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June 29, 2020

Only The Easiest, Cutest “Price is Right Baby Shower Game” Template

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Baby Shower Price is Right

Why is this game so popular?

Easy answer: The Price is Right Baby Shower Game is FUN. In fact, it’s one of many fun baby shower games! And it’s really easy to play, too.

Sure, there is a little bit of preparation involved from the host, but nothing extraordinary. The host buys any 10 different, but commonly used baby items, and the partygoers have to guess the price of each.

Baby Shower Price is Right – The Easy Way

We’ve hooked you up with two “price is right” templates. In the first one, we’ve done most of the work for you. No need to figure out which products to get because we’ve done it for you.

Click here to download your Free Price is Right Baby Shower Game

Here’s what your Baby Shower Price is Right template will look like:

Baby Shower Price is Right

Baby Shower Price is Right – The Less Easy Way

This method gives YOU control over the items in your game. It’s played exactly the same way as the above method, but in this one, you get to pick.

If you use this template, you can choose a variety of different items with different prices, like bottles, bibs, onesies, nail clippers, wipes, diaper rash cream, etc. To keep things simple, you can buy everything online, from Amazon.

Click here to download unlimited copies of your “open” Baby Price is Right” game.

Here’s a really quick tutorial on the “price is right free printable.”

Below is what your Price is Right game will look like. Everything in black WILL NOT APPEAR IN PRINT, promise!

To save you time and to ensure that your baby shower free printables look adorable, you will be able to type in your own baby products before you print, (otherwise, you’d have to write everything in). You’ll only need to type it ONCE because when you type it on the left, it will automatically appear on the right. There’s also two per page, which saves you paper!

Once you’ve typed in your products, select PRINT and print out one copy for each guest. So, if you have 10 guests, you’d need to print 5 pages.

price is right baby shower

What You Need To Play Baby Price Is Right

  • Your free baby shower game printouts. This one has the baby products already in it; this one gives you control to add whatever you want. To be extra fancy, you can print it on cardstock paper because it’s less flimsy and the guests will think it’s fancy.
  • Your “baby price is right” game baby supplies. To keep it easy for yourself, you can get it all from Amazon. Your baby supplies should be purchased from a store where most people shop, like Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.
  • Your Receipt. This is important to play the game because it helps you verify the winners. If you are buying everything from Amazon, take a screenshot of your receipt and print it out.

How To Play ‘The Price Is Right’ Baby Shower Game

  • Each guest will get a printout and a pencil or pen.
  • Display all the items you have purchased. Your guests have to write down what they think each item costs. If you want to be really fancy – like the image below, you can make cards with the prices on them. Then, your guests will have to match the prices on the cards, with the products.
  • Guests then write the prices on the price is right baby shower game printable.
  • Once everyone is done, take your receipt and see who had the closest matches. That person is the winner and gets a prize.

price is right baby shower game

This is a ton of fun!

This is a classic, along with Baby Shower Bingo, Baby Trivia, Baby Shower Word Scramble and Baby Shower Word Search. But, there’s also a lot of modern baby shower games that have become very popular. I’ve made a big list of them! However, if you’re only interested in FREE Printable Baby Shower games, check those out here. We’ve also got baby shower activities – not games – if that’s more your style.

Finally, planning a baby shower may seem easy, but there is a lot to think about. Use this free baby shower checklist to help you stay on track with all the things you have to do.

Thanks for viewing, and downloading the Price is Right Baby Shower Game. We put in quite a bit of effort to make it look great, so that you can display it to your guests with pride. And did you notice the design is neutral? That means you can use it for a boy or girl baby shower or a gender reveal party.

Download and print as many as you like. Kindly note that our printable baby shower games are free but for Personal Use Only.


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