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May 01, 2020

Free Printable Number Formation Rhymes For Fun Learning

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Is your little one learning numbers? Number formation rhymes are a great way for little people to remember how to write numbers. It’s fun too!

Print out your free number formation rhyme printables, and let the magic start. It’s super easy to prep, and there are lots of hands-on activities you can do.

Our number formation rhymes (10 Pages) are free, for personal use. Print as many copies as you like and feel free to share with your friends.

number formation rhymes 1One is like a submarine. It starts at the top but then it sinks.

number formation rhymes 2Two blows up around the bend, then floats down and over again.

number formation rhymesThree is bumpy like a chopper, fly around the helicopter.

number formation rhymesFour is like a 4-way stop. One driver goes first, then the other can drop.

number rhymesFive is like an emergency route. Over, down and around then the hose can shoot.

number rhymesSix is like a rocket blooper, it starts going up but then dives for a looper.

number rhymesSeven is like a bus carpool. Over to the kids and slide down to school.

number rhymesEight is like a race car track. Go down and around then come right back.

number rhymesNine is like air traffic control. Send the red plane around while the purple flies low.

number rhymesTen is like a new train track. Go down pick up, then around and back.

Fun Ways To Use Number Formation Rhymes

Get your little one to:

  • Color the number with crayons or markers;
  • Trace the numbers with his/ her fingers;
  • Form the numbers with playdough;
  • Race little cars around the number tracks;
  • Laminate the printables for long term use, and trace the numbers with dry-erase markers;
  • Use do-a-dot markers to color the tracks;
  • Paint the tracks with simple kids paint;

Check out our other alphabet and number coloring pages. All are free, for personal use.

number formation rhymes one 1

number formation rhymes three 3

number formation rhymes six 6

number formation rhymes eight 8


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