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June 29, 2020

New Mom Approved, Cute & Free Baby Shower Games – What’s In Your Purse?

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What’s in Your Purse Baby Shower Game – How Does It Work?

This is one of those super simple baby shower games that everyone can play – if they have a purse.

Each player gets a printout – Eve, our fabulous designer has hooked you up with a free printable “what’s in your purse baby shower game” instant download. Print out one sheet for each player. They each get a sheet and a pencil/ pen.

The players check the printout and go through their purses. They get points for whatever they have in their purses.  Some items in your purse will have more value than other things. Each player will tally up their scores. The person with the highest points wins the game and would collect a prize.

what's in your purseThis game is very similar to “What’s in your phone – baby shower game.”

This is a good, clean, fun and easy baby shower game that allows guests to interact in a friendly, relaxing way.

Click here for your Free Baby Shower Game – Instant Download.

A Note From The Author

I’ve heard the bad wrap that baby shower games have gotten over the years. I’ve seen many a post literally titled “baby shower games that don’t suck.”

Some people say they are boring and I get that – some of the more traditional baby shower games are boring. But whatever you do, do not dismiss this part entirely. Games are important but if they’re not really your style, replace them with baby shower activities instead! Both activities and games are part of the tradition of baby showers.

If you are worried that your guests would be bored, do consider the more modern games but don’t entirely dismiss the older, more traditional games. I would suggest that you take your time as you look through your options. In this post, we have 72 fun baby shower games that are bound to intrigue you. Some of the more modern baby shower games are”Who knows mommy the best,”  “what’s in your purse,” (this one) and “what’s in your phone”.

And don’t limit yourself to printable baby shower games. They are fun (and totally free most of the time) but if the weather permits, do consider outdoor games too – and physical games.

Good luck.


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