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October 19, 2020

Cheap And Easy Guide To Baby Shower Bib and Onesie Decorating

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Everything You Need To Know About Bib & Onesie Decorating

Baby shower onesie decorating is a wonderfully creative trend! It allows friends and family members to create unique and personalized onesies for the new baby.

But it’s more than that. It’s a fun baby shower activity to truly engage guests of all ages. With so many bib and onesie decorating ideas, the baby will have a very creative wardrobe.

How To Set Up A Onesie & Bib Decorating Station

  • You will need a large table to accommodate all the supplies your guests will be using, plus there needs to be enough space for decorating. A large dining room table is usually sufficient.
  • To protect your table from paint and glue, cover it with an old tablecloth or kraft paper.
  • Organize your supplies in glass jars so that your guests can easily find what they need.
  • Allow your guests to hang up their onesies to dry. You can do this by setting up a temporary clothesline. HANDY TIP: Before your guests start decorating, tie a tag onto a bib or onesie, and hang it on the clothesline. This will tell guests that they too should tie a tag and hang finished onesies onto the clotheslines.
  • Set up a bib or onesie decorating station sign, (free printables below). This frames the area and lets your guests know what baby shower activity is taking place at that table. Print any Decorate A Onesie sign or Decorate A Bib sign ideas that you like, or choose one that closely matches your baby shower theme. Put it in a simple frame, and place it on the table.

Free Printable Bib & Onesie Decorating Station Sign Ideas

Baby Shower Bib & Onesie Decorating Supplies

DIY Bib & Onesie Decorating Kit

This bib and onesie decorating kit has everything you will need to decorate only. You do not need to get everything on this list. What you get will depend on personal preferences, so pick the supplies you think would work best for your baby shower.

Also, consider that not everyone has the same skills when it comes to baby shower onesie or bib decorating. Keeping this in mind, you might want to have a little bit of a spread for people to choose from. For example, fabric markers could be used by beginners. Guests who are more comfortable with art and decorating could use stencils and rubber stamps, for example.

  • Permanent, nontoxic fabric markers. They can be used to make a pattern, a drawing, a simple note to the new baby, or a funny message, (see below.) HANDY TIP: Allow your guests to test the markers on scrap fabrics to get a feel for them, particularly if you have markers with different widths.
  • Rubber stamps and ink pads. These are lots of fun, and they’re relatively easy to do. Guests simply saturate the stamps with ink and start stamping. You could get baby-related picture stamps or alphabet rubber stamps so that your guests could stamp out funny messages. Do make sure you get permanent ink pads that work on fabric, and not the washable kind.
  • Stencils. There are lots of fun, easy stencils your guests can use to create fun bibs or onesies.

  • Felt, scissors and fabric glue. Guests can cut out all kinds of shapes to decorate. Make sure to glue all the way to the edges to ensure that the felt pieces don’t curl up.
  • Iron-ons (and an iron). There are tons of iron-ons to choose from. Pick a few that you think would be relevant for a baby.
  • DIY iron-ons. (Easy Instruction below).

onesie decorating with iron ons
Iron-ons Available from Etsy

Supplies You Will Need For The Onesies

  • White baby onesies. These can be purchased in packs, and they are available in different sizes. It’s a great idea to get onesies in several sizes, so that the baby will be able to wear these onesies for a while. HANDY TIP: Choose onesies that are 100% cotton, and prewash them WITHOUT SOFTENER. Softener could prevent paint from adhering to the onesies. Washing them makes the surface easier to work with.
  • Cardboard rectangles that fit into the onesies. This makes it easier for guests to make their decorations. It also prevents colors from bleeding to the back of the onesies. You can make these out of any old boxes that you have on hand.

    onesie decorating
  • Kraft gift bags to use as hangers. They hold up onesies very well and allow them to dry nicely. (They’re also inexpensive and can be reused after your baby shower.) The size of the bags you use will depend on the size of your onesies.
  • Clothespins to hang wet onesies.
  • A temporary clothesline. You can make one with jute twine or any other string.  Do make sure it’s strong enough to hold the onesies after they are decorated.

Supplies You Will Need For The Bibs

  • White bibs. These can be purchased in packs.
  • Clothespins to hang wet bibs.
  • A temporary clothesline to hang the wet bibs. You can make one with jute twine or any other string.

How To Make Your Own DIY Iron-Ons

onesie decorating with animal cutouts
Catching Fireflies

These are made out of animal cutouts or any shapes you like, fabric, and EZ Steam fusible web. They are relatively easy to make.

  1. Wash and dry the onesies first to prevent shrinking.
  2. Using animal cutouts? Download it and scale it down to the size you want.
  3. Trace the shapes onto the EZ Steam fusible web;
  4. Peel off the backside of the EZ Steam fusible web and paste it to the backside of the fabric;
  5. Cut out your pattern;
  6. Peel off the other side of the EZ Steam fusible web, and paste it onto the onesie.
  7. Place a damp cloth over your design and iron it with high heat for 10-15 seconds. More detailed instructions here.

Handy Tips For Baby Shower Onesie And Bib Decorating

The advice offered below is from moms who have done this a few times.

Tag The Newly Made Creations

baby shower onesie decorating tags

A simple tag will let mom-to-be know who made each onesie or bib.

Place your tags, a few pens, and some string on the table for your guests to use.

You can buy gift tags, or (1) print free tags on cardstock paper, (2) cut them out and (3) poke a hole into the side with a one-hole punch.

Hang And Display To Dry

baby onesie and bib decorating
Welcome To The Mouse House

The paint will need to dry, so it’s best to hang the bibs and/or onesies. Markers can dry overnight. Paint may need a day or longer to dry fully. This new artwork will become part of your baby shower decorations!

Iron It To Protect The Designs

If you are using ink and/or markers, t’s always a great idea to iron the bibs and/or onesies before it is washed. This helps to seal in the colors.

Depending on the iron-ons you use, you may need to sew them to the fabric to fortify them. This is not necessary with thin iron on patterns. Thicker iron-ons may become loose after a few washes.

75 Bib & Onesie Decorating Ideas

If you can create a design, you can put it on a onesie or bib. Here are just a few creative ideas to write or stamp onto bibs and onesies:

  1. Feed me!
  2. Mom + Dad = Me
  3. Got milk?
  4. Milk-a-holic
  5. I’m the reason we’re late
  6. Hello World!
  7. I’m new here
  8. Little Heartbreaker
  9. Made With Love
  10. New arrival
  11. I woke up like this
  12. Limited edition
  13. Little and Loud
  14. I’m the boss
  15. Brand Spanking New
  16. I’m loved
  17. Tiniest Tornado
  18. I’m fixin’ to cry ‘yall!
  19. My  mommy needs caffeine
  20. I’m a cute baby

    onesie decorating ideas
  21. Don’t make me raise my voice!
  22. Milk Connoisseur
  23. Instructions NOT Included
  24. Resisting A Rest
  25. I just did 9 months on the inside
  26. Straight outa mommy!
  27. I’ve been locked up for 9 months
  28. Born in the USA
  29. ‘merica
  30. I thought this was ‘merica
  31. I’m adorable
  32. 50% Mommy + 50% daddy = 100% Adorable

    baby shower bib decorating
    Rebecca Watkins, Pure Joy Events
  33. Tickle Here (and an arrow pointing to where they should tickle)
  34. I’m a stinker
  35. Dad said I can’t date… ever!
  36. Cute-a-saurus
  37. I was prayed for.
  38. Mommy’s Girl/ Boy or Daddy’s Boy/ Girl
  39. I’ve got 99 problems but a bib ain’t one

    easy baby shower bib decorating
  40. I love grandma / aunty Kathy, etc
  41. Aunt Kathy is cooler than Aunt Kelly!
  42. I pooped myself. #awkward
  43. Birth. Nailed it!
  44. I’m a cutie!
  45. Oopsie! I Had a Poopsie!

    baby shower onesie decorating
  46. Ladies, I’ve arrived!
  47. I made you a present. Check my diaper!
  48. Doodie King/ Doodie Queen
  49. Ipod. Ipad. Iphone. That’s nothing! Ipoop.
  50. My Mom / Dad / Grandma / Aunt is Awesome!
  51. 3am party in my crib! Be There! (I’m not asking).
  52. iPood!
  53. I still live with my parents
  54. I’m a boy / girl
  55. Little Rascal
  56. Someday I’ll sleep through the night, but not for a very long time.
  57. Rock star
  58. Do you smell something?
  59. Stud

    onesie decorating ideas
  60. My daddy’s jeep is better than your daddy’s jeep
  61. Future influencer / nurse / lawyer / doctor / hunter / Instagrammer, etc
  62. Little Prince / Princess
  63. I’m Crabby
  64. Est. 2020 [year of birth]
  65. Born to make a difference
  66. Little Brother / Sister
  67. I’m with stupit
  68. And so the adventure begins

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