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July 23, 2021

Cute, Easy & Free Printable Welcome Banner

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If you want to make someone feel special, welcome them home with a personalized welcome banner.

You can totally DIY this! Below is a vast collection of colors for you to choose from.

Helpful Tips For Making Your Own Welcome Banner

  • Consider the Occasion

Are you making the welcome banner for someone who is returning from a brief trip, or for someone who has been on duty overseas? Understanding the reason for the banner will help you craft the perfect message for it.

  • Personalize your welcome banner

“Welcome” or “Welcome Home” is nice, but it’s always a great idea to personalize the message with something like “welcome bestie.” Craft a message that will be meaningful to the person being welcomed.

  • Consider your decor

Do you have other decorations? Make sure you pick a color or colors that match the decor you already have.

  • Know what size you need

How big is the space you will need for your welcome banner? Make sure you create a message that will fit into that space. (Once cut, each printed letter will measure 7.5 x 5.5 inches.)

  • Print on cardstock or photo paper

Cardstock paper or photo paper is a little firmer than regular paper. It’s sturdier so it will look better when you hang it up.

How To Create Your Banner In 5 Easy Steps

  1. There are 36 colors to choose from. Select a color or colors that complement your other decorations. Please note that print results on colors may vary depending on the paper and ink you use, so test on regular paper first before you print on cardstock paper or photo paper.
  2. Click on the letters you need then print. Designs are made to fit onto regular 8 x 10-inch paper.
  3. Cut out your individual letters. Once cut, each letter will measure 7.5 x 5.5 inches.
  4. To hang them up, you will need a ribbon or string. You can either:

(a) use double-sided tape to tape the paper to your ribbon or string; or

(b) using a one-hole-punch, poke two holes into the top left and right side of each letter.

how to create a baby shower banner

(c) String your ribbon through it.

baby shower banner how to

  1. Hang your welcome banner up onto a wall, mantle, or wherever you are planning to put it.

Free Welcome Banner Printables

    The collection below has a whopping total of 1640 individual pieces in 36 colors! You have your choice of each letter of the alphabet, plus numbers and 4 characters. Scroll down to see all the colors before you make your choice.

    Our printable welcome banners are free for personal use.


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