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Pregnancy March 20, 2018

All You Need To Know To Find The Best Baby Registry

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They All Claim That They’re “The Best Baby Registry”

When it comes to creating a baby registry, we are spoilt for choice. That’s a good thing, right? Well actually – if there are so many baby registries, how do you figure out which one is the best baby registry? What are the best places to register for baby?

Answer – you can’t. It takes way too long, which is why mom bloggers like me, take our time to figure out which truly is the best baby registry. Plus, we’ve been there and have a ton of experience.

To keep things as simple as possible for you, I’ve put together this handy-dandy chart below.

[I can just hear the infomercial saying, “but wait, there’s more…] If you need more, I’ve put together an extensive report on the pros and cons of each baby registry. It will really help you figure out which would be the best baby registry for YOU.

Helpful Baby Registry Resources:

Everything You Need To Know Before You Start A Baby Registry  – this post answers all the questions you may have, like when to start your baby registry, what to put on your baby registry, what NOT to put on your baby registry, how to let friends and family know about your baby registry, etc.

New Baby Essentials Checklist: Feeling unsure of what to put on your baby registry? This post shows you exactly what you need. It also has a handy, free, color-coded baby registry checklist to help you stay organized.

Best Baby RegistryThis post is long! If you want to get through it quicker, use the filter to go straight to your preferred choice of baby registry.

Baby Registry:

Save Time. View only the registries you’re interested in.

The Amazon Baby Registry

amazon baby registry

Amazon Baby Registry – The Pros

Click Here to Start Your Amazon Baby Registry.

  • When you register with Amazon’s Baby Registry, you get a free Welcome box, just for creating your registry.
  • Amazon carries the largest selection of baby registry items. Period. Everything that you need as a new parent, is available on Amazon.
  • The Amazon baby shower registry is vast in more ways than one. For example, if you’re only interested in eco-friendly or organic baby items, there is no bigger collection than Amazon.
  • If you have Amazon Prime, you get Free two-day shipping. This is a game changer because when it comes to babies, you’ll need stuff, and you’ll need it soon. It is encouraging to know you don’t have to pay extra for shipping. But, if you choose not to get Amazon Prime, you can still get free shipping on purchases over $49.
  • The Amazon Baby Registry offers a 10% completion discount. That’s nice. But if you have Amazon Prime, you get a 15% completion discount. To get that 15% off, you do have to register for Amazon Family, but that’s FREE and super easy to do. Keep in mind that the completion discount applies to two purchases only – it cannot be spread over several purchases.
  • You also get 20% off diapers, formula, baby food and more – with a subscription. Subscriptions are super easy to manage and you can stop them at any time.
  • Amazon offers a 90-day return window on most of the products purchased from your baby registry.
  • Amazon is a marketplace with lots of big (and small) brands. It is competitive, which favors you because you get competitive pricing on a wide selection of baby essentials.
  • The Amazon baby registry offers a “Universal Baby Registry.” That means you can add products from any site to your Amazon baby registry. It’s easy to do, too. All you do is download the Free Amazon Assistant Button – For Chrome. Then, if you see something you like on the web, just click the button to easily and effortlessly add it to your Amazon baby registry.
  • It’s easy and hassle-free. Anyone can shop off your registry – even internationally. This is kind of a big deal – you want it to be easy for people to buy things from your registry.
  • You can manage your registry on the go with Amazon’s mobile app.
  • The Amazon registry also offers free parenting eBooks and maternity savings. (Amazon offers a limited amount of Free Parenting ebooks. This perk does not include paid books).
  • Amazon’s baby registry makes it easy for you to create and organize your registry. They offer lots of guides and tips and tricks.
  • Amazon’s customer service is really good.
  • With the Amazon Baby Registry, you are able to email friends and family to let them know about your baby registry.
  • When anyone buys something from your registry, it automatically goes into your ” Thank You List”. That means you don’t have to track anything. Amazon tracks what was purchased, and by whom.
  • Your Amazon Baby Registry offers a jumpstart checklist, where they offer suggestions on what you may need. You can even search through other registries for instant inspiration.
  • With Amazon, you can quickly and easily figure out what is top rated, what’s popular, the trends, etc.
  • Amazon will send out thank you cards to everyone who purchases something from your baby registry. This is a great perk! It saves you a lot of time.
  • Amazon’s customer reviews are very helpful in making buying decisions.

Click Here to Start Your Amazon Baby Registry.

Amazon Baby Registry – The Cons

  • The completion discount applies only to items sold and shipped by, and not to products sold by third-party sellers.
  • The 10% completion rate discount (or 15% if you have Prime) is great. But, it can only be used on up to two orders for a combined total of no more than $2,000.00. Keep this in mind and plan your registry and final purchases wisely.
  • The discounts apply to baby-related or maternity items only. Baby, pregnancy or parenting books do not apply.
  • You can return most baby items from your baby registry within 90 days. This 90-day return window is shorter than some other registries.
  • Everything is online. You don’t have in-store assistance BUT the buyer reviews are really helpful.
  • Amazon has great deals and discounts, but register EARLY to take advantage of them all. Amazon does have certain limitations but those can easily be avoided if you register early.
  • Do not sign up for Amazon Prime, just to get the 15% completion discount, then cancel. Your discount will revert back to 10%. Besides, Amazon Prime allows you to join Amazon Family, which is GREAT for getting an exceptional 20% off discount on diapers, baby food, etc. Keep your Amazon Prime membership – it will pay for itself just with your savings on diapers.

Click Here to Start Your Amazon Baby Registry.

Here’s the thing – there is no bigger marketplace than Amazon, so what you need will likely be on Amazon. They make creating a baby registry super easy, plus they have that 15% completion discount (for Prime members). It’s convenient – you never even need to leave your house. Almost everyone has an Amazon account, so its really easy for anyone to buy things from your registry. If you are aiming to have only one baby registry, this will probably be your best bet.

The other thing is, the idea of paying for Prime may bug you (if you don’t already have it) but as a parent of a newborn, it’s money well spent IF you buy your diapers, wipes, baby food, and other essentials online from Amazon. 

The other, ‘other thing’ with Amazon – buying online is WONDERFUL but what you see on the screen may not be what you envisioned when it arrives. This is why brick-n-mortar stores are still great! Do yourself a favor and read the reviews before you add stuff to your registry. It will save you a lot of time with returns.

Babies R Us Baby Registry

Babies R Us Baby Registry

Babies R Us Registry – The Pros

Click Here To Start Your Babies R Us Registry

  • The Babies R Us Baby Registry has the Endless Earnings program, which gives you up to 10% back in store credit on all purchases from your baby registry. You get 5% back on the first $300 spent in your registry, and 10% on registry purchases over $300.
  • If you go into any of their stores, you can touch, feel and test any item before you buy, or before you add it to your registry.
  • A great benefit of the Babies R Us Registry is the Bonus Cash you get after your baby is born. This does apply to Rewards Members only, but becoming a rewards member is super easy. You get $5 for every 125 points earned – 125 points is equal to $125. This bonus applies even to the money that others have spent on you!
  • As a Rewards Member, you receive emails with coupons on a regular basis.
  • You can make an in-store appointment with a Personal Registry Partner to get expert advice and guidance. This is especially helpful if you’re a first-time mom.
  • Babies R Us has 750 locations across the USA, so you’ll be able to get in store assistance with your purchases or your registry.
  • Babies R Us offers Pre and Postnatal classes at their store locations. No other retailer does that.
  • The Babies R Us completion discount is 10% on all products left on your baby registry.
  • You have a  1-year return window from your baby’s due date, on all products purchased from your registry.
  • They offer a price match. If you show them a product in a competitor’s printed ad or selected online retailer’s website, they will match the price.
  • The Babies R Us Baby Registry offers you and your gift-givers, free shipping on all online purchases of $29 or more.
  • Babies R us will honor competitors’ coupons, including Buy Buy BABY’s 20% off coupons.
  • The Babies R Us Registry is mobile friendly, so you can update your baby registry on the go.
  • The Babies R Us Registry offers free and personalized baby registry cards, which you can send out with your baby shower invitations.
  • You receive a The Babies R Us Registry goody bag from your nearby store after you register online. The goody bag has coupons and samples.
  • If this is your first baby and you’re unsure of what to add to your baby registry, don’t fret. The Babies R Us Registry has partnered up with What To Expect, so you get to see their recommended registry items.
  • To add stuff to your registry, you can go through the store and scan what you want to add. Scanning products to add to your registry is easy to do.
  • In-store items listed on the registry can be returned without a receipt.

Click Here To Start Your Babies R Us Registry

Babies R Us Registry – The Cons

  • Their 10% completion discount can only be used on one day, instead of multiple times across multiple days.
  • The Babies R Us collection IS VAST but compared to online stores like Amazon, there are a few limitations because unlike Amazon, they don’t have 3rd party sellers on their platform. Instead, they carry big brands. If this is all you need, you should have no problem.
  • The Endless Earnings store credit certificate is amazing but it won’t be sent to you until about 12 weeks after your due date. That means, it is unlikely you’ll be able to use it toward some of your final registry purchases.
  • The 10% completion discount is sent out via a postcard, about a month before your due date. You will use this to buy your remaining registry items. Waiting for the postcard can be a little annoying. You’ll also have to activate the discount.
  • There are some limitations to what is eligible for the completion discount: no diapers, formula, furniture, and a few other things.
  • Some items can be purchased online only, or in-store only.
  • If you return online items through the mail, the purchaser will be credited. If you return it to the store instead, you’ll get store credit.

Click Here To Start Your Babies R Us Registry

Here’s the thing – if you’re a first-time mom, nothing beats going into a store to look and feel, and be inspired by what you see. You can’t get that from an online store. What lots of moms do is take some time to go check things out at a local store, then order online. You may have liked a certain stroller but once you see it in the store, you may realize it’s really heavy or cumbersome or something. You can’t know this from online pictures. Sure, reviews ARE GREAT but what is important to you may not be important to others, so they may not write a review about it.

The other thing is, stores like Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby (below) specialize in baby items. Yes, sure Amazon’s collection is vast but when you’re in a store that specializes in baby items, you may see things you didn’t think of before – something that may never have come up in your search. 

The Target Baby Shower Registry

Target Baby Shower Registry

Target Baby Shower Registry – The Pros

Click Here to Start A Target Baby Shower Registry

  • Because Target is conveniently located, almost anyone can buy in person. If it is not convenient for them, they can always buy online.
  • Once you’ve registered, you get a Target Baby Box. You can pick this up at Guest Services. The Target Baby Box includes up to $50 worth of samples and coupons.
  • The Target Baby Shower Registry offers a wide selection, from small items to furniture for baby, but it’s also quite limited in styles.
  • Like Amazon, Target offers a Universal Registry. They have a “Add from Anywhere” feature which allows you to add items to your registry from other websites.
  • Target offers a 15% completion discount eight weeks before your due date.
  • Returns and exchanges are allowed one year from your due date.
  • Target REDcard holders receive free shipping on most orders, an extra 30 days for returns, and 5% off all Target purchases.
  • Returns and exchanges are easy and fast for items purchased in store. See Target Baby Shower Registry – The Cons, below for online returns.
  • Target customer service is friendly and knowledgeable.
  • The Target baby shower registry offers free shipping on orders over $25.

Target Baby Shower Registry – The Cons

  • Target does have everything you are likely to need for your baby registry, but they have limited selections. For example, expect to get what you need for baby, but not in every design you may want.
  • Target in-store purchase returns are great but at the time of this writing, some moms seem to have a hassle with returning online orders.

Click Here to Start A Target Baby Shower Registry

Here’s the thing – everyone loves Target. The stores are always clean, the staff is knowledgeable and nice, and they usually have everything you need. The Target Baby Box is nice, as is the 15 completion discount, and if you have the Target REDcard, that 5% discount is a great help. The Target baby shower registry is easy to use, and because there are so many stores in the country, it’s really easy for people to buy stuff from your registry. Oh, and the quality is usually very good.

The other thing is – Target is a more-than-decent choice but you’re not really spoilt for choice. What they have is nice but there’s not a lot of choices. You can’t go into Target, expecting to decorate your baby’s nursery in just about any theme. For that, you’re better off trying Burlington Coat Factory (below). If you want nice and adequate, go to Target. If you want elaborate – go elsewhere.

The Walmart Baby Registry

Walmart Baby Registry

Walmart Baby Registry – The Pros

Click Here to Start A Walmart Baby Registry

  • The Walmart baby registry offers a free Welcome Box that has samples for each stage of baby’s development.
  • The Walmart App is user-friendly and you can use it to easily track your baby registry progress from your phone.
  • If you’re in the store, you can use the  Walmart App to easily register items in the store, by scanning the UPC barcode. Otherwise, add them to your online baby registry.
  • There’s a Walmart around every corner, which means more people have the ability to shop from your baby registry.
  • With the Walmart baby registry, you are allowed to register for a large selection of items throughout the store that are outside of the baby department, like blackout curtains to help your baby sleep better.
  • Walmart prices are very competitive. Other than Amazon, there are very few retailers who can beat their prices.
  • Walmart, like others, also offers a price match on baby items IF you can find a lower price from other retailers. However, they do not do the price match on just any retailers. From what I’ve seen, they will do price matches for the big retailers like Amazon, Target, JC Penny, Babies R Us, and Kohls.
  • Returns are free BUT you need to return the item within the specified timeframe. The timeframes may vary according to the product, anything form 15 days to 90 days.
  • The Walmart baby collection is big and will fill most of your baby’s needs.

Walmart Baby Registry – The Cons

  • Walmart does offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more, (but always free returns on everything sold by Walmart.)
  • If you have an item on your baby registry that was not fulfilled and shipped from Walmart, but from an outside company, you will have to return it directly to that company, and be prepared to pay for shipping. Pay close attention to the fine print as you search. Items sold and shipped by Walmart will be marked a such. Items sold by 3rd parties will say “Sold and shipped by…”
  • The Walmart Baby Registry offers no completion discount.
  • If you don’t have a gift receipt, a packing slip, an order number or your gifter’s email address, you may have a problem with returning an item.

Click Here to Start A Walmart Baby Registry

Here’s the thing about the Walmart Baby Registry – it’s adequate. You can get a ton of decent baby items but don’t expect it to last forever. You are likely paying the cheapest price that you can find anywhere, but don’t expect the best quality. This may be okay because if you’re buying baby clothes, for example, you don’t need items that will last forever because your baby will outgrow it quickly. If your friends and family are price sensitive, you will want to consider Walmart.

The other thing is – Walmart is almost everywhere. It is easy for people to access and get you what you want. The registry is also easy to manage and you can add things that are outside the baby category. What is not so cool is that the Walmart Baby Registry does not offer a completion discount. If this is a big deal for you, you might want to have Walmart and one more registry.

Burlington Coat Factory Baby Registry

Burlington Coat Factory Baby Registry 

Click Here To Start a Burlington Coat Factory Baby Registry.

Burlington Coat Factory Baby Registry (& Baby Depot Registry) – The Pros

  • The Burlington Coat Factory Baby Registry has teamed up with the Baby Depot Registry, thereby offering more variety.
  • Burlington Coat Factory’s in-store collection is big – bigger than their online collection.
  • If you’re in their stores, you get to touch and feel and imagine. You can’t necessarily do that with an online store.
  • They’re able to offer advice on everything a new parent needs, from finding the right stroller for your family to furnishing your nursery.
  • You’re able to create your baby registry in minutes, make changes or add items online, or visit one of their stores.
  • The Burlington Coat Factory Baby Registry offers helpful buying guides and checklists.
  • When you’re shopping at the Burling Coat Factory, you’re shopping for big brands, who are known and trusted.
  • Burlington Coat Factory has sales, often. They are not shy about offering discounts, so you’re bound to save a bit of money.
  • Everything is neatly organized and easy to find. The whole process of creating a baby registry does not feel so overwhelming.
  • They offer a discount on a 2-year subscription to Parents Magazine.
  • Burlington Coat Factory has lots of contests/sweepstakes to enter.
  • Returns can be done online or in the stores.

Burlington Coat Factory Baby Registry (& Baby Depot Registry) – The Cons

  • Although they have a lot of great sales, what you have on your registry may be out of stock by the time someone wants to buy it for you.
  • They cannot offer personal consultations but their product guides are great.
  • All the stores are different. Don’t expect the same size or variety in every store.
  • They offer no completion discount.
  • Burlington Coat Factory Baby Registry offers no free welcome box but you’ll start getting great coupons in the mail once you register.
  • The return policy is 30 days, which is a bit low because you’d hardly have much time to test anything before baby arrives.
  • Returns with the original receipt or packing list are necessary.
  • Returned items will be refunded to the original method of payment (excluding Paypal). That means you don’t get a store credit. The refund goes back to the original purchaser.

Here’s the thing – if you compare the Burlington Coat Factory Baby Registry with the others, there is not much of a comparison. They have no completion discount, and there are hassles with returns. But, some moms like it because they have a lot of cute stuff – stuff you won’t find on Amazon, despite Amazon’s huge catalog. My 5 cents – don’t put your entire baby registry on this registry. Only add the cute things you can’t find anywhere else.

The other thing is, they do have great deals and coupons for you to take advantage of.

Buy Buy Baby Registry

buy buy baby registry

Buy Buy Baby Registry Perks

Click Here to Start a Buy Buy Baby Registry

  • Buy Buy Baby specializes in baby-related products. They have a vast selection so you are sure to find what you need.
  • You also get a free gift for signing up, which you have to pick it up in a store.
  • The Buy Buy Baby completion discount is 10%. If you ask, they may increase it to 15%, to match Amazon’s completion discount.
  • They offer a $25 discount off of a $100 purchase if you refer friends or family to sign up for a registry too. Because they’re affiliated with Bed, Bath, and Beyond, the referral discount can be applied to that store as well.
  • The stores have family-friendly rooms to nurse your baby. This is another one of the many Buy Buy Baby Registry benefits.
  • In-store exchanges and returns are easy.
  • If you go into any of their stores, you can touch, feel and test any item before you buy, or before you add it to your registry.
  • The Buy Buy Baby Registry has an “analyze your registry” button, which breaks down the gifts you’ve selected by price range — from “under $25” to “$200+.” This is a really helpful tool because it helps you gauge where you are in terms of pricing.
  • They offer many helpful lists to keep you organized. Their lists take the thinking out of creating a baby registry. They are especially helpful for you to fill your baby registry with baby essentials.
  • buybuy Baby also offers a Thank You List, so that you can keep track of who bought what.
  • To ensure that your guests have all your information, you can get complimentary cards to send out in your baby shower invitations.
  • With your Buy Buy Baby Registry, it is easy for gifts to be sent directly to you.
  • The Buy Buy Baby Registry offers a no hassle return policy.
  • Buy Buy Baby staff are very knowledgeable and they’ll answer any product related questions you have.  This is especially good for first-time parents.
  • The Buy Buy Baby Registry offers a price-match guarantee. That means, they will match a competitor’s price as long as the products are identical.
  • They are very generous with their 20% off and $5 savings coupons.
  • They have a good selection of premium brands.
  • The Buy Buy Baby Registry is user-friendly. They have online tools like Quick Picks and Copy a Friend’s registry, which makes it easy to add entire curated lists in just a couple clicks.
  • If you (and friends and family) have bought at least $1,500 worth of gifts by the time your baby arrives, you get unlimited free shipping for your baby’s first year. This is a great benefit, which you can start using within a week of giving birth.
  • They may accept expired coupons – check first before you shop because policies may be different from store to store.

Click Here to Start a Buy Buy Baby Registry

Buy Buy Baby Registry – The Cons

  • Buy Buy Baby has 135 locations in the United States, which is not a lot compared to a store like Walmart or Babies R Us or Target. But, they ship to all 50 states.
  • Prices are not as competitive as Amazon’s but they do offer great coupons, sales, and a price-match guarantee.
  • Shipping is free on orders over $29. However, if you (and friends/ family) have spent at least $1500 by the time your baby is born, you get unlimited free shipping for your baby’s first year.
  • Sure, buybuy BABY offers many great coupons but they limit which brands qualify for coupons. If you’re hoping to use your 20% off coupon to save on expensive items, do your research first to check if that brand is eligible.
  • Returns may be a hassle if you don’t have the original receipt. Some moms have complained but the Buy Buy Baby website says that you can return items without a receipt or a packing slip. You will need to take it to the store and someone will be able to look it up on your registry, then process the return.

Click Here to Start a Buy Buy Baby Registry

Here’s the thing – The Buy Buy Baby Registry specializes in baby items. It’s a baby store. You will every everything you need. They have a great selection of premium brands and their prices are not great, but they are very generous with their coupons.

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This is a really long post. I trust it will be very useful to you. If I’ve missed anything important, do let me know in the comments, please.


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