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October 14, 2020

Free Printable Thanksgiving Color by Number

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Thanksgiving Color by Number

Thanksgiving color by number worksheets are an amazing developmental activity for little ones. They are similar to standard coloring pages. However, your little one will need to use the legend to figure out which colors to use on different parts of the page.

Below are several Thanksgiving color by number worksheets. They include a turkey, fall fruits and vegetables like pumpkins, apples, squash, etc.

Some color by number coloring pages are harder than others. Choose the best level for your child, and print.

Our color by number (and all other) educational printables are free, for personal use. Print as many as you like and come back often to print more.

Benefits Of Color By Number Worksheets

Develops Number Recognition

In order to complete color by number worksheets, your kiddo needs to match the number on the color key to the numbers on the worksheet. This is great for number recognition development.

Learn To Follow Instructions

Following clear instructions is an important skill to develop. The better understanding of this process your little one has, the easier they will be able to follow the direction to reach their end goal.

Development of Fine Motor Skills

Thanksgiving color by number worksheets helps little ones develop the fine motor skills which will aid their reading and writing. It also helps with developing their hand-eye coordination, their dexterity, and skills with manipulating tools.

Development Of Focus

Because the number legend tells your little one which color is supposed to be used on different parts of the coloring page, your little one has to focus and concentrate to ensure that he/she colors the correct number to match the color on the legend.

Learn To Finish What They Start

Kiddos are encouraged to finish the picture because they want to see the end result.  In doing so, this generates a feeling of accomplishment and pride in themselves.

Encourages Children To Be Creative

Coloring comes with many benefits, but not all kids like to color. However, Thanksgiving color by number worksheets provides them with a “Safe Zone” to express their creativity.

Coloring is also presented as a game. This encourages participation.

Builds Confidence

As your child colors the Thanksgiving color by number worksheets and they see the end result, they develop confidence. This can lead to future coloring, painting, or creative activities.

Learning To Use A Legend

In order to successfully complete any color by number worksheets, your little one has to learn to use a legend. This is a great skill to learn early on.


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