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December 05, 2021

Gifts For New Moms That They’d Actually Appreciate

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When new moms have babies, they are often bombarded with well wishes and gifts. However, although many “new mom gifts” are lovingly offered, they are often useless objects that she will never use or need during her baby’s first year. There is no sense in wasting your money. Instead of buying something that you think she might like, here is a list of gifts for new moms that she’ll actually use and appreciate.

Best Gifts For New Moms

  1. Comfortable Nursing Pajamas and/or Lounge Wear

It is not uncommon for new moms to wear pajamas 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If she is nursing, not just any pajamas will do. Give her a set of nursing pajamas so that she can comfortably nurse her baby when needed.

If she is not planning to nurse, loungewear would work perfectly.

  1. Cleaning Service Gift Certificate

Every experienced mom will tell you that new moms should forget the house cleaning. Instead, she should take care of herself and her baby. But while that is true, a tidy house is helpful because it brings some order to the chaos new moms are already feeling. This is why a gift certificate from a local cleaning service is an excellent gift for new moms.

  1. Gift Cards From Nearby Restaurants

Cooking a meal while holding a newborn is hard, which is why cooking is not an option for many new moms. But even if someone were to hold the baby while she was cooking, she may be too tired to put in the effort. Therefore, gift cards to a nearby restaurant or UberEATS are excellent gifts for new moms because they can help get dinner on the table quickly.

New mom care package

  1. Meal Delivery Service

If the new mom doesn’t like fast foods or restaurant food, your best option to help feed her could be a subscription to a meal delivery service. With meal subscription services, you eliminate the guesswork from home cooking and you reduce the time spent each week planning and shopping for meals. That’s because everything you need is delivered to you!

If she is health-conscious, meal delivery kits are a great option because they are designed with the body’s needs in mind. They provide the ideal ratios of protein, vegetables, carbs, and so on.

  1. A Food Basket

You could buy a food basket for the new mom and her family, or make one. Add in items that you know she and her partner will enjoy. Some items you could include are:

  • Fresh seasonal fruit;
  • Dried Fruits;
  • Nuts;
  • Lactation Cookies;
  • Granola bars;
  • Rice crackers;
  • Crackers or bread with hummus and other dipping sauces;
  • Herbal or fruit-infused teas;
  • Lactation teas, etc.
  1. An Audible Subscription +  Wireless Earbuds

If the new mom loves books, don’t give her a book! She will barely have time for herself, much less time to sit down to read a book. Instead, give her an audible subscription so that she can continue to enjoy her books by listening to them. She’ll be able to listen to her books while she is nursing her baby or while the baby sleeps on her chest.

Include a set of wireless earbuds so that she can listen comfortably without cords on the baby.

  1. A Floral Arrangement

Our environments can play a significant role in our moods, so a floral arrangement can instantly lift our spirits. That’s because flowers are usually associated with sunshine, laughter, and joy.

  1. A Smart Home Device

With a smart home device (like an Echo dot), mom can have hands-free nap and feeding alarms, music streaming, news and weather reports, thermostat controls, and more. Giving instructions to a robot, instead of getting up to do something, is a tremendous relief to new moms!

  1. A Water Bottle

Everyone understands the importance of staying hydrated. This is particularly the case for breastfeeding moms, but we forget. If you can’t remember the last time you had a decent night’s rest, ate, or had a shower, you may be forgiven for forgetting to drink water. Solve this problem by getting the new mom a water bottle that helps her keep track of how much water she is drinking.

  1. A Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are little miracles because they allow moms to have their hands free, which allows them to do more. She also has her baby close, so she knows he/she is safe, comforted, and happy.

care package ideas for new moms

  1. A Pacifier Clip

If the baby has a pacifier, offer a pacifier clip as a gift. Babies spit out their pacifiers countless times a day, but there is trouble if the baby needs the pacifier, and you can’t provide it immediately. This can be very nerve-wracking for a new mother who knows that her baby will not stop crying unless he/she gets the pacifier.

A pacifier clip solves this hassle because once you clip it onto the baby’s clothes, the pacifier will always be close, no matter if the baby spits it out.

  1. Gift for Sibling(s)

When new babies arrive, siblings are often neglected. Moms feel bad when they have to neglect their older children, but you can help her by giving the siblings some attention. You could take them out for ice cream, or buy them a coloring book and color with them, for example. Basically, do something that will make them feel special. This will give the new mom one less thing to worry about.

  1. A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

It’s difficult to maneuver a vacuum cleaner while holding your 6-month-old on your hip. This is why a robotic vacuum cleaner (like a Roomba) is so helpful. Admittedly, this is an expensive gift, but the new parents will be eternally grateful.

Helpful Items For A New Mom Care Package

  1. Dry Shampoo

Would any new mom enjoy a long, luxurious bath or shower? You bet, but she’s unlikely to get it. She’ll barely be able to wash her hair. This is where her favorite bottle of dry shampoo will come in handy.

  1. Face Wipes

As she goes into her second day without a shower, and she barely has time for self-care, face wipes can help her feel refreshed.

  1. Sleep Mask

Sleep-deprived moms need to take advantage of any opportunity they have to get some shut-eye, and a sleep mask is an essential part of any new mom care package. A weighted sleep mask can block out the light and help her get some well-deserved rest.

  1. Nipple Cream for Breastfeeding Moms

You often read that breastfeeding is not supposed to be painful. While that is technically true, that is not the case for brand new moms! If you are nursing your second or third baby, your nipples are like rubber and you feel little (except for when you have nipple cracks). However, it can be painful in the beginning. This is why nipple cream is a helpful addition to a new mom care package for breastfeeding moms.

Best gifts for new moms

  1. Icepacks (for Postpartum)

If the new mom has had a natural birth, it will be painful down there. Icepacks help with the general discomfort.

  1. Tea For Her Recovery

Postpartum tea can help new moms recover by providing essential vitamins and minerals, as well as aiding lactation.

  1. Lactation Tea (For Breastfeeding Moms)

Lactation teas help your body produce more milk. They’re very handy because just by drinking a few cups of tea per day, mom is able to increase her milk supply.

  1. Breastpads

Breastfeeding comes with tons of benefits for mom and her baby. While the benefits of breastfeeding strongly outweigh the cons, there are a few, like engorgement, cracked nipples, clogged ducts, mastitis, etc.

Gel breast pads offer therapeutic relief for common breastfeeding issues, so they’re a helpful addition to a new breastfeeding mom’s care package.

  1. Helpful App Subscriptions

What new parent wouldn’t appreciate some help with sleep or meditation? Calm and Aura apps, for example, provide sleep stories, guided meditation, daily inspiration, and other features.

If you are using an app that you feel would be helpful to the new mom, consider buying a year-long subscription for her.

Gifts For New Moms That Won’t Cost Anything

A gift for a new mom doesn’t always have to have a monetary value. Sometimes, it’s the free things that are most appreciated.

  1. Babysit

Even if you can only babysit for an hour or two, the offer will be much appreciated by most new parents. During this time, the new mom can take a nap or just catch up on her favorite tv show. Whatever she chooses to do, you are giving her the freedom to do it.

Be aware that some moms are not going to take you up on that offer. Not because she doesn’t need it, but because her baby is too precious and she will not leave him/her with just anyone.

If this is not the first baby, you could also offer to babysit the sibling(s). Having to take care of just one child, instead of two (or more), can be a tremendous relief for parents of newborn babies.

  1. Date Night For Parents

Nothing beats a little time-out from parenting. The new parents can use this time to recharge their batteries and reconnect with each other.

  1. Time

You may be very excited to see the new baby but resist the urge to go visit. Unless you’re the bestie, her mother, or her sister, stay away for a while. Give her time to recover and get to know her baby.

New moms are in recovery after they give birth, whether the baby was birthed naturally or via c-section. The last thing a new mom wants is to feel obligated to entertain you during this period. She may not have the energy to clean the house, put on makeup, or do any of the other things that she would normally do. Do not put her in a situation where she has to make time for you. When she is ready to see people, she will most likely reach out.

  1. Help

If you stop by and you see the dishwasher is full, unpack it. If she needs diapers for the baby, go get some. Offer to help in whatever way she needs.

Keep in mind some moms are just not going to ask for help, even when they need it. If that’s the case, be observant and see if there are things you can help with.

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