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December 07, 2021

Free And Easy To Print Tracing Lines Worksheets

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Tracing Lines – Worksheets For Little People

As your little one learns how to write, tracing lines is a great activity! And there are benefits to it too!

  • Line tracing is one of those activities that develop your child’s control of the small muscles in his/ her hands (fine motor skills).
  • Tracing will teach your child to make the precise movements that are necessary for forming letters.
  • Tracing improves hand/eye coordination.

Line Tracing By Age

Line tracing is predominantly for little ones as they learn how to write. It’s therefore perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. Your child’s age and skill level will depend on which tracing lines worksheets you offer.

2 Year Olds: Focus mainly on straight lines. Encourage your little one to draw lines from left to right.

3 Year Olds: Offer tracing worksheets with straight, curved, and zigzag lines.

4-5 Year Olds: Offer more advanced line tracing worksheets with circles, etc.

Helpful Tips To Follow When Offering Line Tracing Worksheets

  • Encourage your child to trace lines from left to right;
  • Try to keep it fun. If your little one is getting frustrated, take a break;
  • Keep your little one motivated by supplementing your line tracing project with related projects. For example, if he/she is tracing worksheets with a farm theme, sing farm songs like Old Macdonald Had A Farm;
  • Choose a time of day when your little one is relaxed;
  • Offer rewards when he/she is finished. Rewards can be stickers, verbal encouragement, gold stars on “chore chart”, or whatever you know your child will enjoy.
  • Kids appreciate one-on-one time, so try to develop rituals out of “homework time.”

This is a great collection of free worksheets to enjoy. Choose from drawing straight lines to learning shapes and drawing fun characters.

All educational printables are for personal use. Print as many as you like, and come back often to get more.


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