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December 05, 2021

16 Awesome Baby Scrapbook Ideas To Inspire You

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It’s a cliche, but it’s also true that the first year of a child’s life goes by so quickly! It is therefore important to save mementos and treasured memories. These are things you’ll want to look back on throughout your life. A baby scrapbook is a great way to do this! Here are several great baby scrapbook ideas that will help you preserve those precious memories and those extra-important moments.

  1. Your Pregnancy

Your pregnancy is where it all begins. For these pages, you can include copies of your ultrasound pictures, some of the most interesting pregnancy facts you discovered, journal entries about how you were feeling during the pregnancy, a list of all the names you have chosen, a personal message to your unborn child, and so on.

For example, each week of pregnancy can be marked off with stickers that correspond with your baby’s size compared to a fruit or vegetable.

  1. Baby shower mementos

You can do cutouts from cards, gift bags, wrapping paper, bunting, etc. You could also create a pocket in the scrapbook to hold all the baby shower cards you received from your family and friends.

  1. Events of the day on your baby’s birth

What happened on the day of your baby’s birth? You could add the highlights, paste newspaper clippings, the lottery winning numbers for that day. You could also add your favorite song or the biggest movie at the box office on your baby’s birthday. Other things like cost-of-living indicators are also great to add, like the price of gas, milk, a cup of coffee.

  1. Birthday keepsakes

Create a page in your baby scrapbook where you commemorate the birth of your child. Here you can add keepsakes like the first pictures, the hospital ID bracelet, a copy of the birth certificate, pictures of the doctor and the nurses who delivered your baby, etc.

  1. Letters to your baby

Write a letter to your unborn child and include a photo of you and your partner. Anything you want or want to achieve can be written in these letters.

If you have other children, they could write a letter or draw a picture for the new baby. You could also include letters from your baby’s grandparents, your siblings, or any other family members you care about.

  1. Beautiful or significant places

You may have a special connection to a particular geographic location. On Google Maps, you could put a marker on the location and print it out to put in your scrapbook. If you were born there, be sure to include memorable pictures of the area! If it is a place where you and your partner met, try to include pictures or receipts or anything significant.

  1. Your baby’s firsts

This is a favorite when it comes to baby scrapbook ideas!

Your scrapbook must include as many firsts as possible. The first smile, word, tooth, step, holiday, drawing, Christmas, Easter, and many other milestones should be included. (If drawings are too big, take photos with your phone and have them printed out for your scrapbook instead of keeping everything).

best baby scrapbook ideas

  1. Handprints and Footprints

No baby scrapbook is complete without your baby’s hand and footprints. Colorful, non-toxic paint can be used to capture his or her footprints and handprints on a canvas. You could also make a copy of his or her hospital-taken footprints and handprints.

  1. A lock of Hair

When it comes to baby scrapbook ideas, this is probably on the top of most people’s lists. When your baby gets his or her first haircut, you could save a small strand of hair. Tie it up with a cute ribbon and put it in a small ziplock bag. You could also include pictures of the first haircut.

  1. Baby items

You could include the pictures of baby’s favorite stuffed animal, teether, a piece of the first thing baby outgrew, etc.

  1. Old photographs

If you have them, can create a family tree using vintage photos of your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

  1. Letters from loved ones

You are not just creating a baby scrapbook to enjoy yourself—it will also be for your child to treasure. Be sure to include letters from other loved ones so that your child will understand how much he/she is loved.

  1. Beautiful memories and memorable moments

A scrapbook isn’t the place to record your baby’s every move. Instead, think about the most endearing moment with your baby. Think about the things you will truly want to remember, like how they scrunch up their face when eating a lemon, how they play with your hair when they’re tired, etc.

Also take pictures and journal about your favorite moments with your baby, like:

  • when your baby chose you over your partner, or
  • when your baby made that funny face when you tried to feed him/her peas;
  • the first diaper blowout;
  • etc.
  1. Your baby’s favorite things

Even as babies, we develop a fondness for certain sounds, objects, people, etc. Consider some of your baby’s favorite things, like a toy, song, blanket, etc. Be sure to record it in your baby scrapbook. You can do this by taking pictures of your baby playing with the favorite toy, or print out the lyrics to a song baby enjoys.

  1. Baby’s first home/ nursery

Share pictures of your baby’s first home. If you are updating your home, take pictures of the before and after. If you have a special way of organizing baby’s stuff, take a picture of it and write notes explaining it.

  1. Favorite things each year

Write about your baby’s favorite color, song, food, friend, movie, show, etc. Every year, including the new favorite things. This is a wonderful activity for you and your child to do together.

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