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November 30, 2020

A Comprehensive List Of Beautiful Christmas Gift Baskets For Everyone On Your List

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Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Baskets Everyone Will Love

People love receiving Christmas Gift Baskets! People like giving them, too! But what do you put in the baskets?

Below is a comprehensive collection of Christmas gift baskets for everyone on your list.

There are great baskets that you will easily fall in love with. However, please keep the following in mind:

  • There will be overlap. For example, if you are looking for a Christmas gift basket for a family, and you know the kids love treats, you’ll want to check both the FAMILY and CANDY category;
  • The examples below are homemade Christmas gift baskets. Some are seriously easy to prepare, some may take a bit of work. Pick the ones that speak to you.
  • If you are on a budget, do not despair when you see “expensive looking” gift baskets. Instead, use the images as inspiration. Copy the look and buy “less expensive” items to replicate the original. Your baskets would be equally appreciated.


Christmas Gift Baskets for Families

  1. Christmas Pancake Breakfast Basket

Image Credit: Skiptomylou.com

Pancakes are a treat on Christmas morning, so most families would enjoy this gift basket.

It’s easy to make, too! You’ll need:

Click here to get the free printables.

  1. “Gifts In A Jar” Gift Baskets For Families

gifts in a jar christmas gift baskets for family

Which family would not love receiving this gift in a jar?

And it’s so easy to put together, too. This particular gift has an ice cream theme, but you can make any Christmas themed gift baskets – as long as you add a pretty Christmas ribbon onto it.

To make this one, you’ll need:

For more “gifts in a jar” inspiration, click here.

  1. Family Game Night Gift Basket

Image Credit: Unknown

Family Game Night… with treats! With a Christmas gift basket like this, you’ll be everyone’s favorite because this truly is a gift that keeps on giving. The family can play board games for years to come!

Create your own gift basket with family board games that you think they will love. Put them in a large, transparent gift bag, tie it up with pretty Christmas themed ribbons and balloons.

  1. Christmas Ice Cream Treats Gift Baskets

Christmas gift baskets for families

Families love gift baskets like this. It makes the kids happy and that makes the parents happy.

To make this, you’ll need:

  1. Family Movie Gift Basket

Image Credit: Unknown

What a spectacular family gift basket! It’s the kind of gift that keeps on giving because they can watch movies months after Christmas was enjoyed.

Christmas Gift Baskets for Mom

  1. Gift Basket Filled With Mom’s Favorites

This is a comprehensive list of DIY Christmas gift basket ideas for everyone on your list. The list covers families, mom, couples, men, coworkers, neighbors, kids, baskets for dogs, wine baskets and more. Pin it. #christmas #festive #holidays

Fill a wire basket with pampering things mom will love, like slipper socks, luxurious candles, a book, a magazine, a scarf, etc. How divine!

Inspiration for this gift basket comes from hairsoutofplace.com.

  1. Sweet & Simple Christmas Gifts For Mom

christmas gifts for mom
Image Credit: Unknown

This is so easy to put together.

You’ll need:

  1. Pampering Gift Baskets For Mom

christmas gift baskets for mom

If mom likes being pampered, this is a great Christmas gift basket idea.

Buy a few pampering products she would like, and place it in a pretty basket. Tie a Christmas ribbon or bow onto it, and you’re good to go.

  1. Tea Lovers Gift Basket For Mom

This is a great idea for a coffee or tea-themed Christmas Gift Baskets.

If mom likes tea, fill a basket (or a box) with tea-related gifts, like her favorite tea or a collection of teas for her to try. Other items to include:

What is also particularly great about this Christmas gift basket idea is the personal little notes. Moms Everyone loves that kind of stuff because it instantly personalizes the gift.

  1. Easy DIY Gift Baskets For Mom

Image Credit: theglitterguide.com

This is a great Christmas gift basket idea for mom, but it can also be adapted as a house-warming gift or a gift for newlyweds.

It’s not hard to put together, either. You can totally DIY this.

You will need a crockpot, plus additions. If you are making a Christmas gift basket for mom, a combination of some appreciated additions could be:

  • a magazine she would like;
  • ingredients to make a meal in the crockpot;
  • a book or a cookbook she may appreciate;
  • wine;
  • dish towel or oven gloves;
  • kitchen tools and accessories she may need.

  1. Spa Christmas Gift Basket For Mom

pampering christmas gift basket

This is another pampering gift basket. Moms rarely have time for themselves, and by creating a gift basket like this, you’re saying “it’s okay to take some time for yourself.”

This too is an easy, homemade Christmas Gift Basket that you can put together. Simply get a box or basket, and fill it with spa treatments that mom would appreciate.

  1. A Cosy Gift Basket For Mom

luxurious christmas gift baskets
Image Credit: notonthehighstreet.com

Simple is beautiful, and so is this gift basket.

Alpaca socks are a bit pricey but you can absolutely create a similar gift box for mom with less expensive items.

This gift box includes socks, a luxurious candle, chocolate, and fancy matches.

  1. Luxurious Gift Basket For Mom

christmas gift baskets for moms and girlfriends
Image Credit: Parkandcube.com

Admittedly, a Christmas gift box like this is out of most of our budgets. However, if you like the look, you can totally pull this off on a smaller budget. Simply use their look for inspiration.

For example, instead of a genuine wool scarf and gloves, get regular winter gloves and a synthetic wool scarf or pashmina.  Just make sure the two complement one another.  Cheaper versions of essential oils, fancy, scented candles, women’s watches, and luxury creams are also widely available.

  1. Christmas Gift Basket For A Gardener

Image Credit: Unknown

If mom has green thumbs, she may love this gift. You will need:

  1. A Gift Basket With Mom’s Favorite Things

Moms are always taking care of everyone else. Treat her with a special gift basket, filled with all her favorite things. Add a bouquet of flowers to make it extra special.

For more details on how to put together this particular gift basket, click here.

Christmas Gift Baskets for Kids

  1. Art Gift Basket For Kids

Christmas gift baskets for kids art

This is quite eye-catching, isn’t it! It’s a gift that would appeal to most kids who enjoy art.

To put this gift box together, you would need:

  1. Christmas Gift Basket For Toddlers

christmas gift baskets for little girls
Image Credit: oldhousetonewhome.net/diy-disney-princess-easter-basket/

This is a great basket to create for boys or girls. It’s easy too!

If you are on a budget, you can buy baskets, coloring books, markers, crayons, tumblers, stickers, etc at the dollar store. Often, you can find Disney and other themed gifts on clearance at Walmart or Target.

  1. Gift Baskets For Babies

christmas gift baskets for babies

Gift baskets for babies are easy because their needs are very basic.

Things you can add to your baby gift basket:

  1. Candy Christmas Bouquet

christmas gift baskets for kids candy

Every little princess would love a bouquet like this!

  • Tape candies onto skewers, and tie them together in a bouquet;
  • Wrap your bouquet into tissue paper and ribbon. To match the Christmas theme, you can also try red.

  1. Activity Gift Basket For Kids

This is a budget-friendly Christmas gift basket because you can get everything at your local Dollar Store.

These are super easy to put together, too. Fill your basket with crayons, play-doh, coloring books, paint, stickers. Add a pretty Christmas bow, and you’re set.

  1. Dollar Tree Gift Basket For Kids

This is super easy! Go to your local Dollar store, and buy items your kiddie recipients would like.

Inspiration from farmgirlsreformed.com.

  1. Kids Toiletries Gift Basket

This is another easy setup. Simply get the toiletries that you want to include. Place it all in a basket. Roll your towel around the basket, and tie it up with a pretty bow.

Christmas Wine Gift Baskets

  1. Funny Wine Christmas Gift Baskets

Adorable, right? The Christmas bottle stoppers, the red gift box, and red crinkly paper make it all very festive.

  1. DIY Sangria Christmas Wine Baskets

Image Credit: Fantabulisity.com

Amazing! If the gift recipient likes sangria, they will love this gift! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

To set this up, you will need:

This amazing inspiration comes from fantabulosity.com.

  1. Beautiful Christmas Wine Gifts

Christmas wine gifts for friends

Just beautiful!

Other than the sparkling wine, this wine basket also has a:

This basket was prepared by amongotherthings.com.

  1. Easy Christmas Wine Gifts

This is a comprehensive list of DIY Christmas gift basket ideas for everyone on your list. The list covers families, mom, couples, men, coworkers, neighbors, kids, baskets for dogs, wine baskets and more. Pin it. #christmas #festive #holidays

Perfect! Funny! And so easy too.

You’ll need Christmas twine and the free printables.

Christmas Gift Baskets for Couples

  1. Easy & Elegant Gift Basket For Couples

Image Credit: Maisondepax.com

This is a simple, yet elegant Christmas gift basket for couples. To create this, you’d need:

  1. Cozy Couples Christmas Gift Basket

What a sweet gift basket for a newlywed couple.

You can totally do this yourself too. You’ll need:

Depending on your theme, you can add items that you know the couple will enjoy.

This particular design is quite fetching and appropriate because most people love coffee and scones. Please click here for full instructions.

Christmas Gift Baskets For Men

  1. Cozy Coffee Gift Baskets For Dads and Grandpas

If dad (or grandpa) is a coffee lover, he would love this homemade Christmas gift basket! Here’s how easy it would be for you to pull it together. Get:

  • a small wire basket;
  • any piece of newspaper to line the bottom;
  • a coffee mug;
  • a bag of dad/ grandpa’s favorite coffee;
  • a few pieces of individually wrapped biscotti (or coffee cookies that dad likes);
  • a coffee scoop;
  • a 1-year subscription to his favorite newspaper. You will need a small printout of the newspaper for display purposes.  If dad/ grandpa reads his paper online, this would work too.

  1. Christmas “Gifts In A Jar” For Men

It’s not hard to please a man, particularly if you buy gifts that he already loves. Put it all in a jar with some ribbon, and you have yourself a “man-friendly” Christmas gift basket.

These large glass jars can be picked up online or at your local Walmart. Fill it with items you know the recipient will appreciate, add a ribbon, and you’re set.

For further instructions, click here.

  1. Fun Christmas Gift Basket For Dad

If dad likes a certain liquor to keep him warm through the winter, consider adding it into a Christmas gift basket for him. Add a pair of Christmas sock, 1-2 other items he may like, plus a few Christmas ornaments, and you’ll have a happy dad on Christmas day.

  1. Dad’s Favorites Gift Basket

Image Credit: PrettyProvidence.com

Cozy winter slippers are welcome gifts during winter. Throw in a few delicious treats, a pretty Christmas ribbon to wrap it up, and you have a winner.

It’s not that hard to prepare, either!

  1. Easy Christmas Gift Baskets For Men

christmas gift baskets for men toiletries

It cannot get much easier than this.

Get a wire basket. Fill it with toiletries for the man in question. Done!

  1. BBQ Christmas Gift Baskets For Men

Image Credit: jacquelynclark.com

The barbeque doesn’t have to stop when it gets cold. Lots of men love to bbq year-round. Click here for complete instructions on how to put this together.

  1. Handyman Gift Baskets For Men

If the man in your life is a handyman, why not give him a gift basket that will actually excite him. If he has been talking about a specific project he has been meaning to tackle, add the tools he’ll need into a gift basket, and put a pretty bow on it.

Image credit and instructions here.

  1. Edible Gift Baskets For Men

Not all men have beards. Not all men like hot sauce and beef jerky. Use this image for inspiration. Fill your man’s Christmas gift basket with things he would love and appreciate.

Image credit and instructions for the above gift box here.

  1. Binge Watching Christmas Gift Basket For Dad

If the man in your life enjoys binge-watching, this would be an awesome Christmas gift basket to receive. It has beer, wine, snacks, Netflix credit, and a pizza gift card!

Christmas Gift Baskets For Friends, Coworkers, Neighbors & Teachers

  1. Hot Chocolate Christmas Gifts

christmas gift baskets for friends, neighbors, coworkers, teachers.

Christmas season is hot chocolate season, so how about offering Hot Chocolate Toppings as a gift. This is not a unique gift, but the presentation is quite unique and adorable! You’ll need:

Voila! You’re done!

  1. Christmas Gift Baskets For Friends

This is a comprehensive list of DIY Christmas gift basket ideas for everyone on your list. The list covers families, mom, couples, men, coworkers, neighbors, kids, baskets for dogs, wine baskets and more. Pin it. #christmas #festive #holidays

A perfect DIY gift for a friend!

To create this gift box, you’ll need:

  • A mug. To make it more festive, you can choose a Christmas mug;
  • Macaroons or whatever cookies your friends will like.
  • Sweetener in a jar, like honey;
  • Something warm like socks, gloves, a scarf;
  • Gift box;
  • Christmas decorations.

  1. Snowman Donut Christmas Gifts

christmas gifts for coworkers
Image Credit: Shari Burger

These are cheap and super easy to make. You’ll  need:

  • Christmas mugs – over the festive season, you can usually pick them up from your local Dollar Store;
  • Mini marshmallows – add them in the bottom;
  • An individual packet of hot cocoa mix, and a candy cane;
  • Mini powdered donuts – these are usually available from Walmart or some Dollar stores over Christmas;
  • Snowman hats – cut out little black hats out of black felt, and glue it onto the donuts with a hot glue gun or other strong glue;
  • Tie a little red ribbon around the snowman. 

Voila! You’re done!

  1. Mason Jar Gifts For Teachers, Mailman, etc

christmas gifts for teachers

How utterly adorable!

Rebecca from Simple As That Blog has done an amazing job with these little mason jar gifts. Each gift has a different message for teachers, coaches, your mailman, etc. The printables are also free!

For example, the tag for the mailman says: “Thanks for driving M&M (miles and miles) to bring us our mail,” and it’s filled with m&ms. Adorable, right!

  1. Sweet Treats Gift Baskets

If you are looking for quick and easy Christmas gift baskets, it cannot get any easier than this.

You can usually pick up these small, metal, Christmas themed buckets at Walmart, Target, or online. Fill them with Christmas candy, add a pretty bow on it, and you are done! This is especially helpful if you have lots of coworkers or neighbors.

It’s a sweet gift that is also very cheap and thoughtful.

Image credit, plus recipe on how to make these caramels here.

  1. “Christmas Is The Bomb” Gift

christmas gifts for friends and coworkers

This is a super easy Christmas gift. All you’ll need are bath bombs – which you can even make yourself. Once you have it, put them in a treat bag and tie it with some Christmas twine or ribbon.

Get these free printable Christmas tags here.

  1. Super Easy Christmas Gifts For Teachers

christmas gift baskets for teach
Image Credit: Stretchingabuckblog.com

Tumblers are generally great gifts because people actually use them. Put a gift card inside, fill it with Christmas candy, add a gift tag, and you have an appreciated teacher’s gift.

  1. Kitchen Tools Christmas Gift

christmas gifts for friends and neighbors

This is an easy gift to prepare for a friend or a new neighbor.

If you want to stick with the Christmas theme, get a red oven glove, and fill it with kitchen tools like a rubber spatula, a whisk, wooden spoons, measuring spoons, etc.

  1. Christmas Mug Gifts

Image Credit: Savvy Honey

If you are on a budget and you need to buy many gifts, consider these Christmas coffee mugs. You can usually find them at your local Dollar Store over the holidays. Fill them with Christmas candies like candy canes and decorations for a beautiful presentation.

Image Credit: Savvy Honey. goo, Click Here!

  1. Homemade Christmas Scents Gift Baskets

This one is super adorable and very unique.

The gift is for the receiver to create their own Christmas scents, with the ingredients you are offering in your gift.

Check out this very helpful link for complete instructions and free printables.

  1. Cheap Christmas Gift Baskets

These are so adorable! They’re great for teachers and coworkers. And the little berry-baskets are perfectly sized for small gifts.

These particular baskets have lip balm, an energy bar, and bite-sized chocolate in each, but you can add whatever you like.

Some great ideas are:

Tie a pretty Christmas bow or ribbon onto it, and you’re set!

  1. Seasonal Fruit Gift Baskets

Image Credit: Deliacreates.com

This is a super easy,  budget-friendly Christmas gift basket for all your neighbors, teachers or coworkers.

All you’ll need are:

  • Wire baskets. You can usually get these at the Dollar store. Try to get red to match the Christmas theme;
  • Seasonal fruit. If you get them in bulk from a farmers market or a store like Costco, you can usually get them cheaper;
  • Candy canes;
  • Christmas message – click here for the free printable, or create your own.
  • Christmas twine or regular twine to tie your message.

  1. Baked Goodies Christmas Basket

Everyone loves baked goods! (According to Mrs. Claus, it’s safe to eat them over Christmas because all the calories are automatically removed.)

If you are an avid baker, consider baking a few sweet breads for your neighbors and/or coworkers.

You will need:

  1. Succulents for Coworkers, Neighbors or Friends

succulents christmas gifts for neighbors and friends and teachers and coworkers

Succulents are a great gift to offer friends and neighbors because they are easy to take care of.

This sweet gift does take a little preparation. You can find complete instructions on how to create it, here.

  1. Christmas Gift Basket for Coworkers

Image Credit: Thetomcatstudio.com

Instead of individual gifts for each coworker, you could also do a Christmas gift basket for everyone to share.

This particular basket has disposable coffee cups, yummy cookies, coffee creamers, disposable wooden spoons, stirrers, and mugs.

Tie it all together with pretty Christmas decorations.

Image credit

Christmas Cookies, Candy & Chocolate Gift Baskets

  1. Christmas Cookie Gift Baskets

Christmas cookies are a great idea as a Christmas gift basket because you can give it to families, couples, friends, teachers, neighbors… or really anyone on your list.

It’s really easy to do. The little light bulbs are plastic ornaments that you can fill with sprinkles. The “work” is in preparing the cookie dough, but if you are using store-bought cookie dough, even that is easy.

Click here for more detailed instructions on how to make your own homemade Christmas cookie gift baskets.

  1. Simple Christmas Baking Gift

christmas gifts for neighbors
Image Credit: Unknown

If you are in a rush and on a budget, this is a great gift to offer coworkers.

You’ll need:

  1. Ice Cream & Candy Gift Baskets

christmas gift baskets for moms

How luxurious!

This particular Christmas gift box was created for those who like ice cream and candy.

  1. Christmas Chocolate Gift Baskets

Christmas hot chocolate gift baskets don’t last long in most homes, which is why they are such a great idea!

If you are on a budget, this is also an awesome idea because this gift basket is inexpensive and super easy to prepare. Check out full instructions here!

  1. Christmas Cookie Gift Baskets

Image Credit: anightowlblog.com

Berry baskets are super cute and small, but just the right size for a few Christmas cookies.

If you are a baker, you can make your own homemade Christmas cookies. If you cannot be bothered, buy cookies. Either way, put a few cookies in a treat bag, tie them up with a pretty Christmas ribbon, and place them in a berry basket.

  1. Candy & Chocolate Christmas Gift Baskets

chocolate christmas gift baskets
Image Credit: @misspetel

How decadent!

The biggest problem the recipient will have with this gift is – which treat to start with first?

The idea with a Christmas gift basket like this is to simply fill your box or basket with goodies that you know the recipient would love and appreciate.

  1. DIY Christmas Cookie Gift Basket

What an amazing gift this would be to give or receive.

The wooden basket in this gift would be your biggest expense. If you are on a budget, get a budget-friendly option like woven storage baskets.

Fill your basket with:

And you’re set.

  1. “Make Your Own” Gingerbread Man

This gift allows the gift recipients to make the gingerbread man when they choose. They also get the gingerbread man baking sheet, which is a lovely bonus.

This is really easy – you can pick everything up from your local grocery store. You’ll need:

  1. Chocolate Gift Baskets For Kids

This is a cheap but appreciated gift.

If you are on a budget, get Christmas mugs from the Dollar store. Fill it with chocolate and candy, plus a few Christmas ornaments. Done!

  1. Christmas Chocolate Gift Baskets

What a treat!

This particular gift box has all red items to match the Christmas theme. It’s topped off with a candy cane, which pulls the whole look together quite nicely.

  1. Decorating Cookies Christmas Gift Box

Christmas cookie gift baskets are much loved and appreciated for so many reasons. You cannot go wrong if you go with cookies. However, this particular gift basket is a little different from the cookie gift baskets above because these cookies are already made. The fun is in decorating them.

This would make an awesome Christmas family gift basket!

There is going to be some work in prepping these. However, you can change the look and add things you like. If you want to stick with this look, you’ll need:

  1. Treat Filled Christmas Gift Baskets For Families

Kids love candy toppings on their ice cream, which is why this is an awesome family gift basket.

To make this, you’ll need:

  1. S’mores Christmas Gift Basket

This is another great Christmas gift basket that can be offered to a family. It’s easy too – you can get everything from your local grocery store.

To create your own, you’ll need:

Christmas Gift Baskets For Dogs

  1. Christmas Goodies

Christmas gift baskets for dogs
Image credit: aagiftsandbaskets.com

Woof! What a treat!

Doggie gift baskets are not hard to create. Simply fill a basket with doggie treats and toys.

  1. Dog Accessories Gift Basket

Christmas gift baskets for dogs

Woof, again! This is another great basket for inspiration.

Fill a doggie basket with doggie accessories and toys. Voila!

If you find creating a dog gift basket too challenging, you can simply buy a dog gift basket. See below.

  1. Ready-Made Christmas Gift Baskets for Dogs

Christmas gift baskets for dogs

Christmas shopping for “people” is hard. It may leave you worn-out when it comes to your doggie-love!

If that’s you, get a ready-made dog gift basket. They come in all kinds of variations.

Feature Image: TheTomCatStudio.com


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