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June 29, 2020

36 Funny Maternity Shirts For Cool Moms

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Funny Pregnancy Shirts For Trendy Moms

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you’ll know that there comes a time, early on in your pregnancy, when you look fat – not pregnant. It’s that time when your belly just starts to grow but because it’s in the beginning stages, people can’t tell that you’re pregnant. And because people are so polite, most will not dare to ask if you’re pregnant.

You can solve that problem by simply wearing a funny maternity shirt that implies that IN FACT, you’re not fat, but that you’re pregnant. You could also use a funny pregnancy shirt to announce your pregnancy! (How fun!)

These funny maternity shirts are adorable but also endearing! What’s more – they’re comfortable! The further you get into your pregnancy, the more uncomfortable you will get. THIS is the time to forget the fancy wear. No one will fault you if you’re wearing yoga pants and sneakers throughout your final trimester, especially not mothers. (They’ve been there, they know!)

Oh – I didn’t leave the dad’s out. This collection has awesome and popular pregnancy shirts for mom AND dad.

due in funny maternity shirt

Due in…” maternity graphic t shirts are quite popular. You can get one for whichever month you are due in from Walmart.com.

pregnancy shirt funnyBaby peaking out – Adorable! Available at Amazon.com

funny maternity shirts

“You’re kickin’ me smalls.” What a cute pregnancy shirt! Available at Amazon.com

cute maternity tops for moms

His fault.” This pregnancy shirt is available from Etsy.

funny pregnant shirt

One of my favorite pregnancy shirts! This one is also available at Amazon

I'm not fat I'm pregnant

I’m not fat, I’m pregnant.” This one is available from Etsy.

Don’t Eat Watermelon Seeds!funny pregnancy shirt Love it! This, of course, comes from the joke that if you eat watermelon seeds, a watermelon (baby) will grow in your belly.

maternity graphic t shirts“I just wanted a back rub…” How appropriate, and funny!

maternity shirts funny

This is my last one… seriously.” This one is especially appropriate if you’ve had more than 1. [I have 5 kids and I’m sure that when people looked at me while I was pregnant, they thought “again?!”]


Pregosaurus shirt! Perfect! This one is available in several colors so you could get more than one from Amazon.

pregnancy shirts for mom

Ice Ice [baby] Funny maternity clothes are fun to wear and fun to see! This one is also available in different colors.

pink maternity shirt

Look, the baby is mooning us!

funny maternity t shirts

See you in April

first time mommy funny maternity shirts

First Time Mommy” maternity shirt.

funny maternity shirt

Keep calm I’m pregnant and it’s a boy.” This one is available in different colors and for both girls and boys.

cute maternity tops

Perfect for Star Wars fans.

funny maternity clothes for mom

Fun maternity graphic t shirts like this one, available at Amazon.

baby peeking funny pregnancy shirt

But I don’t want to go outside. There are people out there.”

funny pregnancy shirt

How cute are the little skeleton’s hands? This is a fun pregnancy shirt, for sure!

pregnancy shirt funny for mom

“I’m creating a tiny human. What have you done today?

funny pink maternity shirt

“Baby girl loading” or “baby boy loading”. Available in different colors from Amazon.

funny maternity shirt for gamers

Player 3 is entering the game.” – how appropriate for gamers!

you touch the bump funny pregnant shirt

“You touch the bump, I punch your throat.”

I think I may be pregnant funny maternity clothes

“I think I may be pregnant.”

I miss wine funny maternity shirt

“I miss wine”

funny maternity shirts for mom“Bumpin’ ain’t easy”

the baby made me eat it funny maternity shirt

“The baby made me eat it.”

funny pregnant shirt for mom

“We’re hungry.”

funny maternity clothes

Little baby footprints – now that’s a cute pregnancy shirt!

my baby loves tacos funny maternity shirt

“My baby loves tacos.”

it's all fun and games funny maternity shirt

“It’s all fun and games until someone gets pregnant.”

funny maternity shirts for mom and dad

I’m eating for two… and I’m drinking for three. These are sold separately from Amazon.

Funny Maternity Shirts – For Dads

It takes two to make a bump, so it makes sense that there are pregnancy shirts for mom and dad!

funny pregnancy shirt for dad

She’s eating for two. I’m drinking for three.”

funny maternity shirt for dad

“The man behind the bump”

fun maternity shirts

Take it easy on me, my wife is pregnant.”

It was so much fun creating this post. I was giggling the whole time. I hope you have found it useful and if you happen to find funny maternity clothes that should be on this list, do let me know in the comments.


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