unlimited copies of our simple Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Game.

nursery rhyme baby shower game

Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt – At Home

This is a simple and fun game – and there is not a lot of work involved. All you need is to print out the clues for everyone/ or every group participating. Then, you will need to place little prizes around the house – the free download tells you exactly where. These prizes are for the people participating and they can be super simple, like raffle tickets, mints, or baby shower candy. Fun!

Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt merits a little bit more detail than the summary I provide here. To check that out, go here.

Find your Free Downloads of Baby Scavenger Hunt, here.

baby shower scavenger hunt

Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt – Anywhere

This game can be played individually, or as groups.

This game will also require a printout for each participating guest.

While this is also a scavenger hunt, it is nothing like the one above because your guests can be seated while they’re playing. To play, all they have to do is find stuff, in their purses. (You may notice that this game is almost exactly like the “What’s in your Purse” baby shower game. The difference is that this can be played as teams/ tables. It’s, therefore, one of many baby shower games for large groups).

Guests get points for the things they already have. The person/ group with the highest score, wins.

Here’s a complete and detailed post about baby shower scavenger hunt.

And here is your free Baby Scavenger Hunt download.

baby shower scavenger hunt what's in your purse

Pass the Prize Baby Shower Game

This too is somewhat of a classic baby shower game. Everyone starts out in a circle –  or as close to a circle as you can get. You will need to have a prize ready for the winner WHEN YOU START. Begin reading the “Pass The Prize” Free Printable Baby Shower Games download. This will get the guests to start passing around the prize all around the room. When you are done reading all of the phrases, the guest left holding the prize is the winner! This game is also called the “pass the gift” baby shower game.

Here’s your Free download of Pass The Prize Baby Shower Game.

pass the prize baby shower game

Outdoor Baby Shower Games

My Waters Broke Baby Shower Game (2)

Split your guests up into groups – it’s more fun this way because those who are not participating, get to watch the spectacle.

Here’s what you need:

  • Balloons filled with water for each participating guest
  • Empty bucket

Decide where the starting line will be, and where you will put the bucket. The goal is for your guests for waddle from the starting line, to where the bucket is, so don’t make it too far for them. The fun part is – they have to carry the water balloons between their knees. It’s okay if the water balloon breaks when it is dropped into the bucket, but it shouldn’t break before you get to the bucket, otherwise, you have to start over with another water balloon.

This is a funny and wet affair, so best played outside in the summer.

Sperm Cornhole Toss

Here’s a great outdoor baby shower game. This is bean bag/ cornhole toss but the bean bag has been transformed to make it one of the popular pregnant games. Making the sperm cornhole beanbags is easy too. Here are instructions with images.

sperm cornhole
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Spit The Pacifier Game

This is a great outdoor baby shower game, but it can be played indoors as well. It’s one of the really simple baby shower games – participants compete to see who can spit their pacifier the furthers. All you need are several pacifiers and measuring tape. You could get cheap measuring tape and pacifiers from the dollar store or you could buy the whole package from Amazon.

Baby Stroller Race

You will need to set up a course for the participants to race. You can make the course as long or as short as you like, but if there are twists and turns and obstacles, that makes it very funny to watch. You could also use strollers for dolls, umbrella strollers, or ask friends to bring their strollers along to the party. You can make up your own rules but for the most part, participants have to keep the baby doll IN the stroller. To make it more interesting, you can schedule a pit stop halfway through the course where they have to change the diaper. You can add any obstacles you like. The winner is the one who completes the race first.

Note From The Author

I hope you enjoyed this post about baby shower games. It was so much fun to put it together – I was giggling the whole time.

Feel free to add comments about YOUR favorite baby shower games, and those you consider to be classics. Also, I tried to add everything but if I missed any, let me know in the comments, please. One more thing – do you like the filters I created? If not, let me know – I’m happy to add more.


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