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December 05, 2021

The Easiest Guide To Planning A Memorable Drive By Baby Shower

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Baby showers are a much-loved tradition. But if you are pregnant during the Covid-19 pandemic, how do you have a socially distant baby shower? With a drive by baby shower, of course!

What Is A Drive By Baby Shower

A drive by baby shower, or a drive through baby shower is a socially distanced baby shower where friends and family drive up to mom-to-be’s home and shower her with well wishes and gifts.

With a drive-baby baby shower, everyone remains safely distant in their cars, yet they get to connect with each other for a short while.

In terms of this new trend, there is only one firm rule: Remain socially distant. This keeps daddy and mommy-to-be safe, as well as the baby shower guests.

How To Plan A Drive By Baby Shower

Planning a drive-by baby shower is obviously easier than a traditional baby shower. There are a lot fewer things you’ll need to think about. However, it does require a little planning and coordination.

  1. Send Out Drive By Baby Shower Invitations

Drive By Baby Shower Invitations
Available From Etsy

As we live through a pandemic, few of us are going out. Certainly, few of us are getting invitations to non-virtual events. However, you will have to let people know that there will be a socially distanced baby shower. Invitations are the traditional way to go.

You can send out invitations via snail mail or email.

Since your guests will not be attending a traditional baby shower, let them know what to expect. Make it abundantly clear that they are being invited to a drive-by baby shower. They would therefore be socially distanced, and safe at all times.

  1. Schedule Time Slots For All Your Guests

With a traditional baby shower, everyone comes at the same time. With a drive by baby shower, where everyone needs to be socially distanced, everyone needs to be spaced out.

The best way to do it is to schedule time slots for each of your guests. By doing so, you’re avoiding a traffic jam.

Once all the guests’ have sent their RSVP, you will need to create a schedule for each car. Space them all out, giving each guest a 10 to 15-minute time slot. This allows daddy and mama-to-be enough time to connect with every car, while still keeping things moving.

If mom-to-be has a long guest list, consider shortening the time slots for each guest.

A week or so before the drive by baby shower, let your guests know their scheduled time slot. People forget, so send another reminder via text on the day before the shower.

  1. Decorate The Front Yard / Driveway

Outdoor baby shower decorations for drive by baby showerCreate a festive environment with baby shower decorations.

Try to go with statement-making pieces that tell the neighborhood there is something to celebrate.

You can keep it subtle with a few helium-filled balloons tied to the mailbox, or go big with attention-getting pieces like balloon arches and clever yard signs like “mama”, “baby”, etc.

  1. Set Up A Curbside Baby Shower

outdoor baby shower tableYou are not having a traditional baby shower, but you can still introduce little elements that make it feel somewhat like a traditional baby shower. You can do this in many ways, like offering a quick refreshment, a baby shower cookie, or anything simple.

Your setup doesn’t need to be elaborate. A table or two covered in a pretty tablecloth may be sufficient. Make sure you have enough room for refreshments and/or baby shower favors—if you are serving them. Also, reserve a spot for the baby shower gifts and gifts for the new mom.

  1. Set Up A Baby Shower Chair For Mama-To-Be

Drive by baby shower decorations

@chelle_kelemenA drive by baby shower is tiring, particularly for a pregnant woman. Be sure to set up a comfortable chair for mommy so that she can sit down between scheduled visits.

  1. Offer Baby Shower Favors

Tulamama favor boxes

Send your guests off with a little thank you.

There are tons of baby shower favors you can choose from, like a manicure kit, bath salts, hand sanitizer, etc. Or go with something edible like candy or cookies in a jar, popcorn in a theme-matching favor box, etc.

Because of covid-19, be sure to make individually wrapped party favors. For example, if you are offering baby shower cookies or popcorn at your drive-by shower, be sure to have them individually wrapped.

  1. Be Sure To Document It

Living through this is not fun, but we will get through it and we will want to show evidence of what we did.

Try to document this special day in some way. Here are a few ideas:


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