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September 09, 2021

Easy Instructions On Hosting A Successful Diaper Raffle

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What Is A Diaper Raffle?

Simply put, a diaper raffle is a baby shower activity to get mommy-to-be lots of diapers. It is seriously easy for the baby shower host to set up. All you need are raffle tickets and an awesome prize.

Diaper throne
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How To Set Up A Traditional Diaper Raffle In 5 Easy Steps

  1. Choose The Perfect Diaper Raffle Wording

Each baby shower is different, so pick a diaper raffle poem that reflects the message you wish to pass on to your guests.

Be sure to offer your guests complete instructions so that they know exactly how the game will be played. For example, you could say: “Each package or diapers equals one diaper raffle ticket. The more diaper packages you bring, the more diaper raffle tickets you get.”

diaper raffle wording

  1. Add Raffle Tickets Into Invitation Envelopes

When you are sending out your baby shower invitations, include a diaper raffle ticket in each envelope. If you have already sent out your baby shower invitations, simply give each guest a raffle ticket for each package of diapers they bring.

  1. Offer An Amazing Prize

An awesome raffle prize will entice your guests to participate. If at all possible, let people know what the raffle prize would be. This could further encourage them to participate.

  1. Set Up A Diaper Raffle Table

Have a designated area for people to leave the diapers as they arrive. Your table should have the following items:

Diaper Raffle table
Kara’s Party Ideas

  • Your framed diaper raffle sign. This tells your guests what is expected;
  • A raffle bowl for guests to throw their raffle tickets in;
  • Extra diaper raffle tickets. These will come in handy because some people may forget their diaper raffle cards, or some people may bring extra diaper packages – giving them an extra entry.
  • A pen. If people are using your extra diaper raffle cards, they will need to write their names on it.
  • Optional: Your diaper raffle prize.
  • Optional: A baby shower centerpiece to decorate the table. diaper raffle sign
  1. Announce A Winner

Draw the winning raffle ticket during the baby shower.

How To Set Up A Raffle With A Twist

Diaper raffles are a traditional baby shower activity. By now, most people know how it works. Here is a slight twist on the tradition, but this will only work if the diaper shower is held at mommy-to-be’s house.

Plan the raffle as explained above. During the baby shower, allow guests to hide diapers in the house, into any nook, and in any cranny. (Be careful not to hide diapers in places that are so obscure that they would never be found – like the attic.)

Long after the party, the grateful parents will still be finding diapers around the house.

Why Guests Love Raffles?


With a baby shower diaper raffle, you are telling people what gifts they have to bring. This does not sit quite right with some baby shower hosts or mommies-to-be. They feel that it’s impolite to tell people what gifts they must bring.

However, most people actually prefer diaper raffles. Here’s why:

  • By telling people what you want, you are making things easier for them. They won’t have to guess.
  • They have a chance to win an awesome raffle prize!
  • People are really busy. Most people don’t have time to go shop for gifts. Diapers can be purchased quickly and easily from any local store or online store like Amazon.
  • All guests want to give you what you want. No one wants to buy gifts that will never be used. (That is the reason why we have baby registries in the first place.) Make it easier for guests by telling them exactly what you want.
  • The people coming to your baby shower or baby sprinkle know how important diapers are. If they are moms themselves, they know how many diapers a baby needs. By gifting you with diapers, they know their gifts will be used.

How Do You Announce A Diaper Raffle?

Let guests know that you are having a diaper raffle by including a raffle card in the baby shower invitation envelope.

How Do You Ask For Diapers Instead Of Gifts?

By having a diaper raffle, people know to bring diapers instead of gifts. You can let people know by including a raffle ticket inside the baby shower invitation envelope. Pick a diaper raffle poem that clearly tells people what you want them to do.

How To Get Diapers In Multiple Sizes?

On your diaper raffle card, say something like: Please purchase diapers in any size. This lets your guests know you prefer multiple sizes.

How Many Raffle Prizes Should I Have?

Usually, there is only one diaper raffle prize, but you can have up to 3. Don't have too many prizes, otherwise, the baby shower will be all about the raffles.


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