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October 19, 2020

Alternative Book Titles Baby Shower Game

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If you are having a book themed baby shower, the alternative book titles baby shower game is a great way to complement your theme.

Fun & Interactive Alternative Book Titles Baby Shower Game

Alternative Book Titles Baby Shower Game

In this baby shower game, your guests are given a list of alternative names to popular children’s books. The goal of the game is to figure out the real names of the books.

The person who gets the most titles wins a baby shower prize.

You can make this extra competitive, by setting a 5-minute timer. Or, you can simply say that the first person to complete the game, and with the most correct guesses, wins.

Click here for your free download Alternative Book Titles Baby Shower Game

Note From The Author

We all know the importance of introducing reading and literature to our children early. I applaud you for starting your baby on this journey!


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