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homemade pink lemonade baby shower punch
May 07, 2018

44 Ridiculously Easy & Delicious Baby Shower Punch Recipes & Refreshments

Punch – The Tradition For your convenience, this baby shower punch article contains the following: The Baby Shower Etiquette of Baby Shower Punch So many punch recipes, way too little time: 41 Delicious and Easy Punch Recipes 7 Tips For Serving Drinks at Your Party or Baby Shower The “Baby Shower Etiquette” of Baby Shower... read more ...
mini key lime cheesecakes
May 05, 2018

Easy Baby Shower Desserts That Are Truly Irresistible

52 Easy To Prepare & Heavenly Delicious Baby Shower Desserts What is the best part of any baby shower… other than the mom-to-be? The baby shower desserts, of course! Gender reveal parties are pretty awesome too but baby shower desserts tend to be the thing many people look forward to. Why? Because they are often cute and... read more ...
gender reveal party ideas
May 04, 2018

What Is A Gender Reveal Party, Anyway?

What Is A Gender Reveal Party? A Step By Step Guide In short, a “gender reveal party” is a party or gathering of friends and family to “reveal” the gender of the new baby. Sometimes, the gender reveal is a surprise to the expecting parents as well.  The idea is to reveal and celebrate the... read more ...
baby shower checklist
April 26, 2018

The Only Baby Shower Checklist You Will Need!

The Most Comprehensive Baby Shower Checklist Planning a baby shower may seem easy but there is a lot to forget. If you don’t have a baby shower checklist, you can easily forget important things. This checklist is comprehensive. It has everything you will need to think about for your baby shower. If there are things... read more ...
when to have a baby shower
April 26, 2018

When To Have A Baby Shower, Anyway?

The Experts’ Guide: When To Have A Baby Shower? Traditionally, baby showers are approximately 6-8 weeks before the delivery date. Despite changing norms and customs, having the baby shower before baby’s birth is still the most popular time to have a baby shower. However, you can be flexible on this. Six to eight weeks before... read more ...
baby shower etiquette
April 20, 2018

Baby Shower Etiquette – All You Need To Know

Baby Shower Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts Guests, first-time parents, and more experienced friends who are visiting or even hosting a baby shower often find they have questions about what they’re supposed to do.  Who plans a baby shower? Can the dad-to-be or his friends attend?  Do you RSVP to the new mom, the host,... read more ...
diaper raffle tickets
April 16, 2018

Diaper Raffle Tickets: The Highly Effective Strategy To Getting More Diapers, Guaranteed

New & Improved Way To Use Diaper Raffle Tickets to Get More Diapers You want diapers at your baby shower, baby sprinkle, or diaper party but you feel unsure. Some of us think it’s impolite to tell people what gifts we want. Moms-to-be are afraid to specifically ask for diapers. If you are one of those moms,... read more ...
baby shower invitation wording
April 12, 2018

A Comprehensive List: Baby Shower Invitation Wording

What to Write in A Baby Shower Card? Getting “just the right words” on your baby shower invitation is important because it can entice and excite your guests. As such, you will want to take a minute (or 10) to get that perfect invitation wording/ baby shower wishes. The list below is quite comprehensive and... read more ...
Left Right Baby Shower Game
February 09, 2018

The Left Right Baby Shower Game ROCKS!

If you are looking for a ridiculously EASY baby shower game that will have your guests giggling, the left right baby shower game has got to be it! For the sake of clarity, this game is also known as the “pass the gift baby shower game”, the “mr and mrs right game” and the “baby... read more ...
fun Games For 3 Year Olds
February 09, 2018

Guess The Baby Picture Game

How To Play The “Guess The Baby Picture Game” Looking for a fun and easy baby shower activity? This is it! With the “guess the baby picture game” there is not a lot of work involved. What’s really great about it, is that this game/ activity acts as an icebreaker at your baby shower. What’s... read more ...