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June 29, 2020

Free Printable Baby Shower Games Who Knows Mommy The Best

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Okay Seriously, Who Knows Mommy Best?

“Who knows mommy best,” is like a trivia game about the new mom-to-be. It asks a range of questions, which your guests answer on paper. The person who truly knows mommy the best will win a prize.

The questions are fairly simple if you know mommy to be. These are questions like “what is mommy’s shoe size, what is mommy’s favorite book?”

This game is one of the top baby shower games. It is really popular because it’s a lot of fun, so many can participate, and it manages to put people in a party mood. Mom’s besties will do particularly well.who knows mommy the best

Click Here To Download: Free Printable Baby Shower Games Who Knows Mommy The Best

How to Play: Who Knows Mommy Best

  1. Print out a free baby shower printable for “who knows mommy best.”
  2. Each participating guest gets a copy, along with a pen or pencil. They have to answer each question. The person with most of the correct answers will be the winner.

As the host, you can play “who knows mommy best” in the following ways:

  • Make this game active by letting everyone play at the same time, with a 5-minute timer. This is the most popular and fun method. This method is particularly good if you are hosting a smaller baby shower.
  • You could make it more passive, by letting your guests answer the questions at their leisure, during the baby shower.
  • You could let your guests form small groups, and have each group complete a sheet – within 5-minutes. This is another fun method because teams will be competing against one another.Free Printable Baby Shower Games Who Knows Mommy The Best

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I trust you will find this article very useful: Free Printable Baby Shower Games Who Knows Mommy The Best. We are working on adding other adorable designs, soon.


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