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October 19, 2020

The ULTIMATE Baby Shower Candy Bar Game

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Baby Shower Candy Bar Game

Can there be anything sweeter than a Baby Shower Candy Bar Game!

No, there cannot! Which is why:

  1. So many baby shower hosts and moms-to-be love this game;
  2. Lots of people are really good at it!
  3. The game itself is really easy to set up! All the host needs are pencils for the players and the free baby shower game printables.

baby shower candy bar game

Click here to download unlimited free copies of the baby shower candy bar game.

How does the Candy Bar Baby Shower Game Work?

  • The game is simple if you know your candy bars. All you need to do is match up the candy bars, with the pregnancy/ baby related word.
  • The candy bar game answers keys are included with your free download.
  • Before the baby shower, print out the baby shower candy bar game sheets for each player, along with one answer key for the host.
  • On the day of the baby shower, give each player a pencil, and a candy bar game sheet.
  • The first person to complete the game correctly wins a baby shower prize!

Candy Bar Game Answers

This is a GREAT Baby Matching Game!

candy bar baby shower gameThe Conception =  SKOR

Pregnant Belly =  Chunky Bar

Epidural or Grandparents =  Lifesavers

Umbilical Cord =  Twizzlers

Late to the Hospital =  Rocky Road

Hospital Address =  5th Avenue

Choosing A Baby Name =  Watchamacallit

Newborn Girl =  Baby Ruth

Twin Boys =  Mike & Ike

Triplets =  Three Musketeers

10 Pound Baby =  Whoppers

Preemie =  Runts

Hospital Nursery =  Cry Babies

Delivery Doctor =  Butterfinger

Father or Dad =  Sugar Daddy

Cool Mom =  Peppermint Patty

Breastfeeding =  Milky Way

Breast Engorgement or Dirty Diapers =  Mounds

Hospital Bills or College Fund =  100 Grand

Bottle =  Bottle Pop Candy

Mom Alone Time =  Zero

Mom Nap Time =  Take Five

Baby Giggles =  Snickers

Happy Playing!


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