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October 19, 2020

Free Printable What’s In Your Purse Game

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What’s In Your Purse Game

If you’re looking for a fun baby shower game to really get your guests involved, the What’s In Your Purse Game is it. It’s the modern take on the traditional baby scavenger hunt game.

How To Play The What’s In Your Purse Game (AKA Baby Scavenger Hunt)

    In this game, your party-goers will be raiding through their own purses. You’re sure to get a few laughs and/or embarrassing grins.

    The instructions are super simple:

    • Print a What’s In Your Purse Game card for each guest. (For best results, print on cardstock paper. Guests find it easier to handle.)
    • Hand each guest a printed card and/or pencil;
    • Guests open their purses, and find stuff! They will mark off what they have as they go along;
    • Scores are tallied up. The person/ group* with the highest points will win a baby shower prize.

    *This game can be played individually, or as groups.

    What's In Your Purse Game Free Printable baby scavenger hunt baby shower game

    Click here to print  your Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt – What’s in your Purse Game

    Happy Playing!


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