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August 26, 2020

Breathtakingly Beautiful Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

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Pink for girls and blue for boys. There are lots of parents who still go that route, but more and more, parents look instead to gender neutral nursery ideas. Here’s why:

The Benefits Of Creating A Gender Neutral Nursery For Your Baby

  1. You Can Decorate Even If You Don’t Know Your Baby’s Gender

Thanks to the popularity of gender reveal parties and baby showers, many parents know the gender of their baby before the baby is born. But there are still parents who choose to be surprised at the time of birth. If this is you, you’ll want to decorate with a neutral palette in mind.

  1. A Gender-Neutral Nursery Will Save You Money

If you are planning to have more children in the future, you are saving money now by choosing gender-neutral decor. Whatever you buy can be used for who comes next, regardless of gender.

  1. Gender Neutral Nurseries Grow With Your Baby

Little train wall murals are adorable for a baby boy. However, if your goal is to save money, you’ll want to avoid gender-specific elements like this because your baby will grow out of it. By going with gender neutral ideas, the decor will grow with your baby, instead.

  1. Gender Neutral Nurseries Are Warm And Inviting

Instead of crazy patterns, gender-neutral nurseries have warm tones that feel natural. If you want to create that fun and cheerful vibe of a traditional child’s room, you can add that with fun bedding or rugs. Elements like these are much easier to change out as your baby grows into his/her own personality.

  1. Gender Neutral Nurseries Are Practical

Things are changing all the time. Perhaps your initial idea was that room would be for your baby boy. Two years go by and you’re realizing it really would be better if he moves into a different room, and baby girl uses that room. Things like this happen all the time, and by choosing gender neutral paint palettes, for example, you won’t need to repaint in a few years.

Neutral palettes are reliably versatile.

  1. Gender Neutral Nurseries Allows You To Design Around Creativity

If creativity is important to you, consider a gender-neutral design. This will allow you to design around playfulness and creativity rather than a specific gender.

Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas That You’ll Love

gender neutral nursery ideas

gender neutral nursery ideas

gender neutral nursery ideas

gender neutral nursery ideas
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