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June 29, 2020

Cute, Popular & Free Printable Download: Pass The Prize Baby Shower Game

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Looking for a baby shower game that is easy to set up and fun too?

Look no further. Pass the prize baby shower game is all that because you need nothing but the free printout and one wrapped gift.

“Pass the prize” is also one of very few baby shower games where only one sheet of paper is required. Other than the single printout and the “prize” – there is very little planning involved. In fact, it’s one of those baby shower games that you could put together on the day of the shower. (To make sure you stay on track of all your baby shower planning, use a baby shower checklist to ensure everything gets done on time, and without any stress.)

How To Play “Pass The Prize Baby Shower Game?”

  1. Print out 1 copy of your free download of “pass the gift baby shower game”.
  2. Before you can start the game, you will need a prize. The prize can be wrapped or placed in a gift bag or gift box.
  3. Everyone starts out in a circle, (or as close to a circle as you can get.)
  4. Start reading the “pass the gift poem” and follow the instructions given. That’s it!

You will notice that the design is neutral. That’s because we wanted to make sure it would fit with almost any baby shower theme you already have planned.

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Note From The Author

Playing baby shower games is a tradition, and it looks like this tradition is not going anywhere. Why? Because playing games are fun, it helps us connect with others and it relieves stress. If your baby shower guests are strangers to one another, play a game – it’s a great icebreaker.

I hope you have found this post helpful, and I hope you have a blast playing Pass The Prize – Baby Shower Game.


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