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February 04, 2020

New Baby Essentials Checklist

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Baby Registry Checklist

Your baby is coming! Perhaps it’s your first baby and you need a baby registry list of baby essentials to create your baby registry. But, what is actually necessary! In other words, what are the newborn essentials?

There are tons of registry checklists for baby necessities. They’re all great and very helpful, but please keep in mind – those baby checklists (and this one too), was created by moms with opinions. They’ve been where you are now and they know what they needed, and what they found useless.

Baby Registry Must Haves

Our newborn checklist was created to be a thorough registry checklist of Baby Essentials BUT also to offer “things that make life as a mom, so much easier.” That means, there are items on our baby registry list, that are absolute essentials, but a few things that may not be considered by all as “essential.” Those items were added nonetheless because they are loved, appreciated and considered extremely useful for some moms. Here’s an example – a Nursing Pillow. Some moms say they cannot live without a nursing pillow, yet there are other moms who say it’s a waste. Be aware that what works for one mom may not work for another. Consider your lifestyle, your budget and your personality as you add things to your baby registry list.

Most first-time-moms find that they actually need everything on the list. If that’s the case, add it all to your baby registry. If you are budget conscious, add everything YOU THINK YOU NEED to your baby registry because you can receive a “completion discount” on all the items that were left unpurchased. (Can I hear a boo yeah!)

This list of baby essentials is long. To make life easier, Eve (our designer) has compiled this handy dandy FREE pdf of baby registry must haves. You will find it extremely useful! It has everything that you will see below. She also color-coded our baby checklist, to help keep you organized.baby essentials checklist

Click Here for your FREE pdf of baby registry must haves

What to Put On Baby Registry: The Nursery

 Crib, a Co-sleeper or Bassinet

convertible crib, gray  A firm, snug-fitting crib mattress (For baby’s safety and according to the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), less than two fingers should fit between mattress and crib)

 Changing Table or Dresser with Changing Table Topper

Changing Table Grey

 Changing Pad

 Changing Pad Cover

 Rocking chair or armchair or gliderGlider and ottoman  Bookcase and/or Shelving

nursery shelving  Nightlight(s)

 Blackout Shades

 Toy Baskettoy chest  Baby hamper


mobile for cribBaby Essentials For Bedding & Sleeping

 Swaddling Blanketsswaddle blankets

 1-3 washable crib mattress pads

Receiving Blankets  2-4 fitted crib sheets

 Mattress Protector (for your bed, if you’re cosleeping)

 White Noise Machine

whitenoise machine for nurseryWhat to Register for Baby: Clothing

 No-scratch mittens

 1-2 Newborn caps if baby is born during cold seasons. These are worn indoors.onesies for boys  4-8 onesies (long sleeved if baby will be born during cold seasons, short sleeved if born during warm seasons.)onesies for girls  1-2 Sleepsackssleepsack  4-7 (stay-on) baby socks or booties

 3-5 Baby pants

 1-3 Baby jackets (front buttoned, not pull-over)

 1-3 Dress-up outfitsdress up outfits for baby girls 1-3 Broad-brimmed hats for a summer baby

 1-3 Soft hats that cover ears, for a winter baby

Baby Essentials: Diapering 

 Diaper Pail

diaper pail

 Diaper Bagbackpack diaper bag Wipes (Unscented baby wipes causes less irritation)

 2-3 large boxes newborn disposable diapers

 Diaper Caddy or Traydiaper caddy  Diaper Cream

If you’re Cloth Diapering, exclude the disposable diapers and wipes, and add:

 Soft washcloths or cloth diaper wipes

 10 Diaper Covers + 24 Prefold Diapers; orcloth diaper covers  10 Pocket diapers or All-in-one diapers

 Diaper Sprayer

Gentle cloth diaper laundry detergent

 Diaper pail liners

diaper pail linerBaby Registry Essentials: Bathing

Infant Bath Tubinfant tub Soft baby washcloths (If you’re cloth diapering, get a different color or pattern for baby’s bathtime)washcloths Baby shampoo and body wash

Baby nail clippers or nail file

1-3 soft towels or hooded baby towelselephant hooded baby towel Baby hairbrush

Baby Essentials: Feeding 

 10-16 Baby Bottles and nipples, both 4- and 8- ounce. (If fed strictly by bottle, baby will go through about 10 x 4-ounce bottles per day)baby essentials baby bottles  Bottle Drying Rack

 Bottle Warmer

 Bottle Sterilizer

 Bottle Cleaner/ brush

 Dishwasher Basket

 Baby Feeding/ Nursing Pillownursing pillow  Baby Feeding/ Nursing Pillow Cover

 Formula (if you’re not nursing. Just to be safe, wait for the pediatrician to tell you which brand to get – your baby may be sensitive to certain formulas.)

 4-8 Burp Cloths

 2-4 pacifiers

 pacifier clip

If you’re breastfeeding and giving baby breastmilk in a bottle, you’ll need everything above, plus:

 Breast pump (electric or manual)baby essentials for breastfeeding moms breastpump  Nursing Pads (You can get disposable or cloth nursing pads)

 Nursing Cream

 Nursing Cover

 Breast Milk Storage bags

breastmilk storage bags

Hands-free pumping bra

handsfree pumping bra


 Nursing Bras

 Nursing Tanks

Once baby starts solids around 4 months, you will also need:

 4-8 Bibs  High Chair



 Food Processor (to prepare home-made baby food)baby bullet baby food processor  Baby Food Storage Containers

 Toddler Utensilstoddler eating utensils  Sippy Cups

Baby Checklist: Health & Safety Products

 Cool mist humidifiercool mist humidifier

 Nasal aspirator (snot sucker)

 Baby nail clippers or baby nail file

 Baby thermometerforehead thermometer  Petroleum jelly and sterile gauze (for circumcision care)

 Baby first aid kit

 Baby Monitorbaby monitor  Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Before your baby starts crawling, you will need the following items to babyproof your home.

 Baby Gates

 Outlet Covers

 Cabinet Locks and Straps

Baby Gear & Transportation

 Infant or convertible car seatinfant convertible car seat  Second car seat base (for an additional car.)

 Strollerinfant stroller  Baby carrier for younger babies

 Baby carrier for older babiesbaby ring sling  Travel highchairtravel high chair  Bunting bag or stroller blanket for a winter babystroller blanket  Baby carrier cover for a winter babybaby carrier cover  Baby swing or bouncerbaby swing  Portable Playpen with bassinet

 Playpen Sheet

 Play Mat (for Tummy Time)

 Board Books

 Soft teething toys

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I trust you have found this newborn checklist helpful.


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