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March 04, 2021

Easy Little Girl Hairstyles You Can Do On School Days

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If you have a little girl at home, you want her to have cute “little girl hairstyles,” but many of the cute hairstyles you find online are either too complicated to figure out, or it would take way too long.

The purpose of creating this collection was to keep it cute, simple, and doable.

You will notice that no instructions are offered. This was done on purpose. All the cute hairstyles are simple enough to create by just looking at them.

You probably don’t have time to go through intricate instructions. The goal in creating this collection was therefore to simply offer inspiration for little girl hairstyles, using techniques that you already know. After all, if you are a mom of a little girl, (or a woman, for that matter,) you likely already know how to do a simple braid, a french braid, a rope braid, a topsy tail, and you know how to make a bun.

Most of the cute hairstyles can be done in under ten minutes, so they would work well for preschool and school days. Some hairstyles may take a little longer, so it’s best to leave those for when you have more time in the morning.

Cute Little Girl Hairstyles

Little Girl Hairstyles
Little Lizard King

This is a simple side braid with a bow.

Willow and Bee

Little Girl Hairstyles

Little Girl Hairstyles

These are simple topsy tails on the side.


Little Girl Hairstyles

This is a simple rope braid with two ponytails.

Little Girl Hairstyles

Bowtique Glam


Little Girl Hairstyles

This little girl hairstyle has three topsy tails and a bun.


Little Girl Hairstyles


This little girl’s hairstyle has three rope braids with a topsy tail.


Adorable for patriotic holidays. All you’ll need is time and those cute hair bows.


Two simple braids crossed over and followed by two ponytails.


Easy tops tails, followed by simple braids. This hairstyle is easy to do but will take a bit of time. Don’t do this when you’re trying to catch the school bus.




This is a simple little girl hairstyle but it will take a little time.



One single topsy tail on the side.


Two pretty topsy tails on the side.



Note From The Author

I love pretty hairstyles for my little girl, but I don’t have the time to create intricate hairstyles every day.

I’ve picked out a few hairstyles that I find easy to do, and I stick to those during the week. That way, she looks pretty and “put together”, and she doesn’t have the same hairstyle every day.  I recommend you find a few hairstyles that suit you too.

This may be obvious, but I also recommend that you keep the most essential hair supplies in a basket. That way, you have everything you need at your fingertips. This is especially helpful on those crazy mornings when you’re trying to get out of the house on time.


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