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83 Funny Diaper Messages for Late Night Diaper Changes

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Funny Diaper Messages – Because you need a laugh at 3 am

… when your baby wakes you from a deep, delicious sleep… to clean his/her diaper.

Here are 83 Hilariously Funny Late Night Diaper Messages to cheer you up!

Because laughter is the best medicine – science says so!

If you’re a new parent, write them on your newborn’s diapers. Why? Because reading these funny diaper messages during the frightfully early hours of the morning may actually cheer you up.

Better yet – this is a fun baby shower game! It is really entertaining as a game, but it’s a gift that keeps on giving because the parents can still be laughing weeks after the baby shower.

Here’s a cute, FREE Printable for your baby shower. Click here to download your copy “Words for the Wee Hours.”

words for the wee hours poem

Here’s the “Words for the Wee Hours” Poem for late night diapers:

A word of encouragement, a chuckle or two.

Give the new mom and dad, a note just from you.

Pick up a diaper and write on the booty,

Something to take, their mind off the doody.

To play this late night diapers baby shower game, you will need a marker for each participating guest, lots of diapers, and the list below. Our list of funny diaper messages is not compulsory, but it helps to get the ideas flowing. Who knows – your guests may find them so funny, and simply copy them. This stash of diapers would be reserved for late night diaper changes.

funny diaper sayings

  1. Isn’t it Daddy’s turn?
  2. I’m a stinker.
  3. HINT. It’s Poop!
  4. Love you. C U at 4am.
  5. Caution! Open at your own risk.
  6. Only a Few thousand more before I’m potty trained!
  7. Do you know what the hell you’re doing?
  8. Someday I’ll sleep through the night. But not for a very, very long time. funny midnight diaper messages
  9. Do you smell something?
  10. This aint gonna change itself!
  11. Hang in there! You’ll sleep again… Eventually.
  12. I think I went #3.
  13. DANGER! Hazardous Material.
  14. Dads Turn!
  15. Roses are red. Violets are Blue. Will this have Pee, or will this have Poo?
  16. baby shower funny diaper messages
  17. I made you a present.
  18. What goes in, must come out.
  19. Oopsie! Had a Poopsie!
  20. Doodie King/ Doodie Queen
  21. Ipod. Ipad. Iphone. That’s nothing! Ipoop.
  22. My Mom is Awesome!
  23. What’s that smell? Oh. It’s me.
  24. That’s nothing! Wait till I start eating solids!
  25. I’m not pooping. Just thinking real hard.
  26. 3am party in my crib! Be There! (I’m not asking).
  27. iPood!funny baby diaper messages
  28. I made an Uh Oh!
  29. That’s Mr/Mrs Poopy Pants to YOU!
  30. How long can you really hold your breath for?
  31. It’s not a job. It’s a Doodie!
  32. Keep calm and change my diaper.
  33. Woah! THAT was a marathon poop session!
  34. I made an oopsie. funny diaper messages
  35. Cute but stinky.
  36. SPECIAL DELIVERY – just for you… ’cause I love you so much.
  37. If you can read this – you put on the diaper backwards… just joking.
  38. THAT was the BIGGEST POOP I’ve ever taken, in my LIFE!
  39. Does this make my butt look big?
  40. My Dad is Awesome!
  41. I see Pooh!
  42. “Poop!” There it is!late night diaper changes messages
  43. Sorry if I smell. At least I’m cute.
  44. Remember, children are a gift!
  45. CODE BROWN. I repeat. CODE BROWN!
  46. There’s more where that came from.
  47. Diaper loading… please wait.
  48. Get your camera. I’ll wait.
  49. Daddy – this is the front.
  50. Scratch & Sniff.cute and funny diaper messages
  51. My motto – as you will soon see: Go Big or Go Home!
  52. Daddy, you’re handsome.
  53. Mommy, you’re beautiful.
  54. I’ve got a twosie in my onesie.
  55. I fill my diaper all the way UP!
  56. I have a “CAN POO” Attitude.
  57. Help! I’ve got junk in my trunk!
  58. Captain Poopy Pants.
  59. It was your turn,  huh?
  60. Go do something nice for yourself – TAKE A SHOWER!
  61. Prince/ Princess Poopsalot.
  62. HOT & READY! Want some?
  63. Swab my poopdeck, please.
  64. Instructions not included.
  65. Resisting A Rest.funny diaper messages
  66. Just so you know… I love you very much.
  67. Don’t bother me. I’m downloading.
  68. Foreman of the Demolition Crew.
  69. I feel a tantrum coming on.
  70. Sent from heaven.
  71. Wake up daddy. It’s your turn!
  72. There’s no sunshine in this package.
  73. Surprise!
  74. You’ll need more wipes. I’ll wait.
  75. Poo Happens.
  76. Hazardous Waste. Mask Required.
  77. Stop checking out  my butt.
  78. In with the new… out with the old.
  79. You’re #1, but this is a #2!
  80. Dad – you can do this!
  81. Don’t open until Christmas.funny diaper messages
  82. Ooh, that’s a stinky one!
  83. You pamper me.
  84. Good luck. You’re gonna need it.

Putting this post together, was so much fun! I was laughing throughout the whole process. If you have any funny diaper messages to share, absolutely feel free to do so… in the comments below. I’ll be happy to add them!


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