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July 17, 2020

The Absolute Best Gender Reveal Ideas

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Gender reveal parties are extremely popular because there is so much excitement around it. Finally, you and the world will know whether it’s going to be a boy or a girl. To create this excitement, there are lots of fun gender reveal ideas to choose from.

When it comes to gender reveal parties, there are several aspects to think about. You’ve got:

In this post, however, you can expect gender reveal ideas as it relates to the big reveal.

Gender Reveal Ideas: The BIG Reveal

The gender reveal process generally begins with the expectant couple going for an ultrasound to determine the baby’s gender. The ultrasound tech will write the baby’s gender on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. This sealed envelope is handed to the baby shower host, who will then make the necessary gender reveal arrangements.

  1. Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs And Cannons

    Gender reveal smoke bombs are fun and so easy to do. You can have a gender reveal bomb for the new parents, or for guests as well.

    To set up, hands out the gender reveal bombs and have a countdown.

    1. Burnout Gender Reveal

    A burnout gender reveal is a fun idea for car / truck / motorbike enthusiasts! It will also go well with a Wheels or Heels theme, or a Burnouts or Bows gender reveal theme.

    1. Gender Reveal Balloons

    With gender reveal balloons, you have a few options:

    Gender Reveal Balloon Pop (With Darts)

    The idea is that you have multiple black balloons that are filled with corn starch, and attached to a large board. All except one balloon has corn starch in it. The remaining balloon has either pink or blue gender reveal powder.

    Mom and dad can pop the balloons by throwing darts at it, or get everyone involved to help reveal the baby’s gender.

    You can buy a pre-made He or She, Pop To See Foam Board, or you can totally DIY this. To make a basic board, you will need:

    • A 3′ x 4′ peg board or another type of board;
    • Pink or blue gender reveal powder. You might also be able to get this at a local Walmart or Target.
    • Black Balloons.

    You can decorate the board as you like.

    To prepare the balloons, pour the powder into each black balloon with the help of a funnel. Blow up the balloons and stick them to your decorated board.

    FRIENDLY ADVICE: If you are doing your gender reveal on a hot day, keep the prepared board in the house. Bring it out once you are ready to start playing. By keeping it outside in the heat, you run the risk of the balloons popping by themselves.

    Gender Reveal Balloon Pop (One Balloon)

    When it comes to baby shower balloons, this will be your easiest option. All you have to do is order a gender reveal balloon and blow it up with helium. With this option, the baby shower host will have to know the baby’s gender in order to buy the balloon.

    However,  if the baby shower host wants the gender to remain a secret, she can do the following:

    • With the gender reveal sealed in an envelope, head over to a local party store;
    • Get a large, black gender reveal balloon;
    • Hand over the balloon and the envelope revealing the gender of the baby to the employee at the party store. He/she must (a) fill the balloon with pink or blue confetti, (b) then helium, then tie it with pretty ribbons so that it’s easy to hold.
    • Walk away. Don’t come back until he/she is done.

    Baby Shower Balloons Out Of A Box

    ties or tutus gender revealThis is another fun option!

    The baby shower host will fill a big box with pink or blue helium-filled balloons. The parents-to-be opens the box and the surprise is revealed!

    This baby reveal is easy to set up. All you’d need are pink or blue balloons, helium, and a big box. You can also decorate the box to make it extra fancy.

    1. Gender Reveal Cake

    Gender Reveal Cake IdeasReveal the baby’s gender by cutting the baby shower cake!

    To set this up, the baby shower host can hand over a sealed envelope (with the baby’s gender) to the baker. Instruct the baker to:

    • make the frosting on the inside of the cake correspond with the baby’s gender – blue for boy, pink for girl, or;
    • bake a cake with the inside (spongy part) to correspond with the baby’s gender.

    The baker should cover the gender reveal cake with frosting in a neutral color.

    1. Gender Reveal Cupcakes

    Gender Reveal Cupcakes | Click to see tons of really great pink and blue cupcake ideas to inspire you, plus easy DIY instructions on how to make your own homemade recipe. Pin it. #genderreveal #babyshower #toppers #Simple

    Gender reveal cupcakes follow the same ideas as a gender reveal cake. The only difference is that they’re small, cute, and individually consumed.

    1. Gender Reveal Pinata

    Gender reveal Ideas Gender reveal PinataThe baby shower host orders a gender-neutral pinata filled with blue or pink candies. Get a bat and let the gender reveal start.

    1. Gender Reveal Footballs / Baseball / Basketball

    gender reveal party ideas

    Kick, hit, or throw a ball to reveal the baby’s gender. This is super easy to set up!

    1. Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

    This is another easy gender reveal idea.

    1. Gender Reveal Water Guns

    gender reveal party ideasunique Gender reveal party ideas unique gender reveal ideas

    Image Credit

    How FUN!

    If you’re looking for truly unique gender reveal ideas, this is one of them!

    This is a surprise for everyone except for the baby shower host.

    If you are considering this, plan to do it outside and make sure:

    • to use blue or pink watered down paint;
    • the water guns should not be transparent. To add to the mystery, the host can splatter pink AND blue paint onto the guns. Allow it to dry. This way, no one would be able to see the inside of the water guns;
    • the water guns should have holes big enough for you to pour the watered-down paint in.
    • Have a countdown, and start spraying the expecting couple.
    1. Private Gender Reveal Scavenger Hunt For Daddy And/Or Siblings

    A gender reveal scavenger hunt is a fun idea for a private gender reveal for an older sibling and/or husband.

    This pretty gender reveal riddle is from Life With Tam & Khush. You can change it up a bit to fit your life.

    In mommy’s belly is where I will grow. Girl or boy, wouldn’t you like to know. Now is the time, the adventure begins. Your first clue is inside the game [child’s name] wins. [Clue can be saved in a board game.]

    First I’ll be in diapers, then I’ll have to be trained. Big [brother or sister] is a pro, but will I be the same? You will have to be patient and wait to see. Will I sit like a lady or stand up to pee? [Clue in restroom]

    I’m still pretty small, just the size of a pear. I know [sibling’s name] loves fruits, but will [he/she] share? Cookies and cupcakes, what about these? Head over to the place where the ice cream freeze. [Clue in freezer]

    Mommy’s confused on where I should sleep. Should I take my own room, or steal [sibling’s name] sheets? [His/her] room is so [pretty/perfect] but will I fit in? Time to decide which room I’ll sleep in. [Clue in sibling’s room]

    Parties and music and water gun games, But first it’s time to think of baby names. You’ve made it this far daddy, don’t give up yet. Go to the place where you like to get wet. [Clue in bathtub, shower or pool]

    Whatever I am, it is meant to be. Daddy I love you and I know you’ll love me. To the [front/back door], I want you to go. Am I what you think? Grab this and you’ll know. [Include a pin in the card. Clue is at the front door]*

    Did you really think I’d make this easy for you? Walk over to the front yard’s highest view. There is where the real answer awaits. But first get your [clubs for golf/sneakers for football, basketball/bat for baseball] from behind the [white gate/door].

    *You can end the gender reveal riddle here.

    To end the gender reveal riddle at the door:

    To complete the entire gender reveal riddle:

    Set up a ball and whatever else daddy will need. If you are going with golf, you will need a gender reveal golf ball and a club. If you are going with football, you will need a football, etc.

    Note From The Author

    I am a mother of 5. I’ve had my share of gender reveal. Despite that, I am guaranteed to tear up whenever I watch gender reveal videos! Without fail! Watching strangers learn the gender of their babies always seems to open up the faucets for me!

    I can’t explain it. If you know why, or if you feel the same, leave a comment below.

    I’ll leave you with another tear-jerker.


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