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October 19, 2020

Guess The Baby Picture Game

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How To Play The “Guess The Baby Picture Game”

Looking for a fun and easy baby shower activity? It’s Guess The Baby Picture Game!

With this game, there is not a lot of work involved. What’s really great about it, is that this game/ activity acts as an icebreaker at your baby shower. What’s more, it connects your guests in a way that they normally wouldn’t. It’s a unique way to get people to start mingling with one another.

Feel free to play this game among friends who know each other well, or work acquaintances. It’s a wonderful icebreaker, no matter what kind of group.

Guess The Pic Game – Here’s how it works…

  1. When you send out your baby shower invitations, be sure to ask all your guests to send or bring a photo of themselves when they were a baby or toddler. (Ideally, they should mail or email it to you because people are likely to forget).
  2. Assign a number to each picture and post it up on the wall or a board. (See some of the examples below for inspiration).
  3. Guests have to guess which picture corresponds with a grownup in the room. The person who matched up the most baby photos wins a baby shower prize.

The sky is the limit on how you can present the photos. Below are just a few ideas of how others have done it.

guess the baby picture game

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Woodland Creatures Baby Shower





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