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November 30, 2020

Christmas Tree Topper Ideas You Can Totally DIY

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There is no doubt  – Christmas is an expensive time of the year. This is why you’ll want to save money wherever you can, like on a Christmas Tree Topper.

Below are 27 Christmas tree toppers you can make yourself.

Peruse the list, select the one that speaks to you, and go at it! (Full DIY instructions are available below each image.) However, if none speak to you directly, use the images as inspiration to create your own.

  1. DIY Beaded Star Tree Topper

This Christmas tree topper is made with “home-made beads.” If you cannot be bothered to make your own beads, you can get beads for relatively cheap, and make your own topper with these DIY instructions.

  1. Twine Ball Tree Topper

This is so adorable. You can make it with things you probably already have in your house. Full DIY instructions here.

  1. Pretty Bow DIY Christmas Topper

Christmas tree topper DIY

The beauty of this “bow” Christmas tree topper is that you can make it in any color you like. You can make it as small or as elaborate as you like.

As you’ll see from the instruction video below, you’ll need a pretty Christmas ribbon and a chenille stem!

  1. Candy Cane Tree Topper

An edible Christmas Tree Topper! How delicious. Here are full DIY instructions.

  1. Christmas Star Tree Topper With Lights

Christmas tree topper DIY

This is so pretty and so easy to make.

This topper is made with twine but you can do green, red or any other color that matches your Christmas decoration colors.

Find DIY instructions here.

  1. Huge Colorful Ornament Tree Topper

Christmas tree toppers made out of foam balls! Complete instructions here.

  1. Floral Reindeer Head Christmas Tree Topper

If you are creative person who enjoys making your own stuff, you’ll enjoy making this Reindeer tree topper.

  1. Pom Pom Tree Topper

Got styrofoam, yarn, and a glue gun? Here are DIY instructions.

  1. Glittered Tree Topper Craft

These glittered styrofoam decorations are from Martha Stewart.

  1. Farmhouse Snowflake Tree Topper

This is a wooden Christmas Tree Topper. DIY instructions here.

  1. Doily Star Tree Topper

If you are on a budget, this Christmas tree topper is a great option because it’s made of paper doilies!

  1. Giant Christmas Bow Tree Topper

This is a semi-homemade tree topper. Instructions here.

  1. Birch Bark Tree Topper

If you’re going after a Rustic feel, this is great Christmas decor for your tree.

  1. Lighted Starburst Mirror Christmas Tree Topper

Would you guess this tree topper is made of bbq skewers and garden stakes? Instructions here.

  1. Elf Hat Tree Topper

This is a paper tree topper, with a printable template included.

  1. Painted Bird House Luminated Tree Topper

If you’re not very handy, this probably seems impossible to make but most of the work is done if you get an unpainted birdhouse from a craft store like Michael’s. Further DIY instructions here.

  1. Moravian Star Tree Topper

This is a bit time consuming but totally doable! DIY instructions here.

  1. Woven Paper Tree Topper

Would you believe this is hand-made? Instructions here.

  1. Cozy Christmas Tree Topper

This is super creative! All you’ll need to make this Christmas tree topper, is a piece of an old sweater, scissors, cardboard, a hot glue gun, and wire. Instructions here.

    1. Easy DIY Christmas Tree Toppers

    This is probably the easiest Christmas tree topper to make. You may not even need to leave the house to get supplies if you have a wire clothes hanger, and wire garland.

    1. Snowman Tree Topper

    Would you believe that the snowman is a big styrofoam ball? DIY instructions here.

    1. Candy Cane Star Tree Topper

    This sweet Christmas Tree topper project needs candy canes, mints, red ribbon and glue! Here are full instructions.

    1. Felt Star Tree Topper

    Here’s another easy DIY tree topper! With this one, all you need are felt, embroidery floss, fiberfill, a star template, and a pen.

    You can do any color felt to match your Christmas tree decorations! Here are helpful DIY instructions.

    1. DIY Tree Topper (Made From A Plastic Cup!)

    This is a Christmas bow, similar to another you’ve seen above, but this one is made with a plastic cup. Instructions here.

    1. Starburst Tree Topper

    This is both easy AND cheap to make. You’ll need only: wooden skewers, a styrofoam ball, 1 piece of PVC pipe about 3 inches long, and spray paint! You can use any color that matches your Christmas decor.

    This clever idea and instructions here.

    1. Upcycled Wire Hanger Tree Topper

    Got a wire hanger and pop poms? Here are easy instructions on how to make this star.

    1. Geometric Himmeli Style Star Sculpture

    If geometry is your thing, you’ll appreciate this tree topper. DIY instructions here.

    Christmas tree topper easy
    Image Credit: lovemaegan.com

    Unfortunately, detailed instructions are not available but it’s super easy to make. All you’ll need are pipe cleaners! Use the colors you prefer, then twists them together to form the star.


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