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October 19, 2020

Baby Around The World Game

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Baby Around The World Game

Do you know how to say baby in French, or Hindi, or Chinese? Neither do I, but with the “Baby Around The World Game,” you can learn.

The Baby Around The World Game makes for a fun and informative baby shower game!

Only interested in baby shower games with answers? You’re in luck! All Tulamama baby shower games come with the answer keys.

Click here for your Free Download of the Baby Around The World Game. baby around the world

How to play “Around The World Baby Shower Game”

All you will need are our free printable baby shower games & pencils. Each guest will get one.

You will notice that the printout has two pages: One is the game, and the other is the “baby around the world game” answer key. Print only one answer key for the host. Print as many game pages as you have guests.

The goal is for the players to match the language with the word. All players are to start at the same time, and given 3 minutes to complete the game. (If you think they will need more time – go ahead – indulge them). The person who has the most correct answers when the timer goes off wins a baby shower prize!

And that’s it!

Happy Playing!


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