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November 30, 2020

Essential Oils For Teething Babies

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Essential oils are extremely popular. In fact, they’ve been used for centuries but only recently have regained their popularity. But can you safely use essential oils for teething?

Yes and no. Essential oils can be used for teething, but with great care. This is because essential oils are highly concentrated liquid compounds that are extracted from various plants. This means they have the flavor and scent of the plant in concentrated form.

In this article, you will learn (1) what essential oils are safe to use for your teething baby, and (2) how to use it.

While essential oils can be helpful for adults, they can be dangerous or even lethal for babies, if not used correctly.

How To Safely Use Essential Oils For Teething

  • Never apply essential oils directly to your baby’s skin. There are 3 methods to use it safely. See below.
  • Essential oils should not be ingested. According to Healthline.com, Most essential oils are poisonous when taken internally by mouth. It is true that some essential oils have been labeled as safe as a flavoring for food and water, but this does not apply to your baby. Don’t put essential oils directly on your baby’s gums until they are at least two years old AND your doctor has given you the go-ahead.
  • Don’t use essential oils on or around your baby if your baby has a history of asthma or difficulty breathing.
  • Buy high-quality essential oils. The packaging should confirm it is 100% pure. Here is a great source from the University of Minnesota to help you determine the quality of essential oils.
  • If you are using a diffuser, be sure to put them away out of your baby’s reach. This is particularly important once your baby becomes mobile.
  • Test your essential oils first. Rub a small bit (which you mixed with a carrier oil) on the bottom of your baby’s feet first to ensure he/she won’t have an adverse reaction.
  • Follow the directions on the bottle. Essential oils should come with specific instructions on appropriate use. Pay extra close attention to dilution instructions.
  • If you are using the essential oils recommended below, and following the guidelines by age, it is generally safe. However, it’s always good practice to check with your pediatrician first. All babies are unique and it’s always wise to run thing by your pediatrician.
  • Age DOES MATTER when it comes to essential oils for babies. What may be harmless for an 8-month-old, may be toxic for a 4-month-old. Carefully follow the guidelines.

When it comes to babies, there are generally 3 ways to use it. Test the methods and stick to the method that you find most effective.

Essential Oils For Teething Can Be Used:

  1. Topically. Mix your essential oil(s) of choice with a carrier oil. See recipes below;
  2. Amber glass roller bottle. Mix your oil(s) of choice with a carrier oil. See recipes below;
  3. Diffuser. Fill it with water. Add 3-6 drops. See below for ideas on blends to use for your baby.

Essential Oils For Teething Babies Under 4 Months


Essential oils for teething

  • It’s the most commonly used essential oil for teething;
  • Chamomile has a sedative effect, so it may relax your baby;
  • Because it is nontoxic, it is likely to be safe for babies of all ages;
  • Chamomile can also be mixed with your carrier oil with a combined dilution ratio of less than .5 percent essential oils to carrier oil.


Essential oils for teething

  • Lavender is soothing and nontoxic;
  • It’s commonly used for babies younger than 6 months.
  • Lavender is a natural antiseptic;
  • It’s naturally sedative and calming.
  • Lavender can also be mixed with your carrier oil with a combined dilution ratio of less than .5 percent essential oils to carrier oil.

Essential Oils For Teething Babies 6 Months And Older

Ginger Essential Oil

Essential oils for teething

  • Ginger oil has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Ginger can cause irritation if not diluted properly;
  • Dilute ginger in a carrier oil at a maximum ratio of up to .25 percent.

Ginger root is also used as an effective teething remedy.


Essential oils for teething

  • Frankincense has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • It is popularly used in creating blends for diffusing.

How To Mix Essential Oils For Topical Use

This is a basic recipe. You can mix things up as you like, provided that you follow the guidelines.Essential oils for teething

  • 2 Tablespoons of a carrier oil. You can use 2 tablespoons of a carrier oil, or a combination of two different carrier oils. A few popular carrier oils to try are coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, food-grade cocoa butter.
  • 3 drops of essential oils that are safe for your baby’s age
  • If your oil(s) of choice need to be melted, melt it in a small saucepan. Remove from heat.
  • Add your essential oils of choice to your carrier oil(s). Mix together.
  • Store in a glass container.

In a circular motion, rub the mixture onto your baby’s face, particularly along the jawline.

Here are a few recipe ideas to try:

Chamomile or Lavender

  • Melt coconut oil and your food-grade cocoa butter in a small saucepan.
  • Remove from heat.
  • Add your essential oil of choice and mix together.
  • Store in a glass container.

Roman Chamomile + Lavender + Ginger

  • Mix your liquid carrier oil with the Roman Chamomile, Lavender and Ginger oil.
  • Store in a glass container.

Essential Oils For Teething Recipe – Roller bottle

You will need
  • In a clean amber glass roller bottle, add your essential oils by the drop.
  • Top it off with the fractionated coconut oil.

When used together in a blend, this combination of essential oils is very soothing for babies. It helps to relax them, and it’s effective in reducing irritability and inflammation.

This recipe is from Laura at Our Oily House.

Diffusing Essential Oils For Teething Babies

A specific oil or a combination of oils can be diffused to help promote a calm, relaxing environment.

You can use any of the essential oils that are safe for your baby’s age, or a combination of oils.

Essential oils for teething
Image Credit: awebtoknow.com

Start by filling your diffuser with water. Add 3-6 drops of essential oils. Here are a few blends to try:

Roman Chamomile + Lavender + Ginger

Lavender + Frankincense + Roman Chamomile

Note From The Author

You may be asking – where is clove oil? It was not forgotten… it was deliberately left out.

It is true that clove oil is occasionally recommended as a teething remedy, and it has been used for yonks. However, there is some controversy surrounding its safety. Clove (and peppermint) can be lethal for babies and causes an inflammatory response in their lungs. Some say that clove should not be given to a child under 2 years, which is why it was not included here.


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