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June 29, 2020

Baby Trivia

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What Makes a Great Baby Trivia Game?

  1. Good baby trivia questions! If the questions are too easy, players feel like they’re not really being challenged. If it’s too hard, they don’t feel like trying. Therefore, a good middle is what you’re looking for.
  2. The structure of the games should be that people feel relaxed. A baby shower is a fun event, and a baby trivia game is a great way to allow people to relax.
  3. Your Tulamama baby shower trivia game can accommodate large groups or small groups. If you have a large group of people, divide them into small groups so that they can compete with one another.

Click here to download your Baby Trivia Questions

baby triviaHow to Play Baby Shower Trivia

  • Tulamama’s Baby Trivia has 40 baby trivia questions and answers. Above is page 1-14 only. Please click the link to see and print the complete list of baby shower trivia questions and answers.
  • Print one set only. The host asks the questions and offers the choices. The first person to correctly answer a question wins that round. The host or a helper must keep score.
  • At the end of the 40 baby shower trivia questions, the person with the most points – wins!

If baby trivia is not really your cup of tea, here is the Ultimate List of baby shower games. Click here if you are specifically interested in free printable baby shower games. Here, you will find several classics like baby shower bingo, the price is right, baby scramble and baby shower word search. If you’re looking for more modern baby shower games, click here for baby shower games like “what’s in your phone”, “who knows mommy the best”, “dirty diaper game” and the candy bar game.

By the way…

Planning a baby shower is not rocket science, but if you are not careful, things can easily get out of control – because there is so much to think about. Do yourself a favor and use a baby shower planner to help you stay on track. It’s FREE!

Happy Playing!


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