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April 23, 2020

All You Need To Know About The Amazon Baby Registry Discount

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What is the Amazon Baby Registry Discount?

The Amazon Baby Registry Discount is also known as a completion discount. On their site or around the web, you will see it referred to as the “Amazon baby registry completion discount.”

The completion discount is a discount you get on everything that is left on your baby (or wedding) registry. So, if you had 100 items on your registry and your friends and family purchased 90 items, you get a discount on the 10 items that are left behind.

With the Amazon baby registry, you get a 10% discount. However, if you have Amazon Prime, you get a 15% discount. (That’s a nice jump in savings.)

When Can I Use My Amazon Baby Registry Discount/ Completion Discount?

You will get your completion discount 60 days before the expected birth of your baby. Amazon gives you a total of 120 days to take advantage of your completion discount – 60 days before your baby’s birth, to 60 days after baby’s birth.

You should see a link displayed on your registry when you become eligible for the completion discount. However, keep in mind that if you created your baby registry less than 14 days ago, you will not be eligible. (Be sure to register early.)

Your link will also say the discount amount you are eligible for. For example, for non-prime members, it will say 10% discount. For Prime Members, it will say 15%.

Keep in mind, you can become an Amazon Prime member after your baby registry is created BUT BEFORE you actually use the 10% discount. For example, you cannot use your 10% discount, realize that you could have gotten a bigger discount, and then try to become a Prime member to get the additional 5%.

(If you’re a little hesitant about getting  Amazon Prime – it is $99 per year and if you have a baby, it will be money well spent because prime members get 20% off diapers, baby food, wipes, etc.)

How to Redeem My Amazon Completion Discount

If you want to take advantage of the Amazon baby registry completion discount, you will have to add items to your cart from the “completion discount view” inside your registry. Otherwise, you won’t get the discount.

Think of it like this – you have a regular Amazon cart, and a completion discount cart.  You will only get your completion discount if you shop from the completion discount view, inside your registry.

Your completion discount message will be displayed on your registry. Click on it to see which items are eligible for a discount.

Add all the eligible items to your shopping cart, from your completion discount view. Your completion discount will be applied at checkout.

What Products Are Eligible for The Completion Discount

Not all items on your baby registry will be eligible for the completion discount. Only items that are shipped and sold by Amazon, or Fulfilled by Amazon, qualify.

Do keep in mind that items that you have added to your registry from outside of Amazon, (using the Amazon Universal Registry Feature,) will not be eligible for a completion discount. (Not sure what a Universal Registry is? Click here to find out everything you need to know BEFORE you create your baby registry.)

Amazon will clearly show you which items are eligible – before you even add them to your registry. Look out for the PRIME symbol and the text: “Fulfilled by Amazon.” You will see it on most items sold on Amazon.

What items qualify for a completion discount on amazon

Amazon Baby Registry Discount – Terms and Conditions

Don’t let the terms and conditions surprise you!amazon completion discount

There Is A Limit On Your Transactions

You can only use your completion discount on **1 order** BUT PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK WITH AMAZON.

On their site, there are conflicting statements. On some pages, they say that your completion discount can be used in two purchases, but there are other pages that say it can only be used during 1 transaction.  That means you cannot shop and receive your Amazon completion discount on multiple orders.

Plan ahead and shop for what you need before your Amazon completion discount expires.

completion discount

There Is A $ Limit On Your Amazon Baby Registry Completion Discount

Your Completion Discount will not work for more than $2000 in total. You can spend as much as you like but the completion discount gets cut off at $2000. That means, with a 15% discount for Prime members, your maximum discount will be $300.

amazon baby registry 10% discount

Amazon Won’t Allow Any Tricks With Their Completion Discount

Most people are fair and honest but there are people who try to gain the system. Amazon knows and they will not allow it.

  • You cannot use another completion discount for 8 more months.
  • The promotion may not be combined with other offers.
  • If you’re a regular Amazon shopper, you’re probably using the 1-Click feature. DO NOT USE THIS FEATURE if you’re trying to use your completion discount – it will not work. You will need to checkout through the completion discount view.
  • Don’t try to change your baby’s birth date/ “event date” in an attempt to extend your discount window. Changing your event date after your discount window has already begun, will not change the start and end date of your completion discount.amazon completion

Only The Primary Registrant Can Use The Completion Discount

If you created the baby registry, no one but you can redeem the discount.

Amazon Reserves The Right To Modify Your Completion Discount

They could also simply cancel your completion discount if they believe you’re trying to cheat.

Returns And Your Amazon Completion Discount

If you return any of the items that you purchased using the Completion Discount, Amazon will subtract the value of the Completion Discount from your return credit.

You Can Add Items To Your Registry After The Completion Discount Started

Amazon knows what “pregnant brain” is, so they know we forget. They allow you to still add items to your baby registry even after the completion discount period starts. Those items that are eligible for the discount will show up in your Amazon Completion Discount view.


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