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June 29, 2020 1 Comment

The Left Right Baby Shower Game ROCKS!

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If you are looking for a ridiculously EASY baby shower game that will have your guests giggling, the left right baby shower game has got to be it!

For the sake of clarity, this game is also known as the “pass the gift baby shower game”, the “mr and mrs right game” and the “baby shower story game.”

What You Need To Play The Left Right Baby Shower Game

  • One copy of your free printable version of the left right baby shower game.
  • A prize.
    • If your baby shower is small with 8 or less, one prize may be sufficient. If you are playing this game with much more people, you will need to increase your prizes. How many gifts you decide is up to you but 1 prize per every 8 people will make it exciting and challenging at the same time.
    • The prize must be gift wrapped or put into a gift bag. Guests should not be able to see what’s inside.
    • Choose a prize(s) that are suitable for everyone, particularly if you are playing this as a coed baby shower game.

How To Play the Mr and Mrs Right Game

  1. Print out the free printable version of the left right baby shower game.
  2. Ask your guests to sit in a circle, or as close to a circle as you can get. They do need to sit at least within arms reach because they will be passing the prize(s) to and fro.
  3. Hand the prize over to anyone. If you have a big group and more than one prize, distribute it in equal intervals. For example, give it to every 8th person.
  4. The host or mom-to-be will start reading the story and as it is read, the guests have to pass the gift in the direction she says. They need to pass it until she changes direction.
  5. The person/ people who are holding on to the prize(s) once the story is done, keeps it!

This game is one of many free printable baby shower games, and it’s just one out of a huge list of other fun baby shower games.

We’ve got other resources for you too. If you are new to hosting and planning a baby shower, you will find our baby shower checklist invaluable.

I trust you enjoyed this post. I have to admit, I was giggling to myself as I was typing it out because it’s an awful lot of fun. I hope it brings lots of giggles to your baby shower.


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