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The Easiest & Cutest Baby Jeopardy With Answer Key

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Baby Jeopardy – Because You’re Looking For Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck

Baby Jeopardy is always a hit at Baby showers.

Why? Because it’s fun and competitive. Tulamama’s baby shower jeopardy follows the same rules as the Jeopardy you see on tv – but with a “baby” twist.

Click here to download the baby jeopardy questions. Your answer keys are included.

Here’s what you need to get started with Baby Shower Jeopardy

  1. Free Baby Jeopardy Printables.
  2. A white poster board for your game. The baby shower jeopardy prints will be pasted onto the board. A white poster board would look best but any board would do – you could even use a cut-up box to make your own DIY jeopardy game. You would only need enough cardboard for paste two pages.
  3. Buzzer or dollar store whistles for participants. Or, if participants want to answer questions, they could simply raise their hands.

Baby Jeopardy: How to set it all up

Once you have your posterboard, print out the baby shower jeopardy printouts.

The first two pages must be pasted onto your posterboard, and the second two pages – which has your baby jeopardy questions and answers list, must be kept by the host. Your Baby Jeopardy posterboard should look like this:

baby jeopardy

Your Baby Jeopardy Categories are:

  • Baby Facts
  • Baby Things
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Baby Parts
  • Celebrity Moms

Your Baby Shower Jeopardy Questions and Answers

We made sure that the questions and answers were not too complicated, but not too easy either. The higher the category score, the harder the questions are.

Click here to download the baby jeopardy questions. Your answer keys are included.

Now you’re ready to play baby shower jeopardy.

  • One person has to keep score.
  • Who will be participating? Guests can play individually, or you can set up teams. (If you have men at the baby shower, you could do men against women). Once the participants/ teams have been identified, hand them each a whistle/ buzzer or instruct them to raise their hands if they want to answer the question. If they give the wrong “question”, move on to the other participant/ team.
  • Only the host sees the questions/ answers.
  • Regular jeopardy rules apply. Therefore, answers must be given as a question.
  • Decide which team will go first. That team will pick a category and price.
  • Read the corresponding question and give the team 1 minute to answer.
  • If they answer correctly, the scorekeeper will record their answer.
  • If they can’t answer, or answer incorrectly, let the other team answer. If the other team cannot answer the question, no points will be awarded for that question.
  • It is now it’s the other teams turn to pick a category and price.
  • Continue until all the questions have been answered. The team with the most points wins.

I hope you have a ton of fun with baby jeopardy. It is truly a classic!

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I hope you have found this post helpful, and I hope you have a blast playing baby jeopardy. We have tons of free printable baby shower games but baby shower jeopardy has been one of the most downloaded games. It is so popular that we’re working on adding more cute designs, soon.


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