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September 10, 2021

Free Printable Baby Making Potion Tags For Favors And Gifts

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Baby Making Potion tags are a fun addition to any baby shower because they are bound to make someone smile! They also take the decision-making out of what to offer as baby shower favors—if you are using baby making potion tags, it’s got to be alcohol! You can choose whatever alcohol suits your budget: mini bottles of hard alcohol or wine.

Baby making potion tags are usually used at informal baby showers, coed baby showers, and diaper parties for dads.

What You’ll Need To Create Your Favors

  • A color printer. Only 2 out of 15 options below are black and white;
  • Scissors or a cutting machine to cut out your labels;
  • Cardstock paper, a one-hole punch, and ribbon if you are tying the tags to the bottles; or
  • Sticker paper or regular paper and glue if you are pasting the tags onto the bottles.

How To Use Baby Making Potion Tags

  1. You have fifteen options to choose from! Click the link under your preferred printable. All the baby-making potion printables are designed in landscape, so be sure to set your printer to landscape. Print. To download, simply select “save to Google Drive.”
  2. You can manually cut out your shapes, or if you have a cutting machine (like a Cricut), upload it and print it as a “print then cut” file.
  3. If you are pasting your labels onto the bottles, make sure the bottles are wiped clean and dry before you paste.
  4. If you are tying the tag to the bottle, punch a hole in the left corner of the tag. String ribbon through and tie it to each bottle.

The free printables in this collection are for your personal use only.


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