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July 01, 2020

Mom Jokes To Make You Pee Your Pants

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Motherhood is hard. Period. This is why we need mom jokes.

And the reason you will supposedly pee your pants from laughter is because these mom jokes are true.

This post was created with love from one mom to another – not just to make you laugh and lighten your heavy load, but also to remind you of why laughter is important. For your convenience, it is broken up into two parts:

Part 1: Mom jokes to make you laugh out loud;

Part 2: Reasons why YOU SHOULD LAUGH everyday.

Mom Jokes To Make You Laugh Out Loud

mom jokes

mom jokes

best funny jokes

Dear Mom – Reasons Why You Should Laugh

dirty children laughing
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1. Laughter causes deep muscle relaxation. Have you ever laughed so hard that you have wet your pants? That’s deep muscle relaxation! And who doesn’t want stronger abs? Laughing can help with that.

2. Laughter reduces stress. If you are a mom who came looking for parenting humor, you probably need a break and laughter can do that for you. In addition to your body relaxing physically, you may forget your troubles, even if only temporarily.Baby laughing

3. Laughter has health benefits. It’s been medically proven. When you laugh, your blood pressure and pulse rates drop slightly, endorphins (the chemicals that suppress pain and help you to feel better) are released into your body and your T-cells (the key fighters in your immune system) increase.

4. Laughter (like love,) is a universal language. Laughter is a human phenomenon that happens in every culture. It helps us to go beyond our many cultural differences by emphasizing all we have in common.

how to laugh more
Image Credit: Jonathan & Angela Scott/AWL Images RM/Getty Images from an NPR Article titled: The sound of laughter tells more than you think.

5. Laughter promotes creativity and it is conducive to learning. This makes common sense that we are more likely to learn from those who can laugh at themselves, and people who use laughter and humor to teach. Laughter can break up the routine and can illustrate points. It is also very helpful in seeing things from a different perspective.

6. Laughter promotes communication with everyone around you. Laughter is like a social lubricant. It can connect us, build bonds and rapport.

woman laughing
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7. Laughter is an expression of affection. By laughing with your children and your family, you experience a sense of connectedness and everyone feels better about themselves and about life.men laughing

8. Laughter is a reinforcer. By laughing, you feel energized and motivated.

9. Laughter is a helpful coping mechanism. Motherhood IS hard. Most of the time, you are putting your own needs behind those of your family, but laughter can help you to get through the “not so fun” times – like when there is cereal strewn all across the floor.

“If you can find laughter in anything, you can survive it.”

men laughing
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10. Laughter increases your rapport with others. Try to laugh with your kids because this will strengthen the connection and build rapport with them.

Note From The Author

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to laugh more – you found the answer. Visit this and similar sites to find mom jokes and parenting humor to lighten your spirits. You need and deserve it!

You may also find the following post helpful and enlightening: Real Advice For New Parents From Mom’s Who Actually Know

Also, I took way too long to put this article together. Why? It was so much fun. I was giggling the whole time because the mom jokes are TRUE. I could easily relate to it. Then, when I was writing up the “reasons to laugh” and adding the images – I couldn’t help but smile when seeing other people laugh. I like that feeling. So when someone drops a gallon of milk on the wood floor or writes on the couch with permanent marker (both of which has happened in our household,) I hope I will come to view this post instead of freaking out.

Image Credits: Unless stated otherwise, all parenting humor images have been collected from Pinterest, and will all eventually reside in our “Mom Jokes” board. Feel free to check out our board because we’re always adding more. 


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