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June 29, 2020

Nursery Rhyme & Storybook Baby Shower Games

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If you are having a nursery rhyme or book-themed baby shower, you will want a few nursery rhyme and storybook baby shower games to go along with it!

Here are some favorites… because…

Book Themed Baby Shower Games are AWESOME!

Storybook Baby Shower Games

Here’s a fun one! We call it “Name that Storybook” Baby Shower Game.

Participants are given a clue, and they have to guess from which storybook the line comes.

If you are looking for an easy set-up for your book themed baby shower, this will be it! All you need are pencils and a printout for each of your participating guests. As always, answer keys are included in your free downloads.

Click here to download your unlimited copies of Tulamama’s Storybook Baby Shower Game.

storybook baby shower games

Baby Shower Children’s Book Game

This one is also known as the Alternative Book Titles Baby Shower Game.

Your guests are given a list of alternative names to popular children’s books. They need to figure out the real names to win.

You can make this extra competitive, by setting a 5-minute timer. Or, you can simply say that the first person to complete the game, and with the most correct guesses, wins.

Click here for your free download Baby Shower Children’s Book Game.

Baby Shower Children's Book Game

Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme Game

This is a favorite nursery rhyme baby shower game. It’s easy too. Participants read the lines that correspond with a nursery rhyme, and they have to name the title.

Click here to download your free Baby Shower Nursery Rhymes Game.

nursery rhyme games baby shower

Another Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Game

This one is the easiest of all the games we are offering. The nursery rhymes on our list are common, so it should be easy for most people to be able to complete it.

The setup with all our Free Printable Baby Shower Games, is simple. Just download, and print enough copies for your guests. Print a copy of the answer sheet (which is included), for the host.

Click here to print your unlimited copies of our simple Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Game.

nursery rhyme baby shower game

Whatever theme you choose, there is always a lot of work to do when planning a baby shower. To make sure everything runs smoothly, download our free baby shower planner and checklist to help you stay on track.

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Note From The Author

We all know the importance of introducing reading and literature to our children early. This could be why so many moms are choosing to have a nursery rhyme/ storybook baby shower. I applaud you!


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